10 Fastest Growing Software Testing Companies 2016

Customers just expect “Software without bugs”, we go beyond expectations: STC ThirdEye Technology

silicon-review-thirumal-raj“Don’t document the problem, fix it.” – Atli Björgvin Oddsson

In the today’s fast growing world of the Internet, customer wants to get products to be implemented and updated faster than their competitors. Customer want more for software releases with new features to be implemented in short time frame, but they don’t like to work with defected software. As next version of the product is released just a few days later and it gets only a couple of days of testing before it is shipped. So due to this short time frame or continuous releases the more bugs gets piled up into the products and which gets fixed in the next release, correct? Yes definitely, this model has its own problems. Releasing such software with so many bugs into it may affect the user experience which makes bad impact on the brand. They will remember about the delivered bad quality product, so there will be importance of testing which makes vital role in SDLC.

To deal with this, ThirdEye, founded in 2000, is an independent software testing company and the preferred partner for third party testing to major technology companies globally. ThirdEye helps its customers to optimize quality, performance and availability of their software applications in cost effective way and ensures unparalleled quality of service to improve their competitive edge. ThirdEye offers a comprehensive range of testing solutions for most complex and demanding environments. They have proven track record of software testing engagements spanning a diverse spectrum of domains such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Telecom, Healthcare etc.

ThirdEye has secured and extensive environments with 25,000 square feet of lab space headquartered in Chennai, India. They also provide a cost-effective alternative for companies considering in acquiring dedicated secured lab space.

Testing Services
ThirdEye offers a complete and comprehensive range of testing services from Unit Testing to User Acceptance Testing. ThirdEye’s approach to software testing is based on best testing practices deployed in the product development life cycle. Here are some of their services:

Performance Testing: Predicting performance capability of online solutions is essential to succeed in this competitive market. STC ThirdEye Performance Testing Center of Excellence (PTCOE) team has rich experience in performance engineering tools from vendors like HP LoadRunner, WebLoad, NeoLoad, Testing Anywhere, LoadComplete, Apache JMeter, WAPT. They focus on providing an end-to-end performance solution for the complete application.

Software Product Testing: Today, businesses are demanding greater openness, transparency and scalability from their software Investments and looking for versatile solutions that enable them connect to users and resources worldwide while leveraging existing investments. STC’s Independent Software Product Testing and QA Services relieve customers of these demands by offering a tailored software product-testing package, allowing developers to concentrate on the more productive processes in their software lifecycle

Security Testing: Application vulnerabilities leave the system open to attacks, downtime, data theft, data corruption and application defacement. Security within an application or web service is crucial to avoid such vulnerabilities and new threats. ThirdEye’s vulnerability testing service extensively tests application for possible security loopholes to ensure that application or system is secured against the security threats.

Compatibility Testing: The main challenges in sales and support are the negative client feedback and high cost of customer support due to incompatibility between client’s product and other popular software applications and operating systems already used by client’s customers. The answer to the problem is a comprehensive compatibility testing. STC’s compatibility testing process involves creating hardware and software configurations, designing and running tests in real environments to ensure that application is compatible with various hardware, operating system, databases and browser versions.

Test Automation: The Company has in-depth experience of creating complete test automation strategy and its execution. They develop test automation using standard tools, frameworks and scripts. Their test automation team has sound exposure in widely used tools like HP UFT, Selenium, TestComplete, Ranorex.

User Acceptance Testing: Acceptance Testing is a critical phase of any ‘systems’ project and requires significant participation by the ‘End Users’. To be of real use, an Acceptance Test Plan should be developed in order to plan precisely, covering end-to-end business scenarios, the means by which ‘Acceptance’ will be achieved. STC’s approach is from the business user perspective to ensure the system satisfies their requirements. STC’s User Acceptance Testing Center of Excellence (UATCOE) service help software vendors and business software users assure, that their software is “functionally fit for Use” and working as expected.

Meet the Key Executive
Thirumal Raj, Founder and CEO: Thirumal Raj, after his graduation, searching for the best career in software industry where he got lured towards the software testing opportunities. Business interest in his mind made him to penetrate the testing market and passion towards software testing made him to float and run successfully the organisation supporting the entire gamut of software testing services under one single brand of STC. Today, STC operates in 35+ locations and supports clients in various requirements of software testing. He is always successful in getting the clients utmost satisfied and got the complete benefits. Before founding ThirdEye, he served as head of testing services at Cognizant Technology Services. Thirumal Raj is a B.E graduate from Anna University, Chennai.

Client Testimonials
“When we first approached ThirdEye to optimize our Software product, we were struck not only by their knowledge base and their technical capabilities, but also by their enthusiasm for new ideas. They worked hard to come up with various options, always making changes eagerly and always contributing their own innovative ideas”. – CEO, Software Game
Service Provider

“I would like to commend you for the excellent service you provided us, get back to us even at odd hours of the day and working across different time zones, to ensure that we met our deadlines on time. The diversity and creativity of the Associates at ThirdEye has been an ongoing asset”. – Head of Testing Practice, Global 500 Healthcare Major

“We create value for our customers and partners by providing end-to-end solutions and services across social, mobile, analytics & cloud technologies.”