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Delivering software solutions to ensure customers’ product and business remain strong and successful: nerdapplabs Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

thesiliconreview-praveen-garg-founder-cto-nerdapplabs-software-solutions-pvt-ltd-2017The increasing importance of software is having a major impact on product development, customer service, and organizational development across industries. As the software development, deployment, and consumption market is continuously evolving, businesses need to carefully plan and execute the development process to meet their goals. They have come to realize that superior software development makes a significant contribution to the organizational success across sectors, and the development and delivery of products and services relies more and more on a company’s ability to effectively develop quality software. Thus, in the age of rapidly growing technology and customer expectations, companies have to generate pioneering yet cost effective solutions. And one such company that is growing ahead while meeting the customer demands of software and technology solutions is nerdapplabs Software Solutions Private Limited.

nerdapplabs is a team of creative technology enthusiasts, software programmers and testers, who deliver solutions along with performance. In just five years of its inception, the company has gained the trust of industry biggies such as SugarCRM, Dianomic Systems, OptTown, TrueLink Financial, Emyoli,, TaxiShair, InThemix (JunkeeMedia, Formerly known as The SoundAlliance). The company understands the software business deeply and with extremely trained workforce, the company plays a vital role in the ongoing development.

Delivering high quality technology

“We’ll help you every step of the way in designing, building, testing your application, and deployment.” nerdapplabs, the Noida based software company, simplifies product development and testing. It renders its best based on their agile development and testing policy by combining its core principles of “Think, build & Deliver”.

The company offers services in mobile application development and web development front. It is also an expert in building native Mobile Apps, and Hybrid for cross-platform support. Explaining their journey in a nutshell, Praveen Garg, Founder & CTO, said, “Mobile application development doesn’t relate to the developing of mobile front ends only, we are working on other hybrid technologies and the backend system (including microservices). Over the years, we have provided DevOps and automation test engineering services to top notch companies. For example, SugarCRM is one of the renowned CRM companies, and we have provided them services for 2.5+ years.”

Future Insights

In order to keep up with the pace of the ongoing revolution in the software industry, it has become extremely important for companies to adopt new technologies and respond to the changes happening. We encourages an individual to contribute to open source over Github, Writing solution blogs, sharing learning over YouTube etc., apart from the project tasks they have in hand. With a steady growth, nerdapplabs Software Solutions is also working in the IoT domain other than sticking to its core domain of mobile application development. Praveen Garg said, “We are working in IoT domain, basically on a new concept of ‘edge (fog) computing’ which is a method of optimizing cloud computing systems by performing data processing at the edge of the network, near the source of the data. Our focus is on the next new things, and we truly think that IoT is a booming sector currently and edge computing is the new era. Other than this we will continue to have our core business growing as the need for supporting apps for android and iOS is here to stay.”

As far as IoT domain is concerned, nerdapplabs Software Solutions is working not only for the smart devices used in homes, but also looks into the things that can be used for the industrial IoT as well. “we are looking forward to excel in open source community as well, and the product will be commercial open source. We are programming polyglot; Currently, we are very much into the Microservices development using C/C++ and python programming language and frontend using Angular4 and in future, I hope we will move towards the AI and machine learning. That’s our goal to extend the things for the next generation things”, said Praveen Garg. The company’s experienced team, along with Ashish Jabble, Mohd. Shariq and Vaibhav Singhal, are well trained and CSM/ PMP/ CSPO certified, contribute to its continued success with different domains. On expansion front, the company is looking forward to expand its foothold outside India.

Let’s hear it from their clients

“The perfect hire for this project. They were involved in major areas of the project from scoping, planning, infrastructure and product architecture. The completed solution provided us with a solid base to evolve the product as our customer base grows. Excellent communication skills; provided solutions that are best for the product & the available budget. I recommend and intend to hire again for future projects.” – Social Enclave.

“Great developers. They created an iOS app that no one else could manage to create. They did it quickly and with QUALITY. I have nothing but good things to say about them and I WILL hire again.” - JMAY LIVE.

“This is the fourth project with them and each time the delivery gets better and stronger. They understand issues and take time to patiently resolve the smallest of issues. Will definitely work with them again.” - 8020Office.

“Real professionals. They are dedicated, smart and know their way around software engineering. What I like most is the fact that they are constantly available on Skype - thus I got answers minutes after I raised them including weekends.” - EMYOLI.

“Extremely satisfied with work. They provided great work, responded well to feedback and made some constructive forward thinking solutions.” - INTHEMIX.

Knowing the leader behind nerdapplabs, Founder & CTO Praveen Garg

Praveen is a Technical leader with extensive experience building mobile solutions. He is a renaissance chap and programming geek (a polyglot), with strong experience in development and engineering of many web, desktop and mobile products. His success is rooted in his technology enthusiasm, analytical & problem solving skills and ability to carve ideas into real world solution.

“We have many happy customers and we want you to join their ranks. We pride ourselves in delivering what you need when you need it.”