50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2016

Creating exceptional value for global businesses through world-class business process management services: Vee Technologies

Vee Technologies has over a decade of proven experience in delivering result-oriented, world-class solutions for clients across the globe. True to its Motto-Quality in every transaction, the company is committed to giving our clients the business intelligence to re-engineer and produce extra-ordinary business outcomes for dramatic improvements in capability and profit. Vee is 200% committed to customer satisfaction and excelling at developing reliable and scalable solutions for essential business processes.

Vee Technologies is recognised by IAOP for its impressive Customer Satisfaction in the global services survey of top 100 providers. Anyone running a business today would understand the changes happened like the weather forcing organizations to course correct frequently. Flexibility becomes the key, thereby finding a suitable partner for business process management requires adaptability and flexibility. Vee Technologies is able to provide:

  • Liability: having been in business for 100 years
  • Scalability: by owning its own private university
  • Security: by being an ISO 27001 Certified
  • Stability: by being a SOC 2 Type –II audited

With offices in Bangalore, Salem, Chennai and New York, the company set up by Chocko Valliappa in 2000, is a Gold Standard global business process management firm listed as one amongst the 500 fastest growing companies in the U.S. by Inc500 magazine. It is also featured in the Global Services 100 list in 2016 as published in Fortune magazine. Supported by a team of highly educated, trained and experienced professionals, the company provides critical and strategic services to global leaders across industry verticals spanning healthcare, engineering, finance and accounting.

Combining technology with business strategies
Today, analytics provides the ability to build information management, and analytics capabilities provide new insights about patient populations, clinical outcomes, financial measures and risk stratifications to companies. Making the most out of this market scenario, Vee is tapping into the 200+ PhDs in the University that they own and run.

Rendering niche processes like RAC audits, RAF automation, concurrent and retro review, etc., which helps clients in increasing the level of patient care, Vee works with both Payers and Providers, which gives them the expertise to address the current healthcare scenario. The global company headquartered in USA and India, is able to establish direct relationships with clients, unlike its competitors who work with third party companies. “Our peers such as Omega, AGS, Cyient, Accenture and others, always give us neck to neck competition. But we have far more to do that just strive on outdoing them. As a company, our mission is to deliver the best solutions for every client and as a business unit, we seek to build long-term relationships with clients and not just serve them”, , added Chocko.

Global Footprint
“We are able to see, experience and predict the needs of our customers”, said Chocko. Indeed, poised to capture a fair share of the engineering outsourcing market through its engineering services division, Vee carefully addresses all the needs of its customers and is adaptable to their changing needs. “This has enabled us to be voted as No1 company for customer satisfaction as published in Fortune. Our greatest differentiating factor is that we own and run our on University-Sona University. We are able to ensure custom sculpted and trained manpower for our services through the recruitment of the brightest students from our college”, he added. Ranked among the top 5 Private colleges in India, Vee’s certification program helps recruit the cream of the talent and custom train students by providing them internships in order to filter and recruit the best talent.

Future Outlook
Talking about the future plans for Vee, Chocko said, “In the healthcare industry, our road map is to navigate Vee in the hospital/payer and health analytics segments we will be working with our clients to provide analytics solution and clinical management. Using our AI robots and our custom proprietary tools will be able to predict revenue and improve clinical decision. And in the Engineering services, we will be focusing on taking the customers’ needs and backing the students to be cookie cut for clients engineering needs.”

The Canvas Skillset

  • Vee specializes in providing business process management in the areas of end-to-end RCM, Medical coding, Insurance claims Processing/Adjudication, Population health analytics, Logistics processing, Engineering Services, Finance & Accounting, eLearning programs and IETMs
  • Vee provides product design, engineering change management, and VA/VE (Value Analysis and Value Engineering) for heavy engineering, rail and commercial vehicles and aerospace
  • Vee develops unique returnable packaging solutions from the concept and design stage to the manufacturing stage for Industries, and has done work for over 80% of the automobile majors
  • Vee has developed a unique Gamification model where it has 3 levels of learning that ensures an ever-ready staff of qualified engineers who can meet the demands and exceed the requirements of the clients on a consistent basis