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Providing Services and Technology together:Saanvi Technologies

I don’t know where we should take this company, but I do know that if I start with the right people, ask them the right questions, and engage them in vigorous debate, we will find a way to make this company great”, said business consultant Jim Collins once. But, little did he know that his words would become inspiration one day for several businessmen dreaming to make it big in the industry one day. True to Mr Collins belief, a Michigan Corporation based out of Farmington Hills (Detroit suburbs) MI, Saanvi Technologies has emerged out of dreams with the perfect leader, a dedicated team of workers with the right people in it and a few goals to be achieved as an IT Staffing, Projects, Training and Consulting Services Provider that is centered on developing staffing, solutions, and services plans that offer businesses on-demand solutions, while keeping their costs under-budget.

Services for one and all
At Saanvi Technologies LLC, we believe that successful technology initiatives require four elements: Skilled leadership, excellent communication, Access to specialized IT Talent on demand, Flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions”, says the team at Saanvi, headed by President and COO Mr Yashasvi Shankar.

Saanvi is a leading provider of Information Technology solutions to the Commercial, Healthcare, Government and intelligence communities. Specialized in SharePoint, CRM, Document Management, E-Business, Information warehousing, IT Services and security, the company offers IT application and Development services to small and medium sized clients and staff augmentation services that are focused towards medium and large sized clients. Continuing to innovate, the company has also formed strategic partnerships with companies for assistance with the implementation and delivery of large IT and IT enabled projects.

A favorite amongst clients across all sectors
Boasting of clients across noteworthy domains like Government, Healthcare & Insurance, Automobiles, Telecom and Financial Services, Saanvi has become a preferred service provider among small to medium to big enterprises today as the company’s training provides consultants to be well equipped to handle all sorts of tasks that keep arising in a cost effective project, on a day to day basis.Saanvi Technologies today serves and attends to notable clients such as FORD MOTOR COMPANY,Bank of America, Chase, GE Capital, State of Michigan,Optumn,Dominos,Deapartment of Veteran Affairs,CACI,Loreal,AVON, Verizon, SBC, AT&T, Fannie Mae &Freddie Mac, Merck, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Parses to name a few.

The differentiating factor of Saanvi from its competitors is its process oriented approach towards the managerial and technical knowledge base that captures new knowledge or processes from every project that it implements, while striving for quality in meeting customer requirements by adoption of stringent quality assurance and control measures.

Competing with self
Eight years back, all we had were just imaginations. Today we are proud of ourselves for turning those imaginations into reality”, says Mr Yashasvi.The team at Saanvi does not worry or look into other competitors as they are dedicated to focus just on what Saanvi delivers to the clients and not concentrate on what others do and how to surpass them.

We believe in getting started first before we think of getting ahead and it helps us concentrate on what we want to achieve”, further adds the team at Saanvi, guided by an efficient and capable core marketing team that supports clients in all their needs, comprising of Yesh, Priya Kothakanti , Savitha Yesh, Srikanth Kothakanti, NaeemuddinShaikh,Geetha Sivaramakrishnan, Rakesh Singh, Ravish Nath and Satish Khelkar.

Meeting the client’s needs Taking into account both technical requirements and cultural fit factors, the projects at Saanvi begin with detailed analysis of the Client’s budgeted needs and scope of service to be rendered. The candidate research phase begins post this whereby industry recruiting sources are used to develop a pool of highly talented IT professionals searching through Saanvi’s vast network of IT professionals. This is followed by the Candidate Screening & Assessment process, in order to single out those selected individuals satisfying the required criteria and these candidates then appear for interviews with the client company and the best of the candidates are selected.

The specialty of Saanvi isthat even post candidate selection, Saanvi stays in touch with the client and monitors the candidates until the project is completed.

A step towards STEP…Saves time
Built on top of Microsoft SharePoint Technologies, Saanvi Technologies Employee Portal (STEP) is Saanvi’s proprietary product that provides useful information such as Resource, Client and Technology to the Client/Vendor and Consultants who can keep track of the developments for leaders in their industries such as Car Manufacturing, Insurance, Financial, Healthcare etc.

The main features of STEP includes learning resources, job orders, Employee video conferencing with the employer, secured document access for employees, employee performance tracking device, etc which can be accessed from anywhere, both inside and outside the office, once STEP is activated and implemented into the company.

STEP is a perfect portal for small sized companies to industry giants like BCBS, Auto Industries, Insurance companies, etc through which the companies can bring all their documentations under a single roof, save time, manage payrolls, etc.

STEP is targeted to help many small and medium sized businesses to control and handle their company irrespective of where they are, effectively. Saanvi is now trying to implement several user friendly aspects in STEP in order to cover the needs of its clients. One such attempt has taken the shape of iSaanvi, an application developed for the Apple store which provides technical consultants, an opportunity to look out for suitable jobs on the go.

Value Proposition
A Company with strong skills, growth and expertise in delivery on time with over ninety percent success rate, Saanvi is a low cost provider as it leverages its offshore resources in the development phase. Also known for its excellent partnering network that caters to the client’s needs, Saanvi Technologies initiative on STEP would also help to provide more employment as the businesses can grow leaps and bounds expanding their centers and increasing their employment potential as STEP alone can handle multiple information in one portal securely.

Mapping the road ahead
SaanviTechnologies is now trying to build its presence in Mysore, India and with more upcoming projects and strategies in mind, the company is looking to grow into a Fifty million dollar company in the next four to five years, if it maintains the current growth rate.

Always ahead of competition in the market, Saanvi Technologies has demonstrated excellence and expertise over the years in various fields like Java, SAP, Oracle Applications, Websphere, Vitria, Peoples Soft, C++, Cognos, SAS, etcthat differentiates it from its competitors in the domain.

In the upcoming years, Saanvi aims to become a leader in its domain and further improve its products and services with a pinch of creativity and technology combined together in the online and onsite training that provides for its competition with itself. Visit for more information.

“Many people have asked us- who are your competitors and what have you done better to be ahead of them? We want to make it clear that our business is not competing with others. But we want to compete with ourselves and get better day by day and that idea is working.”