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Creating Business products that changed the Business: ABM Knowledgeware Limited

As opposed to traditional methods of undertaking services, clients nowadays prefer a Single Window facility which enables them to get government services in different organizations with more ease and transparency. Taking cue from the solutions, expertise and their applicability in the Commonwealth countries due to similarities in administrative systems, ABM Knowledgeware Limited is one of the few IT companies in India with an exclusive focus on e-Governance. Having successfully served various clients through its single window system since it was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange in 1998; ABM is now competing with other big players in the market like TCS, Accenture, Deloitte, etc. Having delivered 18 Million citizen services in 2013, ABM solutions has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Patna with ABM’s market capitalization having grown 60 times and the employee strength about 120 times in the past decade under the successful leadership of the Founder- Managing Director of the company, Mr Prakash Rane.

The Clientele list of ABM comprises of Municipal Bodies, Defense Departments, Tourism Development Corporations, Water Distribution and Billing Authorities, etc.

Generating long term profits
While a company assesses its revenues or financial status by profit and losses in monetary terms, ABM surprisingly believes that its revenue is also from the implementation of its policies and strategies, coupled with training and long-term post implementation support, amongst other sources. True to its belief, the Product Offerings by ABM shows the company and its team’s sincere dedication towards achieving long term profit making along with innovative services fit for the clientele needs.

Setting new trends in the Marke
ABM is easily differentiated from other competitors and service providers in the market due to ABM’s proven strategies of Change Management and Institutionalization of IT, ready and customizable frameworks for focus functional areas, coupled with deep subject matter knowledge blended with appropriate technology skills. Today, ABM is one of the few emerging market leaders who can proudly say that almost all of their projects have reached the logical end, delivering tangible benefits to the stakeholders. Coupled with smart moves and innovative products that have changed the Business into an ‘on a high demand’ Business, ABM. The product offerings by ABM are designed to satisfy the various needs of different clients. Some of these are:-

• Mainet : A framework/product for providing end to end e-governance solution to municipal bodies.
• GRP: An ERP for developed specifically for computerization of back end processes like HR, Payroll, Stores and Inventory, Project Monitoring, Accounting of any government organization or PSU with unique feature.
• Aqua : A framework/product for automation of Billing,Accouting,Collection,MIS for water distribution and billing authorities
• DEAS: Consultancy and Implementation for Reforms of Migration and automation from Single entry accounting system to Accrual based double entry system.
• Property Tax System: Consultancy and Implementation for Reforms of Migration and automation from Rent Based Property/House Tax System to Capital based Property Tax system.

The journey ahead
Combining Geographical and Regional factors along with Technology and Product usage and demand factors, ABM has a strategy of selective and gradual Geographical and Business Vertical expansion, adding different states and business lines with a a niche approach. The team at ABM plans to leverage mobile governance and SaaS as a delivery channel, using products like GRP which have generic applicability, adding larger base of clients across India by creation of a technology group to leverage the revolutionary trend of SMAAC (Social Media-Mobility-Apps-Analytics-Cloud).

Knowing the Key Executive: Founder/CEO
The founder and managing director of ABM is Mr Prakash Rane, a first generation entrepreneur. Mr Rane has conceptualized several pioneering citizen centric e-government concepts and their execution, which are often cited as case studies in “successful electronic service delivery” in reports/books by reputed international magazines like The Economist, etc.