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Delivering Complete And Maintainable Systems For Defining, Verifying, And Maintaining Metadata: ADAPTIVE, INC.


“Our ability to adapt to the processes of our clients using a standard-based enabling capability ensures that those companies, without changing their existing platforms, will see swift and accurate returns.”

Information and Knowledge have always been the lifeblood of every organization even though they are routinely misaligned. It is essential today to know and understand how critical data moves through an enterprise. But companies today are facing an explosion of the amount, complexity and importance of enterprise information. And, without a complete understanding of how that data is created, defined, managed, and consumed an organization’s ability to meet external compliance reporting demands and optimize business performance is severely undermined.

Data governance and metadata management are not just about data, per se; it is about the business processes, decisions and stakeholder interactions. Once a company starts making informed business decisions as a collective aim of data governance, it becomes easier to set goals and priorities for an initiative. But, as data continues to overwhelm organizations, it is imperative that successful and forward thinking companies become aggressive in addressing areas of data governance and metadata management. Failure to do so will put these companies at a critical disadvantage relative to their competitors.

Many companies do not have insight on the enterprise-wide governance of their data. It is essential for companies today to ensure that its data policies are in place that links to the various processes for governing and reporting. Adaptive is driven by the mission to help organizations realize that they do not need to reinvent themselves, rather, they can benefit from leveraging what they have in the most effective manner. This includes protecting data privacy and managing data retention through a governed process.

Adaptive: Creating Simplicity Out Of Complexity

Adaptive is a market leader that provides a semantic platform to enable key stakeholders to capture, analyze, and disseminate knowledge with a focus on providing a capability for governing their data on a holistic scale. Initially, focusing on the financial services market because of the ongoing needs for compliance reporting, the Adaptive platform today focuses on data governance, data protection and retention by linking metadata to key governance processes critical to the success of the organization.

Adaptive addresses a wide set of data centric use cases through a combination of product, consulting, and managed services. The Adaptive platform leverages cloud-based platforms or can be implemented in-house providing the scalability for rapid implementation and use for all sizes of organizations. Adaptive also provides industry centric content for various verticals including finance, insurance, government, and healthcare.

Data has evolved dramatically in recent years and has become the new business currency. But, there was a time when companies could manage their operations in a silo-centric model of working and managing their data and applicable processes. Adaptive’s ultimate vision was developing a technology platform that connected the silos in a manner that allowed organizations to leverage what they have in place and leverage Adaptive to connect the dots.

Adaptive resources and employees are dedicated to quality for its customers and they play a critical role to its overall success. Adaptive works closely with top-class domain experts and consultant firms that facilitate the implementation services for their clients.

Adaptive has been in the business for many years and has extensive knowledge regarding Enterprise Architecture, Data Governance, and Metadata Management. And over the years, the company has built out the most comprehensive offering on the market. Adaptive is well positioned and excited about its upcoming release leveraging graph-based offerings that combine metadata and instance data analytics, including the incorporation of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

A Brief Overview of the Adaptive Products and Services

Driven by the ever-increasing demands of compliance, regulatory pressures and governance requirements, Adaptive provides the most innovative solutions that enable enterprises to align their capabilities with strategic intent. By leveraging the Adaptive semantic platform, organizations can expedite their data governance oversight and analytic processes through specific use cases such as:

  • Report Rationalization: the ability to build out the data glossaries and data catalogs from reports.
  • Enterprise Data Definition Oversight: the ability to have a single point of truth that enables users to see terms, ontology’s, definitions, related terms which can be managed on a holistic scale.
  • Data Lineage Analytics: the ability to analyze the source to target movement of data throughout the enterprise.
  • Data Policy and Control Alignment: the ability to bring in industry best practices on data policy and controls and compare with the organization’s policies and controls and link policy to monitoring and adherence.
  • Business Rules Governance: the ability to document and link business rules to the data assets, catalogs, and technical metadata.
  • Issue Management: the ability to have an issue management and resolution process to ensure proper stewardship, management, and change is done properly on a holistic scale. 

Case Study: Voted the Best Project of the Year

Being a market leader with a long history of helping complex organizations adapt to and support the rapidly changing business and IT environments, Adaptive has worked with a plethora of clients which includes some of the industry’s most highly regarded companies.

One such successful implementation included a Top-tier bank completing a pre and post merger data management strategy and program based on understanding of the data landscape which was awarded the top project of the year. Adaptive provided the bank a data management platform that captured and enriched the data sources of both organizations enabling analytics on the as-is and to-be states of the combined entities.

Clients Rave About Adaptive

“Adaptive is a long-time leader at the Object Management Group (OMG), not only in the area of standards for structured & unstructured data but in many vertical markets in which OMG develops standards — including financial services. No-one has better expertise in metadata management and I wholeheartedly support their application to become part of an organizations portfolio of capabilities.”

- Richard Soley, Object Management Group, President

“With thousands of data attributes, delivered by hundreds of internal and external sources and stored in dozens of unconnected databases, we saw the need for a web-based solution that was capable of integrating the multiple business and technical tools currently in use by financial organizations. That is why we decided to work exclusively with Adaptive who has helped us migrate our Semantics Repository to their standards-based Metadata Manager.”

- Mike Atkin, Enterprise Data Management Council, Director

The Future Vision

Adaptive, being one of the leading firms in the data governance and metadata spaces, will continue to scale and grow in terms of both revenue and staffing through its market-leading offerings. Furthermore, Adaptive will be announcing acquisitions that augment its product strategies and offerings.

The company believes that it will continue to leverage the emerging, underlying technologies such as graph and triple store technologies in its offerings to link “metadata” and “instance” data layers providing real-time analytics. Adaptive is also bringing in content specific best practices and models to vertical markets such as banking/finance, healthcare, insurance, and government.

Innovation Centric!

Jeff Goins is the Chief Executive Officer of Adaptive. His career spans over thirty years in the technology industry, specializing the methods and technologies utilized to govern organization’s corporate knowledge surrounding data and business & technology architectures. Jeff has formed many global alliances throughout his career and continues to focus on working with companies with innovative ideas leveraging the Adaptive technology platform.

Equipped with experience and expertise to understand the business and the technical issues, Jeff creates a vision for developing products and service offerings that address capturing “corporate memory” issues in a repeatable manner. He has been actively involved in developing and implementing strategic planning, business process and data governance initiatives, including “Big Data” and advanced analytics applications.

Jeff holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University.

“Our customers value Adaptive’s mature data governance platform, which enables them to always see where their data is stored, what that data means, how their data flows around their organization, and the impact of intended or unintended transformations on it.”