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Experience Unparalleled Performance and Simplicity Analyzing Your Big Data: SQream Technologies

“SQream’s powerful SQL software platform helps data scientists, DBAs, researchers and marketers easily master the art and science of data mining, and rapidly grow revenues.”

Big Data has gained a lot of traction in the world nowadays. Organizations of all sizes are looking for faster ways to analyze and interpret it. With SQream Technologies, organizations in the Big Data world have gained the possibility to analyze unprecedentedly more data in a few orders of magnitude to attain insights up to 100 times faster than any other key market player.

Founded in 2010, SQream Technologies provides organizations with the most rapid, cost-effective, petabyte-scale big data analytics SQL database available in the market today. SQream has leveraged the power of big data through conceptualizing a GPU-based software technology (Graphics Processing Unit) on SQL.

SQream DB, the company’s flagship product, deploys a superfast ingestion and an aggressive compression for massive amounts of clustered metadata – assuring major savings in storage, delivering unmatched speed, scale and simplicity. The software runs on much less hardware than other data warehouse solutions. With SQream the power of a full-rack database machine is condensed into a single standard 2u server, delivering the most cost-effective performance for Big Data. Organizations can connect any visualizer to SQream allowing them to implement all kinds of applications such as risk management, behavior analysis, cyber security, fraud detection, predictive analytics and more.

Best of Breed Features Enhanced with New Big Data Technology
SQream offers numerous on-premise high-performance database solutions and a hybrid cloud solution.

SQream DB, the company’s flagship product, is a columnar SQL database addressing performance and efficiency hurdles facing big data analytics without the need for indexing or any complex data modeling. Organizations that are dealing with rapidly scaling data – can effectively ingest and store massive amounts of historical data, process it and analyze it in real-time with SQream DB. The result is improvement in productivity, reduction in costs and creation of a long-term competitive advantage.

Specifically developed for the Genome Research industry, GenomeStack enables bioinformaticians to preload content from numerous sequencing databases, upload their genomic data and simultaneously query countless samples with a click of a button – saving them months and years of research time.

xDR Repository is a big data SQL database platform developed specifically for the Telecommunications industry. The solution is a high-capacity NAS dataset management storage system with high compression ratio capabilities. The powerful engine allows any analytical tool to generate real-time insights from months and even years of data while eliminating the need for OLAP cubes. xDR Repository enables Telecoms to shorten the time of preparation and data augmentation cycles significantly, as it doesn’t require any indexing.

SQream’s solutions lower the overall total cost of ownership and increases performance.

Territory of Clientele
The company is focusing on the following domains: Telecom, IoT, AdTech, Cyber Security, Finance and Genome Research. Its target areas are IT departments that are in charge of Business Intelligence and Big Data analytics; Billing and Engineering departments in Telecoms; and Genome research institutes.

Case Studies

Genomic Research
The Challenge: A major medical Research Center in the Middle East was looking for a more efficient, quick and cost-effective way of loading and analyzing massive amounts of genomic data.

The Solution: SQream provided the Research Center with a first-time ever presented ability: effective data querying of massive-scaling genomic data, performed automatically on a database, as opposed to the prior separate, manual process that was used on a file base. With SQream, the Research Center was able to upload 50 BAM files with 30 billion rows of sequenced data, and run queries on all samples simultaneously under 1 minute.

Defense – Geospatial Analysis

The Challenge: The Defense Company needed to load and analyze constantly streaming data from a UAV, for the detection and monitoring of object movement.

The Solution: SQream provided the Defense Company with a high-performing big data analytics SQL database, delivering two geospatial solutions: A national archive (Offline) and an Operational (Online). As a result, the Defense Company was able to store 27 hours of data equivalent to 150 GB of disk space and run queries on 1.55 Billion rows in less than 3 seconds, retrieving a complete geospatial analysis of the polygon, direction and range of direction.

Awards Galore!

  • SQream Technologies was awarded the 2015 Red Herring Top 100 Global award.
  • The company won the 2015 Web Summit Angels’ Choice Award.
  • SQream was awarded the 2015 Red Herring Top 100 Asia award.
  • SQream Technologies’ GenomeStack™ was named a Bronze Winner in the Stevie® Awards in the Best New Product of the Year – Big Data Software Solution category in the 2015 International Business Awards.

SQream is headquartered in Tel Aviv Israel, with offices in the US and operations in EMEA and APAC.

The Road Ahead
Aspiring to be a 9 billion dollar company, SQream is currently establishing partnerships around the world and to grow its market share in the above mentioned industries.

Knowing the Master

Ami Gal, Co-Founder and CEO
A true industry thought leader and visionary entrepreneur, Ami possesses over twenty years of technological and executive management experience. A visionary entrepreneur and technology investor with M&A record, Ami has served as a mentor for various startup programs and entrepreneurship classes and has held various positions in high-tech ecosystems, among them VP of Business Development at Magic Software Enterprises.

Kostya Varakin, Co-Founder and CTO
Kostya is an expert in parallel computing, compilers and GPU processing, and brings over 5 years of algorithm development experience to SQream Technologies. Kostya previously held various positions at the Design Automation of Intel, and before that at the bioinformatics research lab of Chaim Sheba Medical Center.

“We provide the number one performing big data analytics database in terms of speed, scale, size and simplicity – turning it into the most cost-effective database available on the market.”