Top 20 Cloud Companies

Empowering organizations through its multi-sided platforms to become Digital Businesses: NTT Innovation Institute, Inc.

Founded in 2013, NTT Innovation Institute (NTT i3) is a Silicon Valley based R&D arm of the NTT Group, a global leader in information and communications technology ($112B in Revenue In 2012). NTT i3 builds multi-sided platforms that enable enterprises to migrate to and develop in a hybrid-cloud environment, manage network devices using SDN and NFV to create cloud-ready infrastructure, and rapidly identify and respond to security threats using big data and machine learning.

Product Offerings
NTT i3’s Cloud Services Orchestration Platform™ (CSOP) empowers organizations to re-think their cloud services approach with a revolutionary, application-centric management solution that allows businesses to act faster, think smarter and flex as needed.. With CSOP, understanding and planning workloads best suited to move to the cloud is reduced to days. CSOP natively and securely deploys applications to any NTT Group cloud, or other public and private clouds in a hybrid-cloud environment. CSOP simplifies the development of cloud first applications by leveraging lean and agile methodologies and once on the cloud, governance is managed through a single, intuitive interface.NTT Innovation Institute’s is developing two additional multi-sided platforms. The Global Threat Intelligence Platform™ (GTIP) will revolutionize the way businesses detect and respond to security threats. The Elastic Service Infrastructure Platform™ (ESIP) extends SDN and NV to edge devices and will dramatically reduce the cost and improve the speed of infrastructure operations. Both platforms will be released in 2015.

Planning for the days ahead

“We are in private beta with our Cloud Service Orchestration Platform and will move into public beta in early 2015. We will be going into private beta with our Global Threat Intelligence Platform, and Elastic Service Infrastructure Platform in the spring of 2015. In addition, our 2015 Global Threat Intelligence Report will be launched in March 2015”, says the CEO and President of NTT Innovation Institute, Srini Koushik. As a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the world’s largest ICTs, NTT i3 leverages the vast R&D of the NTT Group and partners with innovative businesses to rapidly develop and bring to the market, solutions that address the most pressing needs of today’s enterprises. Its multi-sided platforms are open, scalable, extensible, and offered as-a-service. NTT i3 is a sure thing to watch out for in the near future.

Knowing the Key Executive

Srinivas (Srini) Koushik-President & CEO With over 30 years of experience, Mr Koushik holds degrees in physics and computer science from the University of Madras, and the University of Bombay and a Master of Business Administration from Ohio State University. He has worn several hats as a Programmer, Architect, CDO, CIO, and CTO for Fortune 100 Companies including IBM, HP and Nationwide, and has published several articles, holds three patents and has co-authored a best-selling book on “Patterns for e-business”.

Mr Koushik was elected to the IBM Academy of Technology and named an IBM Distinguished Engineer, Insurance and Technology named him an Elite 8 CIO and InfoWorld named him a Top 25 CTO. He was also named a Top 10 All Star in the Financial Services Industry by Tech Decisions and a Premier 100 Technology Leader by Computerworld.