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Digital Marketing Done Differently: Foxtail Marketing

“We’re changing the digital marketing industry.”

Foxtail Marketing was founded by online marketing veterans who got tired of the old ways of doing online marketing. Having seen bad habits become common place, the founders knew that clients deserved a better product. Thus, Foxtail Marketing’s Demand Generation Marketing was conceived.

“We’re ROI focused marketers. If our campaigns do not result in revenue for our clients, then we consider it a failure. We don’t try to hide ineffective campaigns behind the smoke and mirrors of keywords and social activity. We drive revenues, PERIOD,” the executives say.

Going candid with the executives

Why was the company set up?
When Mike was consulting for SaaS companies from 2012 to 2013, he noticed a lot of them were expecting silver bullet results from activities like PPC or SEO. Knowing that these were just channels and not solutions, Mike set out to create a full-funnel agency that would guide clients and their campaigns from first contact to closed sale with their target audience.

Tell us about your first product that was launched. Our full-funnel marketing strategies set us apart in the industry. When we launched the service, the response was overwhelming. From the  beginning of the company, Foxtail has been sprinting downhill to keep up with the growth. This has led them to sometimes have waiting lists for new clients.

What do you feel are the reasons behind your product popularity and your consistence growth as an organization?
Our honesty with our clients. We constantly tell clients that we can’t work with them, and then give them advice on how to succeed. We don’t believe that we’re a solution for everyone. But if we can’t work with you, we’ll make sure you’re not taken advantage of by someone else. Our focus on our four founding principles: Quality, Trust, Accountability, Collaboration. Everything we do has to pass through those four filters.

What challenges did you face in your initial years?
When we were accepting any revenue that came through the door, it prevented us from later working with clients that we REALLY wanted to work with. Because our resources and our team members were tied up with different campaigns, we couldn’t on board new clients that we wanted to. This led us to realize we had to be very selective on the clients we worked with. Which has also drastically increased the quality of the clients we get to work with.

If you have to list five factors that have been the biggest asset to your organization, what would they be and why?
Trust: Our team works first and foremost on a basis of trust. We all trust each other to do the best job we can do. And only by fully trusting the person next to you can you be free to perform at your highest potential.

Quality: Our team is fanatical about quality. If the content that leaves our desk doesn’t make us proud, then it doesn’t see the light of day. We believe that our signature is on all the work we create.

Accountability: There is no finger pointing at Foxtail. When we run into a problem, we don’t look for excuses; instead we look for reasons why it happened, learn from those, and then create solutions.

Collaboration: We have a joke around the office that states, “no one is a beautiful snowflake”. Which is just a reminder that no one can get by on their innate talents or attributes. There will always be someone smarter, better looking, faster, or funnier. But what you can control is your work ethic and how you work with team mates. And that’s where you will always
separate yourself from the crowd.

Culture: We’re not looking to build the biggest or shiniest company. Instead we are building a place where people are proud to work and where they look forward to coming every day. We want to provide the best benefits and salaries possible. Because a fulfilled workforce is, in our minds, the best sign of success.

Meet the Executive Trio

Mike Templeman: As a recovering Canadian, Mike founded Foxtail Marketing for one reason – to have an excuse to purchase the ping pong table his wife won’t let him have at the house.

When he’s not acting as a glorified figurehead at Foxtail, Mike maintains columns at Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, VentureBeat,, and several other sites. While he’s never been considered the smartest, funniest, or handsomest person in the room, he has nonetheless been in the room. And his mother assures him that this is half the battle.

Sara Davis: Sara is the President at Foxtail Marketing. With over 7 years in the digital industry, she has a vast variety of skill-sets that range from obsessive compulsive workflow management, to ad hocking and implementing rapid initiatives, all while maintaining an agile philosophy. When not at the office, Sara is a big advocate for working women and Mothers, and
enjoys spending time with her son.

Matthew Santos: A former collegiate athlete, Matt knows a thing or two about competition. And the drive that pushed him to be the best on the field continues to burn inside of him as a marketer. As the VP of Products at Foxtail Marketing, Matt is responsible for the efficacy of the client campaigns and the results they receive. Matt lives with his wife Hilary and son Trey in Utah.

Instead of “gaming the system” we work within the system and create engaging campaigns that drive real traffic and revenues to our clients’ websites.”