July Special Edition 2021

Fabric – Bringing Brands and Online Shoppers Closer Through Robotic Micro-Fulfillment Center


The world of e-commerce continues to expand, and as customer shopping habits and delivery expectations change, companies must find ways to adjust. This is where the concept of micro-fulfillment comes into play. Micro-fulfillment refers to small-scale distribution centers that are positioned closer to the end-consumer. These tiny urban warehouses, or micro-fulfillment centers (MFC), are often attached to local retail stores or contained within larger distribution centers in the area. Micro-fulfillment will be the most important supply chain and logistics asset in satisfying the end consumer’s demand for quick, sustainable deliveries in the coming years. On balance, MFCs are a fantastic tool for maximizing your supply chain efficiency and satisfying your customers’ demand for fast, affordable, and sustainable last-mile delivery in cities. With the pandemic having accelerated the consumer shift to e-commerce and urbanization continuing to grow, MFC will play a crucial role in your success in the upcoming decades.

Fabric is one such company that builds a supply-chain allowing retailers to offer sustainable delivery service to their online customers. Fabric makes on-demand fulfillment possible and profitable for retailers while powering each retailer's unique offerings. The company builds automated micro-fulfillment centers that make on-demand fulfillment profitable by locating automation physically close to end customers. Fabric's purpose-built proprietary solution enables cloud-like elasticity for retailers, giving them total flexibility to build custom solutions based on their unique inventory level, desired reach, and operating expenditure and capital expenditure requirements.

Revolutionary Micro-Fulfillment Solutions Offered

Grocery micro-fulfillment Solution: Unlike conveyor-based legacy technology, the flexible topology of its system means they can easily fit in almost any existing space, no matter the size, shape, or structural design constraints. This allows quick deployment, and the flexibility to set up micro-fulfillment centers in various real estate formats such as the back of a store, a standalone facility, or as a click and collect station. Fabric also provides the ability to start small and add capacity and/or functionality as you go. By offering a complete solution of software, hardware and services covering the entire fulfillment process, the company saves you the need to purchase a separate WMS or a sortation solution, reducing integration headaches and the need to work with multiple vendors. Because they own the entire solution end-to-end, each component integrates and works together harmoniously.

E-Commerce Solution: Fabric’s cutting-edge software and robotics ensure local stock availability and same-day delivery with a growing network of micro-fulfillment centers. Its differentiated, high value offering throughout the shopping experience – from product page to checkout and post-purchase is top-notch. Fabric’s automated fulfillment drives labor efficiency. Its high-density footprint further reduces costs and expenditures. Even better, they do all this with zero capital investment required from you. Fabric allows you to define the end-to-end delivery experience while owning the data and customer relationship.

The Leader Upfront

Elram Goren, co-founder serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Fabric. He has led the company from its inception in 2015 through its first deployments and now is at the helm of its rapidly scaling operations.

Before co-founding Fabric, Elram served as a Major in the Israeli Defense Forces managing R&D teams and multidisciplinary operations in the Intelligence Technology Unit. He is a graduate of the elite Psagot Excellence Program.

Mr. Goren holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Electrical Engineering from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

“Leveraging state- of- the- art software and robotics in our micro-fulfillment centers, we elevate the shopping experience while lowering the cost to serve, all while maintaining the brand’s ownership of the experience.”