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Delivering Affordable, Easy to Deploy & Cloud-Based DDoS Protection Services DOSarrest Internet Security


“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so”. – Mark Twain

S olving a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) problem is like a never ending cat and mouse game with attackers. Currently, there are as many different attacks as there are solutions. Since its inception, in 2007, DOSarrest has deployed a comprehensive, multilayered fully managed cloud based DDoS Protection service that has successfully mitigated thousands of real world attacks for thousands of websites.

DOSarrest is the result of nine years of research, experimentation and mitigation of malicious traffic. The company has formed a dedicated team of network security specialists, network engineers and developers focused on mitigating DoS/DDoS attacks.

The company is one of the top DDoS protection providers in the world and has always been ahead of the curve. DOSarrest is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada and has POP’s in New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, London and Vancouver.

“Distributed Denial-of- Service”, is the reason behind the “Rise of DOSarrest”

DOSarrest Internet Security offers a fully managed enterprise level DDoS protection service. All of their customers receive the highest level of protection and unlimited support.DOSarrest offers the greatest value for a fully managed enterprise level service in the market today. Pricing is often less than half of their competition. Most of their competitors provide DDoS as an add-on service, but for DOSarrest, DDoS protection is the primary focal point. One of their key differentiators is the support aspect of the company. This has helped drive more customers towards them due to word of mouth and referrals. The DOSarrest support team is a group of highly skilled individuals with varying levels of expertise. What sets them apart is their knowledge, reliability and desire to assist customers. Their support team is available 24/7/365 by phone or email. “With a service such as DDoS protection we need to be on our toes every second of every day” says Brian Mohammed, DOSarrest’s Director of Sales and Marketing. Back in its early days, the company had a proprietary setup where they used to purchase hardware from branded companies. But soon, they started building their own propriety custom solutions. In simple words, value and support are the company’s prime differentiating factors, along with the DDoS services they offer. WAF (Web Application Firewall), DOSarrest External Monitor

ing Service (DEMS) and Content Delivery Network (CDN), are included as part of their service at no extra charge. If a client’s website is under attack when they contact DOSarrest, they have the capability of mitigating the attack and getting a website back online within 15 minutes!

The company has a large range of different types of clients starting from governments to financial institutions, e-commerce, education, pharmaceuticals, marketing firms, and basically anyone who is generating revenue from their website needing optimum protection. The Motion Picture Association of America, Virgin Gaming and US government websites, namely 911 memorial to name a few.

The Future Sight
As they work with many hosting providers, DOSarrest has just launched a product called Data Center Defender. This is a GRE Tunnel service. They are also looking forward to rolling out the white labeling of their service which will make it easy for their existing partners and hosting companies worldwide to add DDoS protection to their portfolio and resell to their own clients.

“We do only one thing… Stop DDoS attacks!”

Meet the Key Executive

Brian Mohammed, Director of Sales and Marketing
Brian has over 20 years of industry experience, along with over 15 years of marketing and sales management. Previous to joining DOSarrest he was a top senior sales executive with over 10 years at Peer 1 Network with a track record of outstanding customer service. Brian has also held senior sales roles at UUnet, Worldcom and MCI. His knowledge, experience and numerous contacts in the IT/Hosting and corporate world are an invaluable asset to DOSarrest.

Some of the company’s happy customers
“We have had a great customer experience with DOSarrest. We engaged with DOSarrest when we were close to the opening of the 9/11 Memorial. The DOSarrest team has always been extremely proactive in letting us know whenever there was something that needed our attention. I especially thank them for their services on 9/11/11, the day the Memorial was opened to the public and our website was experiencing high loads and latencies; the DOSarrest team stepped right in and worked with our Web-hosting company along with us and took expeditious steps to ensure that the site effectively handled the traffic”. – Radha Nagaraja, Director of Software Development,

“DOSarrest is an instrumental tool in our fight against Denial of Service attacks. We were able to implement their service within an hour and immediately recovered from an ongoing attack. It’s been a staple in our environment ever since”.– Ijaaz Ullah , VP Operations, Virgin Gaming

" We specialize in providing fully managed DDoS protection services to protect any website in any location. Our proprietary software systems are constantly being upgraded to keep pace with the ever changing DDoS threat landscape.”