August Edition 2021

Darkbeam – Delivering the Most Timely and Relevant Actionable Digital Risk Insights to Organizations


As attackers use increasingly sophisticated methods to target and exploit organizations, accurately evaluating your organization's level of digital risk has never been harder. That's why it is important to have an agile, user-friendly solution that gives you actionable, relevant threat intelligence in seconds and helps you close your security gaps before they can be exploited.

Darkbeam, founded by former military and intelligence professionals provides a unified solution to protect against security, brand, and compliance risks across your digital infrastructure. It is here to help you simplify complex threats, and will work with you to augment your current approach to risk. Everyone working at Darkbeam is in the intelligence game to deliver its clients the most timely and relevant actionable digital risk insights so they can better protect their organizations. This is underpinned by relentless innovation and a deep sense of duty and service.

Revolutionary Cyber Threat Intelligence Solutions and Services Furnished

Digital Risk Reports: As organizations continue to connect new devices, people and partners to their networks, the potential attack surface for hackers has never been larger. That's why it has created Darkbeam Digital Risk Reports - a user-friendly breakdown of your online vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors. Your report breaks down your vulnerabilities into seven categories of risk including exposure, DNS, SSL, blacklists and more. When it comes to avoiding cyberattacks, timing is everything. The company generates your report in seconds so you can stay one step ahead. The company’s Digital Risk reports surface a lot of the key insights and technical detail you'd expect from a pen test, at a fraction of the price.

Cyber Training: Over 90 percent of all successful cyber breaches are facilitated by a lack of awareness of basic human error. Regardless of investment in infrastructure, people and ineffective behaviors are the single greatest cyber threat to any business. To counter this challenge, Darkbeam partners with The Cyber Stars Initiative - an effective and sustainable solution to cyber security awareness training and behavioral change. Whether you need a holistic solution for teams with limited cyber security awareness or you wish to complement existing training and risk management processes, The Cyber Stars Initiative provides an opportunity for measurable change and ongoing sustainability.

Intelligence as a Service: Every day, billions of records, images, social media posts and documents are uploaded to the open internet. This critical mass of data holds significant intelligence potential; in fact, the world’s largest security agencies acknowledge that up to 95% of all intelligence is based on publicly available data. Unfortunately, finding relevant insights inside the noise can often feel like an impossible task, with significant levels of skill, resources and research capability needed to surface key pieces of information. If your organisation is looking to identify and mitigate future online threats, a Darkbeam Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Report can be an invaluable asset to support your operational objectives. It collects relevant information across the open internet, validate that data, and give you the consolidated information back in a comprehensive, detailed report that is free from bias.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Charles Clark is the Chief Executive Officer of Darkbeam. He is an experienced and well-regarded senior executive. He co-founded Rosslyn Data Technologies Plc and Darkbeam whilst also serving as an advisor for a number of other successful technology and investment companies. His particular interest is helping young companies achieve their dreams. With an MBA from City University Business School, Charles focuses his skills on raising capital, building sales distribution channels and marketing.

Prior to this he was an Executive Director of the asset management division of Panmure Gordon, managing £1.3bn globally, where he had a particular interest and focus on technology. Mr. Clark’s passion for intelligence insights stems from his time serving with the British Army where he served on active service in theatres of operation. Today, he is proud to be a mentor for ex-servicemen and actively supports charity work. When he’s not busy trying to change the world, Charles loves his golf.

“Our proprietary intelligence gathering methods are built on the deepest data set in the market and used every day by law enforcement agencies.”