10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies 2016

Designing & Deploying the Most Indestructible Security Services: SyncDog, Inc.

“In cyber security, the more systems we secure, the more secure we all are.” – Jeh Johnson

Today, the necessity of strong cyber security measures is self evident. A proliferation of cyber attacks is causing huge damage to companies, governments and individuals. Organizations need to respond to these threats by adopting strict cyber security measures. However, it isn’t just the number of cyber security attacks that is increasing, the severity of these attacks is on the rise as well. In simple terms, these attacks are becoming “progressively destructive.” The multiplying volume and sophistication of cyber security threats, including targeting phishing scams, data theft and other online vulnerabilities demand that the organizations remain alert about securing the systems and information. Down from this cyber chaos, a cyber juggernaut, SyncDog was founded in 2013 by Jonas Gyllensvaan with a determined focus on mobile security and DLP (Data Loss Protection) for mobile devices.

SyncDog is an independent software vendor (ISV) focused on securing the enterprise data on mobile devices and tablets. SyncDog has cutting-edge technology which encrypts and controls customers’ intellectual property. SyncDog’s flagship product SentinelSecure™, once implemented, provides a secure location on smart devices for enterprise data and applications. This enables end users to leverage mobile technology and yields a greater business workflow opportunity with higher levels of secure integration.

Being Unexampled
SyncDog leaders have been working on mobile device security since the late 1990s. Gyllensvaan is an engineer by trade and has been heavily involved in day-to-day architecture and development for the product from day 1. Much of the innovation of SyncDog comes from the unique ability of Gyllensvaan to convert business requirements to technology and systems processes. Additionally, SyncDog’s size positions it well to adjust to customer requests and make revisions to suit a multitude of changing requirements.

Reliable Security Services Offered
There are numerous aspects to how the company protects enterprise data from mobile points of intrusion, but the security strategy is twofold: 1) secure the transmission of enterprise data to/from the device with military grade encryption and 2) provide a secure “container” on the device that serves as device business workstation for all applications including Office365, web browser, secure texting, file management/sync and many others.

SentinelSecure™, provides FIPS 140-2 AES 256-bit encryption for data both at rest and in transit. The SentinelSecure™ container delivers the same encrypted security for employees to perform normal work application activity without sacrificing performance. The freedom to work business-as-usual on the device is a departure from competing solutions that curtail application functions as a tradeoff to higher levels of data protection.

The benefit to clients is the comfort of knowing that 24/7 mobile access to their organizations’ intellectual property, the new norm in today’s business world, is secure and protected. SyncDog has further enhanced the product through technology partnerships to provide additional enterprise services as a GPS location service to track worker productivity, encrypted texting that can be set to expire and then be wiped from the device automatically and other enhancements to protect enterprise data.

The Hurdle Run
The company is facing similar challenges of other ISVs in mobile device security. There are a host of costs associated with bringing innovative and complex IT security solutions to market, such as sales and marketing costs, development costs, and other operational expenses. Additionally, due to the increasing complexity in IT environments today, the speed of deployments is oftentimes dependent on customers’ assets available to integrate. These assets can be human resource related as well as systems integration related. Time to value is highly dependent on the speed and quality of the deployment. SyncDog’s approach comes from more than 20 years of successful software integrations, and approaches each deployment with deep experience in technology architecture, software product design and business management.

The Client Dimension
SyncDog approaches customers in an independent consultative engagement, not relying on any other technical framework, thereby ensuring easy deployment of the solution with no infrastructure dependencies. As of now, the company is focusing on Fortune 1000 enterprise organizations and Federal / State government, Banking/Finance, Healthcare and Aerospace.

The Near Future
The company will focus on development of compelling business content additions for SentinelSecure™ (i.e. Geo-Fencing).0 As it sells directly to the market and through channel organizations, it will continue to focus on the specific needs of the client, taking advantage of the superior product flexibility.

Meet the Key Executive
Jonas Gyllensvaan, CEO and Founder: Jonas is a serial entrepreneur and with over 20 years of experience in the information technology industry. He founded three successful start-ups and supported as an advisor to several others. Jonas designed, developed and implemented technology projects for government agencies in over a dozen countries, technology architecture, product design and business management being his prime focus. He has a proven track record of leading edge product development, technology architecture, building profitable companies and high level business partnerships.

 “We give preference to security followed by flexibility in deployment options so the customer’s end-user experience takes place without disruption.”