April Edition 2021

DouxMatok – Creating Technology-Based Solutions that are Key Building Blocks for Overall Better Nutrition in Foods, While Retaining Consumers’ Preferences for Great Taste Experiences


Overconsumption of sugar is known to be contributing to food-epidemics, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and recently high risk of death from Covid-19. Healthier eating choices are driving consumer's buying habits, with millennials leading the way. As a consequence, leading Food & Beverage companies have made public commitments on sugar, salt and calorie reduction.  According to Bloomberg, in 2016, 20% of global products and brands’ recipes were reformulated, mainly to cut sugar and salt - responding to growing consumer demand for healthy products. Multiple countries – through governments, cities and health organizations - are actively involved in programs and regulations related to foods and beverages, discouraging consumption of high sugar and sodium products.

DouxMatok is one such global food-tech company offering sugar-based sugar-reduction solutions in response to consumers' clear preference for taste and growing demand for healthier nutrition. The company is led by a team of multi-disciplinary experts in material sciences, food-tech, bio-tech, applied chemistry, engineering and culinary arts, all have successfully led ventures from seed to full scale commercialization. It is the first company to have developed a real sugar-based sugar reduction solution which achieves enhanced perception of sweetness while actually using less sugar.

DouxMatok has developed a strong Intellectual Property portfolio based on its technology platform, and has 24 patents granted and over 40 pending covering the composition, the proprietary processes, and use in Food & Beverage applications. The company’s products are compliant with the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and with EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and are made using sustainable green chemistry principles (i.e. no new artificial molecules).

The most promising sugar-reduction product manufactured by DouxMatok

Incredo® Sugar: It is a solution for sugar reduction made from real cane or beet sugar. With 24 granted patents, it improves the efficiency of sugar delivery to the sweet taste receptors and enhances the perception of sweetness, enabling substantial sugar reduction without compromising taste, or texture. Independent consumer tests and expert sensory panel tests have confirmed that, it is possible to reduce 30%-50% of the sugar content in a wide range of food products while retaining consumer preferences. It is the anchor for broader, innovative formulation capabilities that provide great tasting more holistic and healthier food products. Because of this structure, the Incredo® Sugar is dissolved faster in the saliva and creates a higher concentration of sugar around the sweet taste receptors. Incredo® Sugar opens a wide range of nutritional opportunities and delivers on a variety of consumer market trends.

How Incredo® works

The company started with real cane sugar, and improved its delivery to taste buds, using a lower amount but still delivering that sweet taste. The innovative technology enables manufacturers to finally make the favorite foods with 30%-50% less sugar while staying 100% more delicious.


The Visionary Leader behind the Success of DouxMatok

Eran Baniel is the Co-founder and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of DouxMatok. He brings many years of management experience in a number of disciplines. Eran was the Co-Founder & CEO of HCL CleanTech, which raised over $50 million, including from Khosla Ventures and U.S. government grants, and was eventually sold to Stora Enso; CEO of LifeWave; Co-Founder & CEO of Desk-Trainer; and Co-Founder & CEO of U.L.A., where he led major lighting projects, including lighting the walls of the old city of Jerusalem and key financial districts in Israel. Eran's management positions were always characterized by intensive international collaborations both in Europe and the USA. His activities led to considerable investments in a large number of public and private projects as well as in his entrepreneurial activities.

“We dream big, and are on a mission to make the world a happier and healthier place with the introduction of Incredo® Sugar, all while curbing the global sugar footprint.”