50 Most Valuable Brands Of The Year 2019

European Software Manufacturer and Provider of Cloud Services - Fabasoft


Fabasoft is one of the leading software product companies and providers of cloud services in Europe for the digital control of documents as well as an electronic document, process, and records management. Numerous well-known private enterprises and public-sector organizations have trusted in the quality and experience of Fabasoft for three decades.

Solutions Offered by the Firm

Based on the Fabasoft Cloud Platform, the firm offers numerous ready-to-use solutions in the form of Fabasoft Cloud Apps as well as customized solutions (e.g. for supplier management). For many of its customers, this is especially a great added value: to cover several use cases with just one solution.

Product Management:Digitise and accelerate product management processes across departments, organisations and countries.

Digital Asset Management: Intelligent Enterprise Digital Asset Management in the Cloud

Contract Management: Manage the entire lifecycle of contracts - from collaborative creation to the end of the contract period

Collaboration: Include external persons in your extended digital organization to synchronize and share documents – securely, agile and traceable.

Process Management: Boundless digital records management through automated business processes - platform-independent, flexible and easily configurable using a graphical BPMN 2.0 editor

Board Communication: Preparation and follow-up of board meetings as well as evaluation and signing of highly sensitive business documents

EU-GDPR Toolbox: The Fabasoft EU-GDPR Toolbox provides a solid foundation to better comply with privacy and compliance guidelines.

Digital Personnel File: Manage personal data of employees digitally, consistently and centrally - the basis for professional skills management, comprehensive HR analyses and leadership 4.0

Contact Management: Manage contacts of an organization centrally and EU-GDPR compliant, synchronize with mobile devices and create address lists

Manufacturing: Secure and agile collaboration with external partners using the Fabasoft Cloud - across the company and country borders

Pharma: Research and develop products efficiently with the Fabasoft Private Cloud validated according to EU GxP Annex 11

Financial Services: Agile development of solutions in the Fabasoft Cloud for boundless control of documents while meetings highest compliance requirements

Products Offered by the Firm

The software products and Cloud services of Fabasoft help digitalize, accelerate and boost the quality of business processes and offer innovative possibilities for cooperation across the organization and national frontiers in the form of both informal collaboration and structured workflows.

Cloud Services: Workflow management and agile collaboration that is scalable at highly secure European data centers or instantly ready for operation as an appliance at your own data center.

Fabasoft Cloud: Agile and secure collaboration between companies

Fabasoft Private Cloud:Synchronise and share your data safely within your existing company network with the Fabasoft Private Cloud.

Electronic Records: It contains certified security, traceability, transparency, full accessibility, clarity, flexibility and individual adaptations for the management of electronic records.

FabasofteGov-Suite: The flexible standard product for modern public administration

Fabasoft Personnel File: Central and consistent management of personnel files

Knowledge Management: Linking data from different sources to provide employees and customers with a 360-degree view on the relevant issues or customers.

Mindbreeze: Big data search for a 360-degree view of all relevant company information

IT Operations: Ensuring the availability and response time behavior of your applications – with user feedback options via web browsers or apps on mobile devices.

Fabasoftapp.telemetry: Application performance and user experience monitoring

Digital Business Processes: Sustainably increase the competitiveness of companies with features for Enterprise Content Management, Collaboration, Workflow, audit-proof Archiving and Records Management.

Fabasoft Folio: Enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM, Workflow)

Development of Specialised Applications: Swift and cost-effective development of solutions for documents, case handling, and business process management based on the products Fabasoft Cloud, Fabasoft Folio, and FabasofteGov-Suite.

Fabasoftapp.ducx: Agile use case-based development environment

Secure Encryption: Encrypting sensitive and valuable documents and protecting them against unauthorized access – with the FabasoftSecomo appliance and a hardware security module (HSM).

FabasoftSecomo: Encryption Appliance with genuine end-to-end encryption-decryption takes place on the end device

Agile Project Management: Coordinating your software projects in an easy, central and agile manner with dashboards and reports on scrum-specific ratios such as burndown, velocity, defect rate and more.

Fabasoft Scrum: Application for agile software project management

Testing of Specialised Applications: Automating functional software tests in the Fabasoft product environment by actually carrying out activities in the web browser’s GUI – simulating the way real users are working with the application.

Fabasoftapp.test: Integrated use case-based test environment

The Managing Board

Helmut Fallmann&Leopold Bauernfeind | Board Members

The managing board consists of Helmut Fallmann and Leopold Bauernfeind. They founded Fabasoft in 1988. In October 1999, the company was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Fabasoft has approximately 200 employees from 13 nations who are working from seven locations.

“Our model includes developing and distributing our software products, as well as providing related services. Fabasoft software products can be used based on purchasing models with payment of one-off software license fees and optional recurring update fees or based on recurring fees charged for their use as cloud services, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or preconfigured appliances.”