50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2017

Delivering personalized and targeted content to increase customer engagement and optimize productivity: Stantive Technologies Group, Inc.

thesiliconreview-douglas-girvin-ceo-stantive-technologies-group-inc-2017Content is at the center of every organization’s communication, digital transformation and entire marketing strategy. Driven by the expectations of customers, partners and employees, every experience must be seamless, personal, and dynamic across every channel and device. This enables the identification of a myriad of business, social and other challenges, which can be addressed as new business opportunities paving the path for future growth. Managing content is of paramount importance, and Stantive Technologies Group Inc. with its product, OrchestraCMS, provides the digital experience platform to manage and dynamically deliver all types of content across all digital channels, throughout its lifecycle.

Stantive Technologies Group Inc. was originally founded in 1992. As their knowledge of Salesforce grew and platform emerged, the company saw the emergence of Salesforce as the next generation platform for delivering enterprise IT applications and services. With the release of Sites functionality in 2009, Stantive believed that they could build a digital Content Management and Experience platform on Salesforce, leveraging all of the Salesforce platform assets – data, applications, analytics, business process automation, robust security, etc., to create highly personalized and targeted digital experiences for their customers. Stantive Technologies Group is a Salesforce Platinum ISV Partner and is revolutionizing the Digital Experience Platform market. Stantive’s OrchestraCMS empowers Fortune 1000 customers across the globe to create, manage and deliver content dynamically, in a fraction of the time it takes using a legacy content management system (CMS).

Innovating OrchestraCMS to addresses the customer challenges and  opportunities

Stantive was a direct representative of Sun Microsystems for 15+ years prior to the departure and launch of OrchestraCMS. Its involvement with Sun from its early days through rapid growth, decline and sale to Oracle provided an incredible level of insight into the initial success, scale and ultimately the challenges of a high growth technology company across its lifecycle.

Now OrchestraCMS has evolved both as a platform and as a leverage point for digital channels across all of Salesforce’s innovations. It is natively built on the Salesforce platform and thus leverages all the robust security, as well as strong governance and audibility engine built into the product that has naturally led us into those industry segments requiring those capabilities.

Presently, Stantive’s key vertical markets include Financial Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences and Retail, with Media and Communications, Education and Government emerging. “OrchestraCMS leverages Salesforce data, infrastructure and security to enable custom user interfaces, dynamic user experiences and personalized content across digital channels using Salesforce Communities, social media, portals, intranets, websites, applications, and services.”

Their earliest customers chose Stantive for significant and strategic implementations that their customers were counting on to transform some or all of their core businesses. Stantive customers are supported by a robust ecosystem of certified OrchestraCMS partners, incredible support team, and its own in-house expertise. OrchestraCMS also has a rich set of APIs to enable development of custom solutions, third-party integrations and deliver digital transformation initiatives on the Salesforce platform. “OrchestraCMS helps Salesforce customers leverage content across digital channels and business applications, to maximize the value of their customer, partner and employee relationships.”

A strong focus on personal, professional and market growth

The product was launched as a very traditional boot strapped start up. The early team that was assembled to launch OrchestraCMS wore many hats and worked incredibly hard to gain and keep those early customer wins. OrchestraCMS gained popularity as it brought the power of content and experience management to the most powerful and innovative business platform – Salesforce. This eliminates the traditional limitations and integration challenges of bringing the customer’s business and content together. OrchestraCMS enables business users or content creators to see everything on Salesforce and combine those assets along with the traditional digital content that is hosted in OrchestraCMS to deliver highly personalized digital experiences for their customers, partners and employees.

“We take a very long term view of growth and that is reflected in the way we design and build our product, support our customers and collaborate with our partners. We believe that this comes through in all of our interactions, both internally and externally.” The company believes that the transition from science experiment to true market acceptance is the hardest part of growing a business. Once market acceptance has occurred, maintaining the culture of product innovation, focus on the original mission, customer support and success are the keys to scaling the company without losing the key attributes that made it successful early on. At various points along its growth, key customers made and continue to make significant contributions to the growth and innovation of the OrchestraCMS platform. Stantive believes in collaborative development with their customers, which is reflected in their long term relationships and continued rapid innovation in the Platform.

Reason of success

Douglas Girvin, CEO: Over 25 years in Enterprise IT sales, sales management and consulting, Doug is leading Stantive Technologies Group Inc. to deliver transformational digital solutions to Global 1000 clients around the world. Innovation has always been part of his DNA, reflected in his  serving on the boards of the Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund, Presidents Advisory Council for the Royal Society of Canada, Queen’s University Innovation council, and Kingston Economic Development Corporation Board. In 2000 Doug  was awarded the Kingston Chamber of Commerce ‘Business Person of the Year’ award, and  the Kingston Whig-Standard Businessman of the Year award in 2010.

With this grounding in innovation, Doug has be fortunate to have been able to bring together a gifted team to build and deliver the transformational vision of the OrchestraCMS platform. From product innovation to exceptional Customer experience, the Stantive team very much views the success of their customers as the basis for their own success.

“At Stantive, we passionately believe in the power of communication with integrity as a powerful unifying force that drives employee, customer and partner engagement across an organization and within its ecosystem.”