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Delivering Business Solutions: Knoldus Combine Innovative Ideas with Deep Business Knowledge and Global Technology Teams


Knoldus is a team of Passionate Technologists, focused on staying at the edge of the curve. It loves to build Scalable, Performant, Concurrent systems with Functional Programming to meet the needs of the business. Knoldus’ fast data solutions have won accolades in domains like Social media, Analytics, Finance, Healthcare, Gaming, Shipping, and Travel. It's proactive thinking, led by the mission of Authority enables us to deliver Business Innovation & Acceleration to help you succeed.

It was late 2009 and for a few the frustration of working with outsourcing organizations based out of India, Ukraine, Sri Lanka and Poland was becoming a disappointing experience. More often than not, there were 3 recurring issues which came up again and again. They were quality of code, the efficiency of communication and level of commitment.

The idea was that, if the company is able to tackle these and provide niche solutions to the business community, then that would be a good place to be. Knoldus chose Functional Programming as its vehicle. After being with Java for almost 20 years, Functional Programming was a very appealing choice to build the next generation of business products.

The Significance of the Name

Knol means a unit of knowledge and Dus comes from Druksh which in Sanskrit means tree. Hence, Knoldus stands for the tree of knowledge. It is an inspiration that Knoldus live with when it build products which deliver high-quality business value and share its knowledge extensively via its blogs, conferences, meetups, books, and code.

Why Knoldus?

Pioneers in Agile Offshore Scala, Functional Java, and Big Data Development

Experts in Scala, Functional Java, Spark and Flink, Knoldus got on the functional programming bandwagon in late 2008 before it was fully accepted by the development community. It recognized the advantages and strengths of functional programming and committed to mastering it. Knoldus delivered one of the first enterprise implementations of Scala with the Alerting System at D&B. It developed fully functional Java code for BoA and DHL. Since then, Knoldus has been on the forefront of Scala, Akka, Functional Java, Spark and Flink, delivering multiple products on the functional technology stack.

A passionate team of Scala, Functional Java, and Big Data Developers

Knoldus have one of the biggest team of Scala, Functional Java Developers in India, possibly the world. Its team is passionate about Functional Programming and believes in writing clean code.

Knoldus Team members:

  • Are passionate Scala Developers
  • Are passionate Functional Java Developers
  • Are Experts on Spark and Flink
  • Are all agile practitioners
  • Are Open Source Enthusiasts
  • Are a contributor to various Scala mailing list and LinkedIn groups
  • Are active Bloggers
  • Possess domain experience in Big Data, consumer social products, Finance, Insurance, Telecom, and Healthcare

In-depth Distributed Agile Experience

The team has worked with partners and geographically distributed teams across various time zones. Its partner locations are spread across US, UK, Europe, Australia, and Japan. Knoldus is well aware of the challenges and benefits of working in a geographically distributed, differential time zone environment.

Partners not Clients

Knoldus believe in building a strong rapport with its partners. It lives by the motto that it is successful if you are successful. Knoldus have forged many successful partnerships in the past and are proud of them till date.

Proven Results / Satisfied Partners

Knoldus have delivered/deployed quite a few applications on Scala which are robust, scalable, and extensible and are running successfully. Its partners have been highly satisfied with its understanding, knowledge, communication, and delivery. Please refer to its testimonials and you would get an idea of what Knoldus mean.

Code Quality

Knoldus place utmost importance on code quality. It believes that code is supposed to be read by humans and not machines. The company has a mindset of writing clean code. All Knoldus’ code would always be accessible to you. If you cannot understand the code then Knoldus have not done a good job. Look at the Quality Assurance tools in its stack.

The culture of Continuous Learning and Knowledge

Learning and sharing what is learned is not a process at Knoldus. It is a part of the culture. Every week on Wednesday evening, the entire company gets together for an intensive knowledge transfer and presentation program. Knoldus organize presentations, brainstorming sessions, hands-on sessions and review cycles. 1 or 2 team members pick any topic, generally related to present projects or new technology and present that to all other team members.

Happy Clients

“Knoldus is a very competent and energetic outfit with impressive backend firepower. A pleasure to work with.”

- Davide Berretta, Co-Founder: Fleisure, NYC, US & Paris, France

 “Working with Knoldus on two separate occasions has both been the best offshore experience I have had in my career. Both teams have been exceptionally knowledgeable and professional in everything they have done. Vikas and his team have really taught us how to develop more effective Spark code and has been a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to work with Knoldus anytime.”

- Larry Presswood, Lead Architect - Zillion Inc, Greater Boston, USA

The Chief Man

Vikas is the CEO & Co-Founder of Knoldus Inc. In his 16+ years of experience, he has become a recognized speaker, mentor, and practitioner in the software industry. Vikas was an ardent fan of Java with SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD, SCEA certifications and multiple high load enterprise systems to boast of till he met Scala. His current passions include utilizing the power of Scala, Akka and Play to make reactive Big Data systems.

Vikas has a Master's in Software Systems from BITS, Pilani. He is B.Tech in Computer Engineering and holds a degree in Business Administration. He has worked with several big system integrators like IBM, Mastek, and Sapient.

“We take precise and prescribed steps to create clean, crisp and quality code for our partners. Our Quality coding begins with an in-depth knowledge of the technology; continues with a high degree of professionalism, and ends with the desire to make every partner 100% satisfied.”