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Changing Energy Markets for Good: Kayrros Create Information That Allows You to Reduce Your Risk and Make Better Decisions

thesiliconreview-antoine-rostand-president-kayrros-18Founded in 2016, Kayrros is a team of people who want to achieve something significant: to be positive disruptors – and to change the energy market for good. Some are among the very biggest names in the sector.

Kayrros track the journey of energy from production to consumption to help its customers understand the fundamentals and financials of the market globally and to benefit from that knowledge. The information it produces can cover all energy sources, in all geographies across every step of the energy journey. It helps its customers to minimize their risk, maximize their upside and to make better decisions.

To track the energy journey, Kayrros source data from across the planet, harnessing sources such as satellite sensors, GPS, and social media. It then turns this information into insights, using an integrated system of machine learning and intelligent algorithms filtered by an expanding team of industry-leading experts and data scientists.

Rapid Access to Insight

The energy sector is data rich, and it’s hard for businesses to access the information they need quickly. Kayrros is solving this challenge; its combination of big data technology and sector expertise allows the company to track down and analyze public and commercial data rapidly, as well as creating its own data. It means its insights are more ‘real time’ than current existing sources, whether commercial or governmental.

In addition, the company’s comprehensive coverage makes its data stronger: every step in the journey is connected, and its understanding of one step improves its insights into another. For instance, because Kayrros know when tankers are due to arrive at a storage facility, it can provide better insights on inventory levels.

Predicting Physical Movements

Kayrros’ information also allows its clients to predict crucial future physical movements. It is in this area that its skills in machine learning are vitally important. By deploying artificial intelligence algorithms to data that comes in from sources as diverse as traffic flows to requests for drilling permits, Kayrros is able to anticipate the likely movement and consumption of energy. And in addition to that, its analysis is typically available days in advance of anything comparable from competitors or governmental agencies.

The Top Class Kayrros Solutions

Kayrros’ products help the different players in the energy and commodities trading sectors make better investment decisions. The data and insights it provides enable commodity players, equity investors and private equity firms to add alternative data sources and machine-learning perspectives to their analysis.

Commodity players

The Kayrros product range helps commodity players make better decisions by using radar imagery and advanced data processing to estimate global crude oil inventories by the facility for the world’s major oil hubs.

The company monitors activity in swing producing fields in OPEC countries, providing updates on the status of each field, an activity level indicator correlated with production, and bi-weekly production estimates ahead of OPEC reporting. Kayrros also provides field status alerts to subscribers each time major changes in activity are detected in the monitored oilfield.

Available data includes a six-month machine-learning forecast of US Lower 48 production by state and by play, allowing users to anticipate trends in the major US producing regions.

Kayrros also provides users with granular forecasts and analyses of the demand for refined products in the US and in other countries. Machine-learning algorithms are used to predict future demand and analyze historical behavior related to consumption.

Private Equity Firms

The Kayrros offering combines satellite imagery with multiple public data sources to analyze the performance of specific companies. Monitored KPIs include oil and gas production figures, well and field potential, and oilfield service activity such as wells drilled, water consumption and sand usage.

Equity Investors

Kayrros provides users with operational insight into US-based shale oil E&P public companies before the information is reported in quarterly earnings or investor presentations. Kayrros combines machine-learning algorithms, advanced data processing techniques, such as deconvolution of production, and satellite imagery technology to identify a range of operational key performance indicators (KPIs) correlated with operators’ stock prices. Subscribers gain access to these KPIs and their relative importance for each company, including companies’ production splits by region.

A Partner for Today and the Future

Words from the Chief:

“Our customers get a research partner that has both genuine sector expertise and real ability in data science and machine learning. The combination of these attributes is unusual enough. Add in the fact that we are free of legacy systems and attitudes, and you start to see the Kayrros difference.

In addition, Kayrros could only exist now. It is only now that there is so much relevant data available to benefit our customers. And it is only now that the technology exists to transform this sea of information into focused insight. And it is only now that a team, which blends sector expertise at the very highest level, with genuine technological ability, could exist. Kayrros keeps its customers at the forefront of the data revolution.”

The Man Behind The Picture

Antoine Rostand, President & Founder: Antoine has a proven track record in creating and running global businesses in the energy sector. He started his career as an oilfield engineer at Schlumberger and has more than 25 years’ experience of dealing with some of the biggest issues facing oil and gas companies globally.

He was previously president and founder of SBC, Schlumberger Business Consulting and had a key role in the group’s development to become one of the leading international management consultant firms in the energy sector. Prior to SBC, he managed the European business of the Consulting and System Integration arm of SchlumbergerSema, and from 1999 to 2002 he was president of Electronic Data Systems in France. Antoine serves as a board member of the AT Kearney Energy Transition Institute.

He holds an MBA from Insead and an MSc in engineering from the Ecole Polytechnique.

“Kayrros is a positive agent of change in the traditional energy market. Our combination of data, machine learning, and expert insight helps provide greater transparency in a sector that has traditionally been highly opaque.”