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Empowering Advertisers and Publishers to Grow Their Business with World-Class Performance Marketing and Technology Solutions: Tradedoubler


Tradedoubler’s story is the realization of two young Swedes who set out to invent a form of digital commerce that would empower businesses and publishers worldwide. Founded by Martin Lorentzon and Felix Hagnö in 1999, Tradedoubler has grown into one of the world’s leading performance marketing companies with offices in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, and Singapore.

Today, Tradedoubler is an international performance marketing partner, creating smarter results for its clients and partners through traffic, technology, and expertise. It helps its clients grow their online sales and find new customers for their businesses and help an expanding network of online publishers monetize their websites.

“Our success has always been based on the clear, compelling value of our pay-for-performance model: an opportunity for businesses to drive sales and for publishers to earn revenue based on the results they deliver,” says Matthias Stadelmeyer, CEO of Tradedoubler.

Through its continued focus on innovation and desire to deliver a clear ROI for each and every client, Tradedoubler now works with over 2,000 leading advertiser brands and have an affiliate network of over 180,000 active publishers. In 2017 Tradedoubler generated around €8.2 billion in revenue for its clients through e-commerce and mobile commerce. Tradedoubler has been listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange, Stockholm since 2005.

With over 280 employees, the company does business in over 83 countries and can work with clients anywhere in the world.  Tradedoubler has global payment capabilities that mean that it can pay publishers in the currency of the country in which they operate, in Euros or US$.

Over the past few years, Tradedoubler has successfully expanded its offering beyond affiliate marketing. It has developed a programmatic solution called TD ENGAGE that helps Tradedoubler find new customers for its clients, and help its clients understand and optimize their digital activity through business intelligence tool, TD ADAPT.

Tailored Tracking and Technology Solutions

Tradedoubler has a range of technology and tracking solutions that help advertisers and publishers create smarter results. Once it understands the needs it creates the solution that will help you improve your digital marketing ROI.


Tradedoubler believes that all digital marketing campaigns should be fully accountable, which is why tracking and measurement underpin all the solutions.  It has the most accurate and reliable technology available today to track, dissect and measure the performance of all your multi-channel digital marketing activity.  There are no limits to what Tradedoubler can track for you – from a single affiliate programme to your entire digital marketing portfolio.

With its focus on transparency and ensuring optimum performance for its clients’ campaigns, Tradedoubler is the partner you need if you want to be sure that your digital marketing is delivering a clear ROI.


Tradedoubler recognize the power of accurate data: it has 18 years’ experience in the collection and analysis of transaction and conversion data, which means that the company knows when, where and how people make online purchases.

It has developed Tradedoubler’s own data management platform (DMP) which captures user behavior data, allowing the company to target new customers for its clients’ businesses based on genuine insight into their intent to purchase.


To facilitate communication between advertisers, agencies, and publishers, Tradedoubler has developed an innovative suite of integrations or APIs (Application Programming Interface). These integrations provide an efficient and agile way for its customers to share information across its network. Publishers benefit from easy to use product and voucher feeds, as well as market-leading reporting tools. Advertisers are able to optimize their activity in real time based on the insight its provided by its APIs.

Matthias Stadelmeyer Speaks about the Company’s Core Values

Our vision is to be the leading performance marketing partner. We help digital marketers succeed by creating smarter results through traffic, technology, and expertise. Our core values –“Collaborative, Analytical, Optimistic, Determined and Daring” form the foundation of our everyday work:

  • Collaborative – we are quick to share learning and best practice and we value open direct communication. We take personal responsibility for our actions and are proactive in developing solutions; we recognize and celebrate success
  • Analytical – we value analysis and insight because it drives informed decisions and delivers smarter results. The focus is important: we set clear priorities and deliver on them to make a difference to our business
  • Optimistic – we take charge of our own destiny and look for opportunities in the challenges ahead. We are positive: if we apply our collective talents and work hard we will overcome barriers and climb mountains
  • Determined – we are passionate about success. We set objectives, are committed and never settle for mediocrity. We pursue our goals and strive to be the best
  • Daring – we are innovative, creative and we take and manage calculated risks. We learn from setbacks: they are a key step on the journey to ultimate success.

Meet the Chief

Matthias Stadelmeyer, CEO: Matthias joined Tradedoubler in 2007 and was appointed as Chief Executive Officer and President in September 2014. Prior to Stadelmeyer’s appointment as CEO, he served as Acting Chief Executive Officer between April and September 2014. Before that, he held the positions of Vice President Sales since 2013 and Vice President Technology from 2010 to 2013.

He began his career as Team Leader for Online Sales and Marketing at CANCOM IT Systeme AG, Munich, and studied Industrial Management and Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich.

“Our powerful combination of performance-based solutions coupled with 19 years of digital marketing expertise ensures that we deliver the smarter results that help our clients to maximize the investments they make in digital marketing.”