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CMS Computers Limited: Pioneering India’s ICT Sector


“Our company is scripting India’s digital story with a strong ‘Design in India’ and ‘Make in India’ approach.”

Technology is intended to make our lives easier. While we can sometimes feel like throwing our computers out the window, or going on vacation just to get away from all the buzzing, beeping, and being too connected, ultimately technology gives us a wealth of opportunities to have more comfortable lives - even with lower carbon footprints.

In view of the above mentioned, we are excited to present CMS Computers Limited, a leader in the Information and Communications Technology industry. As a pioneer in traffic, e-governance, broadcasting, energy and security, the company has simplified lives of citizens, corporations and the government by digitally empowering machines, increasing its insight and taking more control of the tangible world.

Interview Excerpt: Mr. Anil Menon, CEO

Can you brief us about the history of your company?

CMS Computers Limited was founded by the visionary Ramesh D Grover, one of the early luminaries in establishing India as a global IT powerhouse. His vision not only helped set up the CMS business, but also helped in creating new opportunities in the IT business, some of which were later adopted by several startups as well as large corporate houses.

Founded as Computer Maintenance and Services Company in 1976, CMS Computers Limited is a pioneer and leader in the Indian ICT industry. With more than 4000 employees spread across over 100 locations in India, CMS Computers Limited is adding value to every industry through its products, services and offerings.

Can you provide brief information on your service/product offerings and how does it benefit your clients?

CMS Computers Limited operates across six business areas such as e-Governance, Security and Surveillance, Media and Broadcasting, Energy Management, Traffic and Transportation as well as technical services covering Software and Support.

As a leading solutions provider of e-governance services in the country, we deliver hundreds of government services to millions of citizens every day. Over the years, we have built a robust delivery model by expanding the network of service centers across rural and urban centers in India. We are a full services player – right from consultancy, designing, developing to integrating and managing e-governance projects in India. Some of our service offerings include: Design and establishment of the data center to host web based e-governance applications, network and other infrastructure services; Design, establishment and operation of integrated Citizen Service Centers; Integration with various departmental networks, heterogeneous applications. We also provide specialized help around databases, advanced analytics services, development of mobile applications for information and transaction based services.

For almost two decades, we have been offering turnkey security, surveillance and workforce solutions to our clients – empowering them to securely manage their human, physical and IT assets. With deep expertise on IoT and Analytics, CMS Computers Limited is infusing intelligence into its vast portfolio of surveillance and workforce solutions guaranteeing physical security, secure access to information, privacy, data protection and compliance.

From power generation to supply and energy consumption, CMS Computers Limited’s Energy Management Solutions maximize efficiency at every stage of the energy lifecycle. Many power plants, power distributors and manufacturing companies have experienced the simplicity and wide application of CMS systems for their energy management program.

Also CMS Computers Limited’s Intelligent Traffic Solution is an integrated suite of solutions that combines Smart Information and Intelligent Transportation Systems and Services, representing an entirely new thinking in advanced intelligent infrastructure management. We have been instrumental in the evolution of traffic management systems in the country for over the last three decades. With over 300 projects spanning 80 cities under its wings, CMS Computers Limited’s Traffic and Transportation Solutions is synonymous with the Intelligent Traffic Systems in the country. We are not only India’s first manufacturer of traffic equipment but also the pioneer in introducing path-breaking technologies such Area Traffic Control, Variable Message Sign, Solar powered GSM based system for Interurban management in the country.

In addition, our Technical Services offer full lifecycle technology services from advisory to build, operate, manage with deep industry capabilities backed by expertise across emerging technologies and platforms to help clients achieve business results. From security to cloud to IoT applications, we take the complexity out of IT solution management.

Lastly, I would like to mention that we help companies exploit the exciting new technologies of new media – audio, video, image – to improve their business while continuing to work with traditional broadcasting solutions. We deliver unique value by providing an end-to-end infrastructure covering both front and back offices, helping clients deliver personalized and rich content across all devices.

How do you position yourself in the current domain? And how do you amalgamate latest technology with business objectives?

Over the last four decades, CMS Computers Limited has had an unparalleled record of Innovation, indigenous R&D, technology integration as well as support services. With a pan India presence, CMS Computers Limited is a full service IT and IoT player with the industry’s best competence in various technologies and platforms.

Rapid urbanization, changing demographics, centrality of safety and regulations, convergence of technologies driven by Internet and mobility and the wide adoption of social media applications has ensured the last few years to be among the most disruptive in human history. Economically disruptive technologies - the Mobile Internet, Cloud, Big Data technologies, Social Media, Knowledge Work Automation, Energy Storage —transform the way we live and work, enable new business models, and challenge the established order.

CMS Computers Limited has been anticipating the transformative opportunities offered by this confluence. We envision huge synergies between mobility, Big Data and IoT leading the way to simplify lives, enhance user experience and solve real world issues.

Precisely looking at these, we have significant focus on Digital India, Smart Cities and Smart Grid – key missions which would rapidly change India.

How you make your business stand out from competitors?

CMS Computers Limited’s core differentiator has been an innovation driven culture with dedicated product development centers to ensure that we stay ahead of the technology curve. Our Centres of Excellence (COE’s) around Traffic, Energy Management and e-Governance has helped clients get accelerated business benefits out of their investments in technology. We have built assets and analytical applications around real world problems which help simplify life using technology. A large part of our solutions are in the confluence of the Real world and IT world.

Additionally we are a full service IT and IoT player with competence in various technologies and platforms. With excellent IT expertise, CMMi Level 5, ISO 27001, ISO 20000 and quality certification along with certified Project Managers following PMP and ITIL practices, we are positioned to uniquely address industry requirements.

Anil Menon, CEO: Anil spearheads the overall business and operations and is responsible for the strategic and growth initiatives of the organization. He brings to the table over two decades of diverse expertise in the IT industry, working with some of the leading technology firms including Sun Microsystems, Citrix and IBM.

Anil holds a B. Tech degree in Electronics & Communications and MBA in Marketing in addition to an Executive Leadership Certification from Cornell University. He is a recipient of IBM’s prestigious Global Management Excellence Award as well as the Indira National Award for Engineering Excellence.

“Our definition of Innovation is application of technology to solve real world challenges. This is reflected in our early leadership in several areas including Traffic, e-Governance, Surveillance, Workforce Management and Energy.”