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CognitiveScale – Transforming customer engagement and lifetime value with Artificial Intelligence


Explainability, fairness, robustness, and compliance are the anchors of trustworthy AI. Leaders will soon be required to explain how their automated decision-making systems are making inferences and decisions or risk diminished public trust, revenue losses, and regulatory backlash and fines .Trust is the foundation of digital systems. Without trust, AI cannot deliver on its potential value. However, most machine learning models often function in oblique, invisible black-boxes. This has resulted in significant algorithm-related business an Enterprise AI adoption.

To trust a digital system, we must have confidence in its decisions. However, AI systems learn and evolve over time, and contain many hidden decision processing layers, making auditability and explainability challenging.

One such firm which is trusted by its customers and revolutionizing the field of Artificial Intelligence is CognitiveScale.

CognitiveScale is an enterprise AI software company with solutions that helps customers win with intelligent, transparent and trusted AI/ML-powered digital systems. The Cortex software and industry AI accelerators enable businesses to rapidly build, operate, and evolve intelligent, transparent, and trusted AI systems on any cloud.  The company's award-winning software is being used by global leaders in banking, insurance, healthcare, and digital commerce to increase user engagement, improve employee expertise and productivity, and protect the brand and digital infrastructure from AI Business risks.

Digital products furnished by CognitiveScale

Cortex Certifai: Automating AI Control on any cloud, in any app

Cortex Certifai helps businesses automate the management of AI Business Risk such as:

Automates data, model vulnerability, and risk

Certifai takes the guesswork out of understanding risk and vulnerability in ML models, by automatically probing into the model and testing edge cases.

Generates Unique AI Trust Index

Certifai generates a numeric score based on 6 key elements of trust: fairness/bias, robustness, explainability, accuracy, compliance, and auditability. Like a FICO credit score, the AI Trust Index enables you to compare your model externally (to the industry) and internally for measurement and go-live criteria.

Specific reporting for all key stakeholders

Certifai helps you engage key stakeholders in building trusted AI with unique reporting for;

  • AI, Data Teams and IT Experts
  • Product and Marketing Executives
  • Customers and Employees
  • Compliance and Risk Executives

Cortex Fabric: Automating Trusted AI Development on any cloud

Cortex Fabric automates composition, orchestration, and delivery of intelligent, personalized and explainable predictions, processes, and applications with built-in visibility and control for implementing trust as a service in your AI platform and cloud of choice.

Solutions provided by CognitiveScale

Cortex Amplify AI

The company’s Amplify AI family of Cognitive Processes helps pair people and machines to collectively interpret fast-changing data and business conditions in real-time. The goal of these processes is to boost employee expertise and operational productivity through machine accumulated insights from internal and external data so that collectively they act more intelligently than any person, group, or computer has ever done before.

Amplify AI Cognitive Processes pair humans and machines in a variety of engagement patterns. This includes presenting alternative means with evidence to perform the same activity; inserting additional activities; or aborting the current processing and escalating it for human intervention. These Cognitive Processes are made of accelerators, framework and are configured and managed through Cortex, our Cognitive Process Foundation.

Cortex Engage AI

Engage AI family of Cognitive Processes leverages omnichannel structured and unstructured data to understand customers as segments of one to drive deeper engagement, conversion, and share of wallet. The goal of these processes is to boost customer engagement and conversion through hyper personalization while continuously learning about customer preferences and keeping up with ever-changing contexts through a next-generation customer system of record built through machine accumulated insights from internal and external data.

The mastermind behind the triumph of CognitiveScale

Akshay Sabhikhi is the Chief Executive Officer of CognitiveScale. He is responsible for overall company growth and strategic direction. Mr. Akshay has more than 18 years of entrepreneurial leadership, product development, and management experience with growth-stage, venture-backed companies and high-growth software divisions within Fortune 50 companies.

Previously, Mr. Akshay was the global leader for Smarter Care at IBM. He successfully led and managed the acquisition of Curam Software to establish IBM’s leadership at the intersection of Social Programs and Healthcare. He has a BS & MS degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from the Acton School of Entrepreneurship.

CognitiveScale pairs humans and machines to augment human potential.”