10 Fastest Growing Software Testing Companies 2016

Deploying the Most Robust test management process Ever there is: 360Logica

silicon-review-mohammad-asad-khan“Testing is an infinite process of comparing the invisible to the ambiguous in order to avoid the unthinkable happening to the anonymous.” – James Bach

Led by committed, young, and dynamic professionals with extensive expertise and experience of independent testing services, 360logica has established itself as a leading offshore software testing company in India. Based in premier locations in India and the United States, it boasts skilled manpower, the best-of-its-class infrastructure and technology for testing, and a long list of satisfied customers in finance, IT, telecom, e-commerce, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail sectors. With a focus on providing the best possible solutions for clients across all domains, 360logica provides independent testing services and QA consulting through dedicated offshore teams and onsite experts. The proficiency they have gained in software product testing and QA services over the years help in building strong practices and improve the delivery process to the advantage of clients.

360logica endeavors to provide the best possible and highest quality of QA consulting and independent software testing services at cost-effective price. They are committed to ideate, innovate, and implement latest technology, solutions, and strategy that enhance benefits of outsourcing software product testing objective, minimize risks, and maximize resourcefulness of their partners. Their business objective is driven by shared growth, where they see the success of clients and end-user experience of their customers as key to their continued leadership position in the software testing market. 360logica has the caliber and ample capability to develop test modules for diverse software products according to the clients’ requirements and offer complete QA services and software testing solutions. With its operational headquarters in the National Capital Region of India, a major IT hub in the world, and US-based sales offices in California and Florida, 360logica provides software product testing services for all types of businesses, domains and technology.

Independent Software Testing Services

They offer end-to-end software testing solutions, including:
Component & Unit Testing: Component and unit testing are integral part of any software testing process. They ensure a bug free application that can be delivered effectively in the real environment. This type of software testing solution proves to be useful in applications with complex component, especially in identifying bottlenecks and removing bugs individually. The functionality and security aspects of an application are seen as a whole during integration.

Core Testing Services: With an exclusive ability in software testing and QA services backed by vast expertise, 360logica provides the highest degree of reliability. The in-house testing is done by competent testers having ample knowledge about the industry and process. They boost the delivery standard by offering services at affordable packages and with dedicated teams, this enhances the efficiency of customer applications.

Database & Platform Testing: Their database platform testing solutions are exclusively designed to support and boost database applications for organizational operation. 360logica professionals have the expertise to show capability in database behavior, integration, generation, and event driven item testing. In addition, they are adept at identifying and rectifying regression bugs and providing assistance for maintaining database consistency and correctness.

Functional Testing: 360logica functional testing services ensure completely functional, error-free and foolproof applications. Their on-site and off-site expertise and use of both licensed and open source tools say a lot about their software testing services. They have the expertise in providing bug-free application testing solutions in the least possible time ensuring all parameters are satisfied by an application.

Security Testing: Over the years, security challenges have grown to become the reason of concern for both developers and end users. They have the required expertise in finding out the design, operational, and architectural barriers and eradicate out risks. In addition, they have the ability to build risk-based test cases considering a number of variable threats in both present and future. Their penetration and static vulnerability tests are carried by experts for examining environment-specific interactions to ensure robust defense against hacking, information stealing, network attacks etc.

Meet the founders

Mohammad Asad Khan, Co-founder and VP of Business Development: With years of experience behind him in the field of information and technology, Asad serves as the Vice President, Business Development, at 360logica software testing services. A co-founder of this successful offshore testing venture, Asad steers its marketing and management objectives since 2008 by virtue of his rich expertise and experience in business development, strategic planning, project management, and quality assurance process testing and setup. Asad’s management skills and knowledge of the industry has helped 360logica win hearts of clients across all industries. Asad has extensive experience of working with a number of companies, including Globallogic Inc, Brickred Technologies, and FCS software Solutions. He has successfully managed and executed a number of projects in software product testing. Asad is an alumnus of JSS Academy of Technical Education and holds a degree in Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology.

Rohit Kumar Singh, Co-founder and VP of Engineering: In his role as the Vice President, Testing and Engineering, Rohit is responsible for leading the company’s efforts in quality assurance, enhanced process frameworks, architectural capabilities, methodologies, tools and components, necessary to further accelerate the software QA process. A firm believer in the principle “Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better,” Rohit, Co-founder of 360logica, is well admired for ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced and dynamic environment has been instrumental in his stride toward success. His decisive and action-oriented leadership has played a significant part in shaping the objective of 360logica software testing services that focus on enhancing “Business with Quality” to the satisfaction of customers. Rohit is Alumni of Don Bosco Academy, where he was enrolled from 1994 to 1996. He has graduated from JSS Academy of Technical Education and holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics and Communication.

“Our focus on innovation, passion to provide the best, flexible strategy, transparent approach, and service model based on integrity, trust, and openness underline the commitment to provide the best to clients and promote their business goals”.