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Delivering high quality solutions with excellent execution: MSys Technologies


MSys Technologies is a global provider for product development and services for Storage, Networking, Telecommunication, Embedded, Cloud, Big Data and Virtualization solutions. With its deep technical expertise, suite of test automation products, and global-shoring model, MSys Technologies delivers unprecedented value in the areas of Applications Development, Product lifecycle Management, Quality Assurance, Training and Product.

In today’s world when there is a ‘run for money’, companies with forever growing number of domains are focusing only on expansion of their business scale and increasing number of billed resources and projects. A recognized global company with offices in Atlanta-USA, Bangalore and Chennai- India, MSys Technologies founded by top executives from leading global IT companies seeks to shift from these practices and provides long-promised true transformation to customers at reasonable prices and on-time delivery of the innovative Products and Services.

MSys enables customers to achieve higher levels of success in terms of revenues and profits and makes their business function, a lot more easily, with an ideal combination of function, control and customization, on the cloud. The principals of MSys have held senior management positions in industry leading technology companies like LSI Logic, American Megatrends, iVivity, Scentric, and Cray Supercomputers and their vision and experience guides the company to deliver the highest quality solutions with excellent speed of execution, utilizing industry standard projects and agile process management methodology, focusing on the customers business goals in every point of service.

The company acquired Pune-based Clogeny Technologies, an IT firm that specializes in cloud-based data storage solutions in April 2014 and has ventured into a new era of cloud solutions specializing in storage, big data, cloud computing, and DevOps ever since.

Carving a niche in the Cloud
“We have a product mindset. We believe that achieving excellence is a continuous process:
Innovation-Execution-Solution-Delivered”, says the team at MSys. The company believes that a garage setup can deploy its services on the web, on a shoe-string budget and still aspire to scale to the size of the Googles, FaceBooks and Amazons of the world and helps invent deployment platform that will scale as and when the business grows and provide companies the enormous advantages of consolidation, manageability, flexibility and sand-boxing.

With Cloud Expertise in Software as a Service (Salesforce, NEtsuite, Google,Microsoft Office 365), Platform as a Service (Hosted Platforms-Windows Azure, Heroku, Google, & On Premise Deployments-CloudFoundry, CumuLogic, CloudBees) and Infrastructure as a Service (Private Cloud-OpenStack, DynamicOps, CloudPlatform, cloupia, CloudPortal, vmware & Public Cloud-Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, rackspace, HP Cloud), the company has worked with customers to build cutting edge products in the cloud space as well as has assisted their customers in adopting the cloud – public, private and hybrid.

MSys ( Clogeny) has helped several enterprises and ISVs to adopt the cloud reducing TCO and improving product/service delivery and have worked with them to build cloud platforms and products including:

Multi-cloud Polyglot PaaS :
A PaaS with support for Java Runtime, J2EE Applications, PHP & Python frameworks and AWS-compatible services like RDS, ELB, Elasti-Cache available as a hosted solution, white-labelled solution and downloadable installation for in-house private Clouds.

Complex Application Migration Appliance:
An in-house appliance to migrate multi-tier applications and associated networks configurations to the public cloud using OpenVPN technology.

Cloud service integration for Cloud brokers:
Working with several Cloud brokers like Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager to integrate various cloud services including. Cloud platforms – VMWare, vCloud, Openstack, CA Nimsoft etc.

Multi-cloud orchestration product for enterprises:
A multi-cloud orchestration product with enterprise features like Governance, visual Workflow management and cost centre.

SaaS portal for server migrations:
A SaaS portal that allows migration of physical or virtual servers from private datacenters to public clouds like AWS, Rackspace, Software, IBM SmartCloud etc.

Single-pane of glass dashboards for Cloud platforms:
MSys has built easy-to-use single pane of glass dashboard for complex cloud solutions including. Cloupia, Flexpod and Cisco UCS.

Cloud Offerings
For Private and Hybrid Clouds:
•Private Cloud Planning & Deployments
•Provisioning, Monitoring & Automation
•Cloud Lifecycle Management
•Application Migration – Federated Deployments
For Public Clouds:
•Cloud Assessment, Planning & Migration
•Custom Application Development
•Scalable Cloud IT & Application stack Architecture
•Cloud Life cycle Management, Monitoring and Automation
For Cloud Business Solutions:
•Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Solutions
•Software-as-a-Service Enablement
•Cloud Storage Services
•Data Analytics & Big Data on Cloud Platforms
•Dashboarding & IT Analytics
•3rd Party Cloud Integrations

Cloudstack Expertise

Over the years, MSys (Clogeny) has demonstrated immense Cloudstack expertise and has developed the Apache Cloudstack, an open source orchestration software designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines, as a highly available, highly scalable IaaS cloud computing platform and is used by a number of service providers to offer public cloud services, and also by many companies to provide an on-premises (private) cloud offering, or as part of a hybrid cloud solution helping customers to quickly and easily build cloud services leveraging their existing infrastructure. The Citrix CloudPlatform is another creation of MSys which is the commercial cloud orchestration offering from Citrix, powered by Opensource Apache CloudStack and incorporates several features targeted toward to the enterprise cloud market.

Backed by years of proven expertise and deep knowledge of Cloudstack, the company has several lucrative offerings including:

•Design and deployment of Cloudstack-based cloud infrastructure for private and public clouds.
•Cloudstack Integration with third party cloud components / applications – Bililng, Metering, CRM, Helpdesk etc.
•Custom Development in Cloudstack
•Cloudstack Infrastructure Support and Maintenance
•Cloudstack Training and Consulting
•Integration with Enterprise orchestration and run book automation solutions.

A different experience for clientele
With its key strengths including its domain expertise and in-depth technical expertise of its engineers, the profitable privately held company offers flexible business models including standard per resource pricing, output based pricing, and cost plus, enabling setting up of offshore development and testing centers, Build Operate Transfer (BOT) development and testing centers, and fixed bid projects. Having ready frameworks in the areas of product development and testing to help clientele reduce their time-to-market, the company goes a step ahead and provides repetitive testing and a ready test automation framework which has re-usable components

“Our sole aim is to help our customers and not raising headcount of offshore resources”, says Mr. Ashish Nene, VP, and Business Development at MSys.

The company thus provides the following benefits to its customers:-

  • Reduce time to market
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce engineering resource requirement
  • Increase ROI by efficient round-the-clock usage of equipment
  • Most important is to deliver a quality product

Client Testimonials

“MSys have been an excellent partner in understanding our long term problems. Their technical understanding has exceeded our expectations along with their ability to communicate with our team in Colorado. Overall, we could not be where we are today were it not for MSys, this has certainly been a highly beneficial relationship for us.”

  • Steve Visconti
    President and CEO
    Assurance Storage

“The MSys Technologies team is easy to get along with and accurately report status weekly. They are proactive in meeting project deadlines. Their work products are superior compared to other vendors that I have worked with in the past. I highly recommend using MSys Technologies for your contracting needs.”

  • Steve Howard
    Senior Software Manager

“MSys has exceeded our expectations by developing for us enterprise-class applications and a score of utilities that have transformed our company by drastically increasing employee productivity and workflow efficiency. This success both enabled us to provide a higher level of quality Storage array products to our OEMs as well as take on more projects without requiring additional employees.”

  • M. K. Jibbe 
    Distinguished Engineer
    LSI Logic.

What next

A leader in niche cloud computing application development and cloud infrastructure deployment and management, MSys is enabling organizations to leverage and take advantage of the Big Data movement and find new insights from their data and convert them into better business decisions using their big data competencies (that include Hadoop, NoSql databases, Apache Mahout, text mining and language processing, and platforms and distributions including Amazon Elastic MapReduce, Apache Hadoop, and Cloudera CDH).

Having one of the largest Openstack engineering teams in the Asia Pacific region with years of proven expertise in deploying and managing public and private clouds, the fast growing IT company in India who is a partner for leading storage companies across the world and is depended upon by various innovating companies for consulting, development and end – to-end solutions, is now looking forward for its next leap to make it big in the cloud domain in the future years.

Knowing the Key Founder

Mr Sanjay Sehgal – Founder and Chairman

With over 20 years of experience in executive management, enterprise software, system sales, marketing, and operations, a graduate in Electronics form the Delhi University, Mr. Sehgal has founded and co-founded several companies like AMI (sold to LSI Logic for over $220M), iVivity (sold to Emulex), and Scentric (sold to Brocade), which are category-leading companies in their respective markets.

He has led business critical efforts in every environment including building successful engineering, sales, and marketing organizations, raising venture and strategic funding, product development and launch, establishing and managing partner relationships, and overseeing company acquisitions. He has also been involved in building and operating off-shore development centres for AMI, LSI Logic, iVivity, and Scentric.

“We have a unique way of doing things – the MSys Way. It’s how we innovate, collaborate, operate and deliver value for our clients.”