30 Most Reputable Companies Of The Year 2018

Enhancing People’s Lives through Secure, Reliable Advanced Technology: Unisys


“The proven solutions by Unisys can immediately impact your business and customer experience. Partner with Unisys to make a difference in your industry.”

Unisys is a global information technology company that builds high-performance, security-centric solutions for the most digitally demanding businesses and governments on Earth. Unisys offerings include security software and services; digital transformation and workplace services; industry applications and services; and innovative software operating environments for high-intensity enterprise computing. Also, the company builds better outcomes securely for its clients across the Government, Financial Services, and Commercial markets.

Business Drivers: Securely transforming the client experience

Organizations are struggling to keep up with the increasing demands of their customers and citizens. The simplicity of mobile and web applications has increased the expectations and customers want the ability to communicate and interact with organizations online anytime anywhere. And organizations that provide the superior experience will thrive and grow.

Online interactions and transactions hold the keys to unlocking new revenue opportunities and insight into behavior. Success tomorrow starts with understanding and predicting trends based on data today. Knowing your customer, passenger, client, and citizens are the top priority of many organizations across sectors and industries.

Organizations have to transform to support the new expectations. A rip and replace strategy for core systems is the long road to a better client experience. The key to keeping pace is a strategy to augment and replace as a last resort.

Across all the business trends, security, compliance, and risk management are constant. The ability to secure the increased access and exponentially expanding data is a top technology driver. Securing client information has to be built into everything you do.

1. Know Your Customer

Secure Client 360

Organizations across industries are focused on developing a complete picture of their clients, customers, and citizens. Today’s systems that contain key information are siloed internally and disjointed externally. Connecting internal systems from every decade while integrating social and unstructured data like video have amplified the data integration challenge. The technology is readily available but the problem lies in how to make sense of all the information.

The value of connecting all this data is finding new opportunities to micro-target new revenue or identifies ways to serve customers and citizens in unique ways. The correlation of transactional data, buying patterns, and social sentiment is a powerful tool to increase the customer experience. Customers are demanding a better overall experience and it all starts with real-time data integration to get that one client view.

Unisys is uniquely positioned to enable its clients to connect disconnected systems with external data creating one view of the customer or citizen. Being around for 143 years has its benefits. It built or supported every major generation of technology and have mastered integrating today’s new big data, advanced analytics, cloud, and IoT technologies with legacy systems from all eras.

2. Operational Transformation

Enabling the speed of change

Organizations are struggling to catch up to the demands of business, operations and their clients and citizens. Legacy systems, new technology, cloud, mobile, and security concerns combined with the need to just keep the lights on are stretching the IT organization to the breaking point.

Balancing the innovation needs of the organization and the care and feeding of the data center is the number one priority for IT. Becoming the technology utility sounds easy but in reality is a difficult undertaking with the generations of technology and isolated data. Organizations that conquer this balance gain a competitive advantage reducing cost and improving time to market.

Unisys helps clients make sense of operational transformation. It partners with its clients to develop a priority-based strategy to enable innovation and systematically reducing the existing operation and maintenance overhead. The clients have achieved significant cost savings and improved acceleration to meet the demands of operations.

3. Secure Client Self Service

Enabling secure client experience

Customers, patients, and citizens expect a new level of technology experience. The mobile revolution upped the game for many industries and it is not good enough to just have a website. People expect to do everything online anytime and anywhere on any device. Looking up account balances, making payments, sharing patient data, renewing a driver’s license, or applying for a loan is the future and customers are looking for more.

Consolidating data is one of the challenges but a major obstacle is delivering a superior user experience on any device. Many organizations have hundreds of thousands if not millions of users and developing the applications and infrastructure to support this volume is daunting.

Unisys is the right partner to help manage the growing need for secure and scalable self-service solutions. The company has been solving this problem for decades with unique design, tested technology integration, and proven services. Unisys solutions support 9 million bill paying mobile users in Brazil, secure online banking customers around the globe, and deliver large-scale client solutions in travel and transportation, border security, and government services.

4. Security, Compliance, Risk

Securing everything we do

Security, compliance, and risk are a constant driver for every organization across every industry. Cybersecurity attacks are increasing at an exponential rate as the digital attack surface expands to include devices outside the datacenter. Physical security systems, facility control systems, home automation, and IoT devices offer new entry points into your operations and hackers are exploiting all avenues in the big business of cybercrime.

Operational security and risk go beyond the day to day operations in the physical walls. The digital worker and always-on customer and citizens want access anytime, anywhere. Protecting the public and teams in the public domain are becoming more critical every day.

Unisys is a silent leader in delivering integrated cyber and physical security to protect operations and the public. It delivers the most secure operating environment in the world, protects the borders using advanced technologies, and keep safe at major sporting events. Unisys protects billions in transactions every day, cargo passing between countries, and air travelers across the globe.


Delivering Value and Innovative Research

Words from the Chief:

“At Unisys, we specialize in providing industry-focused solutions integrated with leading-edge security to clients in the government, financial services and commercial markets.

We tap our thought leaders for their industry rich expertise and provocative perspectives on such timely topics as security, cloud solutions, data analytics, and industry solutions.

Engage with our innovative thinkers through the Unisys blogs, social media, and other forums to delve into this rich collection of cutting-edge insight.”

Achieving secure digital transformation

Enterprises in virtually every industry—communications, life sciences, healthcare, retail, travel and transportation, financial services, and government—are dealing with ever-increasing costs, exploding population growth, economic and political insecurity, and legal and regulatory changes.

To give its clients the flexibility and nimbleness to adapt to changes, one is likely in the process of deploying analytics and shoring up the security strategy to make the transition from a traditional to digital business model.

But people are still not seeing the cost savings, an uptick in revenue, and efficiencies expected from these efforts. People are also struggling to find the balance between securing data and assets, and making sure security doesn’t become a productivity and business impediment.

With Unisys, one will have everything needed—industrial-strength cyber security; a coordinated, streamlined cloud environment; predictive analytics; and advanced applications and digital solutions and services—to tackle the most complex business and IT problems, and achieve full digital transformation.

​Unisys Offerings: Equipping You with Mission Critical Solutions

Businesses face a number of challenges including optimizing operational efficiency, improving the customer experience, and reducing cost. More than ever, businesses require flexible, dynamic, and secure products and services to address these modern mission-critical challenges.

Unisys understands the demands of its clients’ businesses and the complexities of their respective markets. It has worked extensively to develop and deploy its suite of “as a service”, social, and mobile solutions to support their strategic initiatives.

The company invests in mission-critical technologies and leverage disruptive IT trends to provide its clients with a distinct business advantage. The offerings include outsourcing and managed services; systems integration and consulting services; high-end server technology; cybersecurity; cloud management software; and maintenance and support services.

Many of the world’s largest companies and government organizations select Unisys to:

  • Streamline and transform data centers
  • Enhance support to end users and constituents
  • Modernize enterprise applications
  • Secure and keep mission-critical operations running at peak performance

Unisys Corporate Ethics

At Unisys, the company’s reputation is critical to its business relationships and is a vital asset it is committed to protecting, preserving and enhancing. It operates according to the following ethical standards:

  • Integrity- We are honest in all our dealings and stand for what is right.
  • Respect- We show respect for one another by treating everyone with dignity and fairness.
  • Accountability- We are accountable for our actions and honor our commitments.
  • Responsibility- We conduct our business as responsible citizens in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in each country where we operate.

Social Responsibility

Unisys is committed to operating our business in an ethical, socially responsible, and sustainable manner.

“We believe that corporate citizenship is good business. Through our commitment to ethics, diversity, and environmental responsibility, we build long-term relationships with our clients, partners, and communities and contribute to their mission-critical initiatives,” says Peter Altabef, Chairman, and CEO.

Meet the Leader

Peter Altabef, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer: Peter A. Altabef has served as chairman of the board of Unisys Corporation since April 2018 and as president and CEO of Unisys since January 2015. Prior to joining Unisys, Peter served as president and CEO of MICROS Systems, Inc. until its acquisition by Oracle Corporation. He also served as president and CEO of Perot Systems Corporation until its acquisition by Dell Inc., and following that transaction served as president of Dell Services, the information technology services, and business process solutions unit of Dell.

Peter is a member of the boards of directors of EastWest Institute, NiSource Inc. and Petrus Trust Company, LTA. He is a member of the board of advisors of Merit Energy Company, LLC and a member of the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC).

Peter has served as senior advisor to 2M Companies, Inc. and as a director of MICROS Systems, Inc., Perot Systems Corporation, and Belo Corp.

His professional activities have included membership on the Americas International Advisory Council of the International Business Leaders Forum and the advisory board of the Institute for Law and Technology of the Center for American and International Law.

His community service activities have included membership on the board of governors of the Dallas Symphony Association, the associates' board of Children's Medical Center Dallas, the board of advisors of Dallas Children's Theater, the Technology Committee of the Highland Park Independent School Board, the advisory board of the Dallas Museum of Natural History and as co-chairman of the American Heart Association Heart Walk Dallas.

Peter received a J.D. degree from The University of Chicago Law School, and a B.A. degree in economics from Binghamton University, SUNY.

“We have a history of innovation-enhancing people’s lives. Our history is one of reliable, technically excellent, tenacious people – people bringing innovation to help businesses and governments protect their assets and apply information technology to achieve new levels of competitiveness and success.”