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Enabling business prosperity with the unique Cloud Telephony technology: 101 Voice

101 VOICE works on their uniquely created Cloud Telephony technology specifically created for businesses to be able to not only reduce costs, but also take advantage of enhanced telephony features, the best in their class of service and voice quality, not to mention 99.9% guaranteed service availability.

With VoIP quickly replacing traditional phone service, over the years, Cloud Telephony is paving the way for an enhanced experience in business telecommunications. If you are troubled by this shift or are either ways looking for a simple, affordable and fully customizable phone system, then look no further, since 101VOICE is here!

A Feature-Rich Cloud Telephony Provider Over 101 telephony features such as Digital Receptionist (IVR), Calling Queues, Recordings, CallerID Filtering and Routing, Routing on Time Conditions, Virtual Numbers, Ring Groups and more, Santa Clara based 101 VOICE is a popular provider of customizable telephony experiences in the industry to small, medium and large sized customers.

The company serves industries such as Manufacturing and R&D Facilities, Legal and Financial Institutions, Startups and Road Warriors, E-Commerce and Retailers, Health Service Providers, Automotive Specialists, Franchises and Real Estate by switching to their Communication as a Service platform.

101 Voice offers tailored solutions to meet unique industry requirements by providing a better, simple, and less expensive phone system. They offer an enterprise-quality office phone system that uses the latest Cloud Telephony technology delivering a fully customizable communication system for businesses of various sizes.

Offering Exclusive ‘SIP Trunking’ Service
SIP or Session Initiated Protocol is the dominant industry protocol for setting up phone calls across the internet. 101 VOICE’s SIP Trunking services allow businesses to sever the tie from traditional phone companies and make calls directly from your IP PBX or similar VoIP enabled devices over an existing internet connection. With simple, flexible, affordable, solutions that are customized as per the client’s needs, the benefit of partnering with 101VOICE is the one-on-one connection with their team which is ready and well trained to train their clients in order to ensure that they understand how to use their new phone system.

As a service, SIP Trunking is more than the inherent ability to connect to IP devices. To be meaningful, a SIP Trunking provider must, at a minimum, support the following functionality: Make calls to anywhere in the world, Receive calls on both standard telephone numbers and toll free numbers. Place 911/E911 calls and Number portability.

Delivering excellent Solutions through the years
With the motto of empowering clients to gain and retain customers through innovative and affordable communication systems that provide them with marketing intelligence, 101 VOICE enriches the client’s internal and external communications and accelerates their market growth.

Delivering innovative business class features
By choosing 101VOICE, clients get a phone system that is fully scalable to their needs, so that they can grow and expand while still being competitive in today’s economy. Thus 101 Voice is not only here to provide their clients with a reliable communication system with enterprise-level features at affordable prices, but also offer small and medium sized businesses the same capability, performance and functionality that is available to large corporations. With cloud telephony being fully customizable for different industries, the company’s goal is to help their clients grow their business and reduce expenditures with 101 Voice’s products and services.

From both a financial and environmental perspective, the economy of scale when it comes to switching to cloud telephony is too great to ignore. And with 101 Voice being a key player in the market, what are you waiting for? Switch to Cloud Telephony now and avail 101 Voice’s benefits laid down before you!

“We enrich your internal and external communications and accelerate your market growth.”

Cloud Telephony: 101 Voice

  • 101 Voice enables businesses of any size to enjoy the benefits of low cost, high quality Voice over IP (VOIP) services
  • It provides clients with the features of a PBX system and more without the large initial capital investment

Cloud Collaboration: 101 Link

  • When it is difficult to conduct in person meetings due to costs, time, etc, 101 Link provides clients an opportunity to connect with their customers through web meeting conferences
  • 101 Link provides face to face live video conferencing (HD) facillity on the go, alog with the facilty to share files and videos with anyone, anywhere. Additionally, clients can also make notes, highlight points or with the help of the Whiteboard, or even navigate, contorl or record the conversation, giving the ones who missed the conference, an opportuntiy to view it later

Cloud Text Messaging: 101 Text

  • 101 TEXT provides clients with reliable and easy-to-use all-in-one marketing platform, which allows them to communicate with the audience through mobile, social networking, voice or even email
  • The platform allows clients to communicate with the audience in order to increase sales, brand awareness and market presence

Knowing 101 VoiceSome Esteemed Clients
Business Service (PAYTRAK, ALLEGRA), Technology (Global Telecom, GlobaFone), Health Service (APPS NET, CEDAR DENTAL), Real Estate (Keystone, GW) and Restaurants (Atlantic Food Mart, Zeb’s)

Green Initiatives
101VOICE is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and do their part in saving the environment and ensures usage of energy efficient equipment, both in their offices and with the client services. They have eco-friendly data centers and partner up with environment friendly vendors. With 101 Voice’s offerings, clients also cut down on their carbon footprint as switching to cloud telephony helps reduce power consumption.