August Special Edition 2021

Datameer has the Data Tools for a Modern Data Stack


Founded in 2009, Datameer is an analytics lifecycle platform that helps enterprises unlock all the raw data. This cloud-native platform was built for the complexity of large enterprises—yet it’s so easy-to-use that everyone from business analysts to data scientists to data architects can collaborate on a centralized view of all their data. Without any code, teams can rapidly integrate, transform, discover, and operationalize datasets to their projects.

Datameer breaks down data siloes, gets companies ahead of their data demands, and empowers everyone to discover insights. “One of the challenges and opportunities with the Internet of Things is that there has been an explosion of stream data, which is unlike the traditional data we’ve worked with,” said Brandon Bunker, Senior Director of Customer Analytics and Intelligence at Vivint. “Instead of having one row per customer, there may be thousands or millions of rows per customer. With Datameer’s intuitive Excel-like user interface, my team was able to get up and running very quickly.”

Agile Hybrid-Cloud Analytics

Datameer provides secure, governed self-service access to data across a disparate data landscape so analysts can discover and explore key datasets, collaborate, and share knowledge for faster cloud-based analytics without complex, risky data architectures. The platform delivers everything an analytics teams need – discovery, access, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and governance – in a single integrated platform across the hybrid data landscape to accelerate and take the risk out of cloud analytics.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Datameer works with customers from every industry including Dell, Vodaphone, Citibank, UPS, and more. Datameer makes it easy for analysts to discover and explore data residing anywhere across the disparate data landscape, allowing them to find the best data to solve the analytical problem at hand. It also provides some end-to-end security and governance features to eliminate functionality gaps between the on-premises and cloud environments and keeps the source data safe in-place.

The platform has a rich array of collaboration and documentation features that allow analytics teams to share their knowledge and gain re-use of assets. At the same time, built-in ML provides even more information to build trust.

Increase the Accuracy of AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence and ML are only as good as the data they are fed. The Datameer platform provides data science and analytics teams with the ability to use more data, improve precision, and provide governance and auditability to ensure they meet the growing regulations. The platform provides a rich array of capabilities to create and operationalize data pipelines that feed more and better data to the AI/ML processes and ensures that its clients keep processes secure and well-governed.

This way, not only does data preparation become faster and easier, but the ability to explore data upfront and integration with downstream data science tools creates a virtuous, agile AL/ML analytical cycle.

Datameer Spotlight

Datameer Spotlight is a semantic layer that gives analysts the ability to search for, access and explore any data regardless of location. Whether in the cloud, on-premises, in data warehouses, data lakes, or even applications. It lets analytic teams collaborate and share data knowledge. All this in a single unified self-service platform that lets teams quickly iterate through analytic cycles for faster, highly trusted analytics.

Datameer Spotlight reduces data engineering costs for complicated ETL processes, the cost of moving data and the risk of trying to govern multiple copies of data. Spotlight lets a business build as many virtual data marts they need without complicated data engineering and with zero data replication. Data remains at the source where data teams can make sure it is secure and governed.

It acts as the gateway between the organization’s data sources and the business users who consume the data. Datameer Spotlight provides a single access layer (or semantic layer) for all data consumption applications (e.g., BI and data science tools) on one end and bridge all data silos on the other. This unified access layer, in addition, enables decoupling of data sources from the tools that consume them.

About the CEO

George Shahid, Chief Executive Officer

George Shahid joined Datameer in 2017, bringing an extensive background as an operating and financial executive with enterprise software and SaaS companies from the early stages through global expansion and successful exits. In his 20 plus year career, he has held a number of positions as CEO, COO, and CFO with leading Venture and private equity-backed companies, including CEO of Laszlo Systems Inc, which provided user experience solutions for applications optimized for mobile and web-enabled devices, Chief operating officer of Critical Path a global leader in Messaging, Security, and Unified Communications and most recently as co-founder and CEO of Tillage Inc, an early-stage company for focused on proving a platform for revenue management.

Client Testimonials

“We needed a solution that can handle a lot of data but also allow many people in our company to use it,” says Dimitry. “Our researchers and analysts don’t want to write code or have to rely on system developers to do their job. Datameer’s point-and-click functionality removes these bottlenecks.” – Dmitry Samosseiko, Director of Global Threat Research

“The Datameer platform was a godsend. I was looking at hiring a team of data engineers to hand-code all our data pipelines in Python. In a week, we were able to complete all those complex ETL jobs with Datameer, which otherwise would have required a dozen data engineers to develop and maintain.” – Albert Kao, CEO and Co-founder at i-5O

“Headquartered in San Francisco, Datameer works with customers from every industry including Dell, Vodaphone, Citibank, UPS, and more.”