30 Fabulous Companies of the Year 2020

Dr.Age Post-Millennial Disruption Against stereotypes and marketing fixes.


Rumor has it that a mysterious and disruptive brand is taking over the lives of individuals by buckling into their lifestyle so as to compliment and improve its quality and yield new, healthy habits.

With a name that’s spot-on and a logo that is as mysterious as it is intriguing, Dr.Age is known as the love child of world-renowned plastic surgeon, Founder of SYMMETRIA clinics & product developer, Dr. Nikolaos Metaxotos, MD, PhD and thought leader and skincare expert Dimitri Katsachnias, with the help of AIR PARIS Agency. Joining them is a multicultural collective of like-minded scientists, innovators and visionary disruptors from health, beauty, nutrition and wellness.

An Encounter of Disruptors

A chance encounter in the hustle and bustle of New York City gave spark to an idea and a vision of science and creativity walking hand in hand. Both parties shared common ground and mutual ethics on a plethora of matters: They agreed that they had both had enough of the plastic surgery that transforms people’s appearances and makes everyone look the same. They were fed-up with imaginary beauty stereotypes of the 90’s as well as the fake photos of make-believe happiness trending on today’s social media. They said “no” to self-centered, self-proclaimed narcissistic gurus and influencers, and yes to less words, more facts, more “direct” science, and to collectives and collaborations from different backgrounds. Along with the motto “Science is sexy” they vow to bring forth the importance of science when it comes to developing a holistic brand. Against obsolete marketing rules, Dr.Age covers a large spectrum of products and services in different channels of distribution in the USA, Europe and Asia, pertaining to both B2B and B2C.

thesiliconereview-image2-dr-age-19Creating New Habits, not New Brands

What is the white space for non-invasive, plastic surgeon’s products and services in a $53.3 billion post-millennial industry? The answer lies in the question: It’s post-millennial!

The creators of Dr.Age started with some important convictions: We are all post-millennials (or at least we all act as such)! We all have short attention spans, we are obsessed with ourselves, we don’t care much about history but we live by “stories”. We don’t trust marketing and advertising but instead we trust our neighbor’s opinion, and we want everything fast. In fact, today’s consumers are flipping tables, with technology posing now as the new creative director, speed replacing vision, functionality becoming of key importance and gurus belonging in the distant past – long live the collectives! That’s what we call a pretty big white space!

Dr.Age Says: Today, we create new consumer habits, not just new products that simply replace your existing ones.

6 Ways to Disrupt an Industry

Disruptor 1

A Multi-Brand.

Products & Services, B2B & B2C, all in One Brand.

The “obsolete”, according to Dr.Age, marketing theory says that international/multinational brands should focus on one sector, one channel of distribution and one business model; either B2B or B2C. It is still considered as a fatal marketing error (or a heresy) not to respect this dictate. However, this won’t be the case for much longer.

Dr.Age combines health and beauty in innovative consumer goods such as skin products, nutrition boosters and energy drinks in conjunction with pioneering services in aesthetics and weight balance. In a nutshell, Dr.Age is the first multi-channel, multi-business model and multi-consumer brand. Because today, “everything is multi”...

Dr.Age Skin.

Plastic Surgery Enhanced Skin Products.

Dr.Age decided to commence its journey with a high performance skin line known as Dr.Age Skin - clinically proven to offer almost equivalent effects to those of non-invasive cosmetic surgery. The exclusive line offers a plethora of products ranging from a Microlift Face Serum and a Micro-dermabrasion Soft Face Peel product, to a Post Recovery Treatment Mask and a 3D Contour Face Serum – to name a few! Dr.Age Skin stands for efficacy, transparency and instant-effect results.

The products are sold via plastic surgeons’ clinics and practices as well as online and through THE CAPSULETM, free-standing aesthetic units. Nutrition Boosters and food supplements will follow soon after.

Disruptor 2

The Rule of Thirds.

A New Skin Geography.

Post-millennials tend to “micro-target” and “micro-manage” their daily concerns. Interestingly enough, plastic surgeons have been doing the same, using different protocols and different treatments for each part of the face, and for a good reason indeed. The reason stems from differences in the skin and underlying tissues as well as bone structure, which differs from face to face and requires a different medical approach for optimum results.

Dr.Age makes use of facial segmentation in the same manner as that of a plastic surgeon. The face is split into:

  1. Upper Third: From the hairline to the glabellar line.
  2. Middle Third: From the glabellar to the base of the nose.
  3. Lower Third: From the base of the nose to the chin.

The eyes and lips stand on their own as distinctive segments - considering the special handling of the areas.

Dr.Age developed products and protocols from a plastic surgeon’s perspective with the scope of micro-targeting specific areas of the face so as to achieve maximum results. There’s no single, magic product that can do it all – at least not in today’s world.


Disruptor 3

Real-Life Protocols.

No Brand-Centered Dictates.

You can’t expect consumers to organize their lives around your own brand’s usage dictates. Dr.Age adapts it products to consumers’ lifestyles and not the other way around. Dr.Age developed protocols according to modern lifestyles by occasion so as to anticipate and identify new consumer habits and individual needs. Some of the core Protocols include: The Day-at-the-Office Protocol, The Pre/Post Workout Protocol, The Intimate Moments Protocol, The TV Show protocol, The Lazy Weekend Protocol, Upper Third Face Protocol, Middle Third Face Protocol, Lower Third Face Protocol etc.

Disruptor 4

The Prime Age IndexTM (PAI).

Self Esteem Becomes Measurable.

For the first time, own perception is taken in to consideration when evaluating the progress of a treatment. Dr.Age has brought forth a disruptive new theory dubbed as “The Science of Prime AgeTM, which works alongside its products and services.

Prime age is known as the age you peak on a specific visible item, ability or an activity. This figure differs from person to person, as it mostly has to do with one’s mindset. The Perceived Prime Age differs by item e.g. physical condition, sex, cognitive performance, appearance, etc. The objective is to bring one’s Perceived Prime Age closer to the present. This is achieved via the measurement of the Prime Age IndexTM (PAI).


This new method uses personal perception so as to evaluate the condition and the improvement of skin following a specific treatment. It is also the first measurement tool that is based on an individual’s evaluation of his/her own improvement.

Dr.Age Skin designs protocols that bring the perceived prime age of your skin and your body as close as possible to your actual age.

Disruptor 5


Fast, Free-Standing, Compact Aesthetics.

THE CAPSULETM is a licensed, freestanding, compact and aesthetic unit that entertains both medical and non-medical solutions.

Post-millennial behavior means quick, efficient and non-invasive results with solutions that can be adapted to one’s personal and daily occasions such as: work, workout, cocktail hour, relaxation, dinner etc. In essence, THE CAPSULETM intends to create new habits for customers by becoming a regular habit - similar to the visits one would make to a nail bar, hairdresser or the gym.

THE CAPSULETM offers Dr.Age non-invasive products and protocols for the face, body and weight balance. Face treatments focus predominantly on rejuvenation, skin tightening, hydration and discoloration. Body treatments target neck rejuvenation, hair strengthening, hand rejuvenation, hyperhidrosis and discoloration and weight balance will place emphasis on lipolysis, inch loss from targeted areas of the body, as well as nutritional advice and guidance.

In addition, THE CAPSULETM will also operate as an exclusive point of sale for Dr.Age products.


Disruptor 6

Launched with a Mobile App.

A First in Beauty.

Wrapping up the launch of this megabrand lies the launching of its mobile app. that has been cleverly and strategically created to reinforce and instill community building. Dr.Age intends to launch an innovative mobile application for iOS and Android users whereby different communities will get the opportunity to interact with the benefit of gaining rewards from their various actions and operation.

Another first for the Dr.Age brand is that this will be the first app in skincare that will connect three vital communities: Customers, Doctors-Contributors-Influencers, and Points of Sales. Each community will be able to engage not only with the brand but with other individuals that are part of their own as well as other communities present within the app.

Dr.Age Says:

We are all post-millenials!

Science is sexy.

Everything is ‘multi’.

Marketing is suspicious.

Speed is the new vision.

Functionality is everything.

Aesthetics make ethics.

Gurus are dead. Long live the collectives.

Technology is the new creative director.

Create habits, not products.