April Special Edition 2021

Contus – Reshaping the Future with Digital Technologies, Real-time Messaging, and Streaming Solutions


Today ‘digital’ is the talk of a town. With the rise of the Internet of Things and mobile devices our lives and habits have clearly changed. Everything is now connected and if it’s not, it’s about to. Digital transformation is often viewed as an implementation of digital technologies into all areas of business in order to build more sustainable relationships and better understand the needs of customers. It’s about finding new possibilities of an existing service in order to design and deliver a better experience for your customer.

Contus is one such digital transformation solutions and services provider. The solutions and services of the company have connected millions of devices, people, and hearts across the globe. It has redefined various sectors with its digital recourse from Heartbeat monitors, Televisions, Automobiles, to being the brain behind entire Smart cities, with Over the Top (OTT) Video on Demand, messaging solutions along with its full stack IOT enablement services.

Indigenously Built Digital Solution Platform Offered by Contus

Best-in-Class Messaging SDK & Chat API Solution: Say goodbye to regular chat APIs & messaging SDKs and experience Contus MirrorFly as an outstanding real time messaging solution. The powerful communication solution built by a team of dedicated In-house developers with highly flexible hosting possibilities that add an extra mileage to build your chat app. Users can ignite the messaging experiences through chat SDK & messaging API that offers wide chat functionalities with enriched-features to enhance your chat solution across platforms. Besides, one can integrate voice calling functionality using voice chat SDK & API to let users interact in a clear voice quality and also make telephonic calls through SIP integration.

HQ Video Calling Solution: From determining the ideal building blocks, experts’ in-depth involvement in choosing the right technology stack and creating roadmap from pre-deployment, MirrorFly understands your every business communication demands. Its feature-rich video APIs & SDKs bring you the flexibility to build highly scalable video chat app. It provides flexible development of video call functionality and control over handling loads of incoming and outgoing calls through a hassle-free integration of Video calling API from your back-end server via HTTP protocols. Diminishing the buffering of video calls by relying on WebRTC signaling, MirrorFly’s video chat app initiates the routing of transmission between the servers to offer top-notch real-time video chat experience.

SIP/VoIP Solution: MirrorFly’s SIP trunking solution offers the unlimited capability to make concurrent calls within the nation. Receive and make unlimited calls to your PBX system or to your contact center solution. It is a single point of a hub to control your all communication network connections without the use of telephone lines. Users can connect two smartphones over VoIP calling in real-time. Its VoIP API enables you to make unlimited and high-quality voice calls globally for any personalized, public communication using internet data. Connect phone systems (carrier networks) to mobile applications via SIP networks connected to data centers. Make conference calls from devices to applications that connect thousands of participants from any platform (Android, iOS and Web).

Online Video Streaming Platform: Broadcast quality content across geo areas within your online streaming platform using ABS technology for buffer-free experience. VPlayed has partnered with world's leading CDN providers to publish content to global streaming devices. With cloud-based CMS, VPlayed enables users to upload unlimited videos without any restrictions and automatically transcodes using video streaming software. VPlayed's cloud video streaming solution efficiently transcodes & broadcasts to million devices. The transcoder API can stream content with a broad format & live that faster. It publishes content to give the best playback experience. With ABS technology support, develop an OVP platform with multiple streaming formats like MPEG-DASH, HLS, etc.

The Formidable Leader

Balasubramaniyam Kandaswamy is the Products Manager and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Contus.

“Our in-house team, ever-evolving learning curve, and impactful infrastructure drive your platform to become a remarkable dais.”