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Providing Mobile Services Globally: ILMP Technologies Private Limited

aditya-kumar-ceo-ilmp1“We want to make a difference by believing that IT can also be emotional. We work with humungous passion and love our families with equal fervor.”

It is almost regular nowadays to see people in different walks of life take the support of Technological trends such as Cloud, Mobility and Social Networking to conduct their daily affairs with ease, while on the go. From a business perspective, it is therefore becoming more difficult day by day to look into the emerging trends, indulge in customer interactions and keep up with the rat race. As a result, family and human emotions are taking a backseat and everyone is endeavoring to climb up the social ladder to accomplish their materialistic goals. ILMP Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a global service provider of Information Technology, Outsourcing and Consulting Services, stands out in this race by adhering strictly to its values reflected through the acronym ‘ILMP’ which stands for ‘I Love My Parents’, connoting that success does not blind us so much that we forget to maintain the work life balance.

A NASSCOM certified software development organization established in 2012 which complies with the standards of ISO 27001: 2005, ISO 9001:2008 and CMMI Level, ILMP Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most innovative companies in the dimension of information technology with about three decades of experience in IT Services in strict adherence to the distinctive philosophy of ‘Accountable for Clients Business’.

It’s not only about the Services, but what you do with it
Headquartered In India, ILMP Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has its footprints in the US, UK, Australia and Singapore and caters to the needs of clients across various domains such as, Real Estate Solutions, Document Management Systems, Search Engines, Financial Management Systems, Institute Management Software, Electronic & Medical Record Systems, Mobile Solutions and Inventory Control Systems. With the able guidance of an efficient team of leaders, the company believes that its claim to fame is its IT Services, Consulting and Business Solution Inputs backed by an arduous and competent team of relentless developers who explore new avenues in the field of technology and come up with ingenious propositions.

“Our acumen is to make sagacious attempts to provide ingenious solutions to the trials and tribulations of the modern times and make life effortless for you and everyone in ILMP displays an unquenchable thirst for the most innovative ideas and also expect from the service providers to go beyond their desired expectations. We are engaged in the procurement and development of large and small applications belonging to any platform and provide an end to end solution to our clients. We have also attained certifications in Microsoft Bizspark and ACM UKSA”, adds the team at ILMP Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Unparalleled Products and Services
The company provides a huge gamut of Services in the area of Software Development , Internet Marketing, QA/QC Services, Web Services Integration, Ware housing & Business Analytics, Interactive Portal Development, Microsoft Dynamics Deployment & Licensing, Infrastructure Management Services, CRM application, Web application, Web designing, SEO, SEM & SMO services, iPhone solution, Android Solution, Blackberry Solution, Win Mobile Solution and Symbian solutions and has served clients such as TrackThatBus, GRC India, Medical International Research, Healthcare Source, JPLAL, Laserbeam Software, etc.

“We think out of the Pandora’s Box to render satisfactory service to our clientele prevailing across the world, in 16 different countries such as USA, Canada, UK, UAE & India. Our list of numerous clients across the world reflects the value-added services. Apart from these, we are in contact of several noteworthy clients such as Microsoft, Cantigo, Adobe and many more. We are at present handling 3 governmental projects as well as 8 mobile application projects with great intelligences”, says the COO – Mr Suman. With a team skilled in BizTalk, PHP, .NET, iPhone & Mobile Applications, ERP, Java, Web Services & Internet Marketing, QA, Tech Writing, SAP, D2K, DBA, BA, Project Management & Consulting and many more, ILMP Technologies Pvt. Ltd’s key to success is Excellent Quality, Customer Centricity and Employee Friendliness which makes the company, the client’s first choice and enhances its credibility.

Encouraging employees enabling better productivity
Known for its reliability, cost effectiveness, security and customization of software development, flexible business models, customer dedication and quality system management, the company encourages feedback and criticism from its clientele and demonstrates effective leadership by providing direction, industry information and support to employees to achieve their individual goals.

ILMP Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has several plans in the pipeline which acts as Perks and Benefits to its talented employees and boosts their morale and performing capacities, enabling innovation and expertise in the company’s Service to its clientele. “We at ILPM, believe in keeping our employees stress free and positively motivated and endeavor to keep their morale high by organizing different events and celebrations like Fun Friday, Fashion Parades, Contests on Festivals like Diwali, Independence Day, etc”, says the CEO – Mr Aditya.

A firm believer in the transparent, amiable, open and approachable glass door culture, ILMP Technologies Inc., provides a disciplined yet flexible work environment making the workplace conducive for productive work and makes the employees feel at home. The organization provides four wholesome meals to its employees (free of cost) and also has a referral policy where one can refer interested candidates to the organization and make an extra buck, besides getting future benefits from the Provident Fund scheme. Furthermore, the company’s strategic location with good connectivity and state of the art infrastructure which seats around 200 employees approximately harbors a very safe environment for women employees.

Making its presence felt in the global forefront
Today, the company’s clientele spans across different verticals namely, insurance & healthcare, hedge fund, banking & financial services, Social networking , Ecommerce , Education , Travel, life sciences, Non-profit, manufacturing, Real Estates, retail, distribution & logistics, energy & utilities, public sector and independent software vendors.

“We have recently acquired an enterprise in India and are nurturing the plans of some lucratively strategic international liaisons to amplify our global imprint”, says the team at ILMP. With various other pioneering innovative software and business development strategies in mind, there remains no doubt that ILMP Technologies Inc., shall continue to lead the domain as a world renowned Global Software Development organization in the years to come.

Knowing the Key Founders Mr Aditya Kumar: Founder & CEO
Mr. Aditya Kumar is the Founder and C.E.O. of ILMP Technologies Inc., a leading Global Software Development Organization, which pioneered the software development industry throughout the world and is catering to clients across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. With over 6+ years of experience, the founder of the leading ITES Company in the technology domain, Mr Aditya exhibits an extensive experience in the business plan and the pre-operative implementation of the company with his innovative software and business development approaches which has been the stepping stone in making ILMP Technologies Pvt. Ltd. a world renowned organization.

A proactive planner with expertise in strategic planning, market plan execution and key account management with focus on cost effectiveness, Mr Aditya started his career working with NIIT Technologies, a leading assessment company operating as the company head with the business development in North India and a Database Architect. Previously he has also been engaged in deploying behavioral assessments for corporates and handling the Database business for the organization. Mr Aditya carries forth bachelors and masters degree in engineering and has also carried forward his career in the limelight of well-recognized brand Infosys. Mr Aditya has a proven expertise in tracking business operations as well as identifying and exploring new business avenues. He is a proactive planner with expertise in strategic planning, market plan execution and key account management with focus on cost effectiveness.

Mr Suman Kumar: Co – Founder & COO

Mr. Suman Kumar is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of ILMP Technologies Inc. and as the Co-Founder has built an organization that is recognized for its vision and quality Software and IT Services throughout the globe. Mr. Kumar is a great visionary and an entrepreneur who can revolutionize the future IT industry. Mr. Kumar led ILMP’s globalization since its inception and took the brand to a global platform. With instrumental expertise in Software Quality and Control, he brings in the knowledge and experience in the field of technology, business development and education. Following a bachelor and master degree in engineering in the computer science arena, he continued his scholarly pursuits at NIIT Limited. He has been associated with ILMP Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in the capacity of a COO since September 2013.

“Transforming your ideas into ingenious solutions, driven by excellence.”