10 Fastest Growing Software Companies 2016

Find the people that are already looking for you; says Caleb Guillory


We strive to remain at the top with our “no customer left behind” philosophy.”

Business owners wear many hats, including being in charge of operations, product development and managing the finance function. But in any business, a pivotal role of the owner is marketing management, planning and carrying out the strategies and tactics that will bring the customers through the door. The marketing management function in a small business can be compared to a series of ongoing chess matches between you and your major competitors. To give yourself the best chance of winning these matches, give TagQuest a chance.

TagQuest was founded in 2004. The company was purchased in 2011 by its current CEO Caleb Guillory. Since then, the company has made it on Inc. 5000’ – fastest growing privately held companies in the nation TWO YEARS RUNNING! It has been authorized with the credit bureau as a master client service provider of Equifax pre-screened data. “We’ve been listed as one of the top 50 service providers in the nation several times. And most importantly, we’ve been recognized by the silicon review as one of the top 50 companies to watch 2016. It looks like we’re living up to that one with the launch of our Cypher System.” says Caleb Guillory, CEO of TagQuest.

In conversation with Caleb Guillory

Can you tell us something about yourself?
My educational background is modest, with my formal education topping out at a high school diploma. It was after entering the work force and in the sales industry that I discovered that hard work included self-study and improvement. Since then, I’ve engaged in a variety of industry specific training programs, leadership training, and conferences. And the list of books I’ve read is far greater than I ever imagined. I don’t like to read so I listen to most of them on tape but I never thought I would have been through so many. Especially at such a young age.

For me, work “officially” started at the age of eight washing dog bowls – and I have the social security statements to prove it! My father is a dog trainer. At the time we lived at a large kennel in California. Then I worked for my father who started his own home business training and boarding dogs in Oregon. It was hard work, but it taught me discipline and accountability. From there, it was into construction pouring concrete (by far the worst job I ever had) then framing houses. Followed by a union job and then on to sales. I was young, cocky, and naïve but smart. I worked in the auto industry, and quickly developed relationships with mentors who taught and pushed me. I worked hard and was very successful at an early age. It was years later that I had the opportunity to work with a childhood friend in the marketing industry. Weary at first, I jumped all in, and as it turns out, this was the opportunity that leads to my ownership of the company. Eleven years with the company: beginning in sales and working my way up. It’s been five years since I purchased the company from the previous owner. I am very proud of the TagQuest team and how much we’ve learned, grown, and achieved together.

Talking about my interests, I have a variety of them outside work, most of which are adrenalin inducing activities such as wakeboarding and riding my motorcycle. Most dear to my heart, however, is music: playing, promoting, and celebrating music like a true mélomaniac. I have a range of experience including sales, leadership, professional development, marketing, conflict resolution, and public speaking.

Can you give a deep insight about TagQuest Cypher System?
TagQuest Cypher Systemis a cutting edge technology available online that offers one place for managing marketing campaigns, sales stats, customer retention rates, and overall profitability. We’ve combined all the most widely used systems around the globe into one easy to use, fully customizable suite. We’ve combined the front end sales Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) or Lead Management System (LMS) with the backend Vendor Management system (VMS). We also included a Workflow Management System (WFMS) and finished it off with a Data Distribution System (DDS). Combing all the necessary tools today’s businesses need in one easy to use system that’s fully customizable for every company’s specific needs. And we didn’t stop at just marketing and sales organizations. Requesting information or placing orders with internal departments or outside vendors, internal department-to-department communicating, communicating with clients, scheduling tasks with groups, clients, vendors, or individually can all be done within the system.

Our Cypher System is an extremely robust platform that’s fully customizable to improve accountability, increase productivity, add transparency, and most of all AUTOMATE manual processes and/or procedures that currently take thousands of man hours to keep track of and complete. Shuffling paperwork isn’t making any businesses money. The Cypher System was built to decrease these costs and staying true to our own vision by keeping everything in one place. We can integrate with ANY other system a business currently uses with a simple API (Application Program Interface). Most companies have to use a dozen or more different programs on a daily basis. Our new Cypher System allows one system to be used for all workforces in all industries globally. Accountability and transparency combined with detailed analysis all in one place. This is our third value proposition and our first ever GLOBAL offering. We hope to be rolling out worldwide by 2017.

How do you differentiate TagQuest from our competitors?
Any business can do its own research and find a marketing campaign to test. If one campaign fails, they start the search again to find another feasible method. This process continues over and over. That’s what differentiates TagQuest from our competitors. Tracking. If a campaign isn’t producing the expected results, we have detailed insight as to how and why. We provide the information needed to assess and reconfigure the campaign to ensure profitability. The ability to seamlessly restructure marketing campaigns on the fly sets us apart from our competitors. Companies no longer need to jump around from one marketing or lead company to another because we take the time to understand the results expected by our clients, and we provide all the advertising/marketing products and services to ensure the success of their business. Regardless if a business uses one marketing method or thirty, they can all be created, produced, and measured under one roof. Tracking creates progressive progress. Meaning our clients campaigns keep getting better the longer they are with us!

The Client Dimension
TagQuest works with companies globally but mainly with financial service industries like lending, mortgage, automotive, insurance, healthcare, etc in the US, and the team is excited as it taps into several other industries and grows our global footprint.

“The results were excellent; I have been continually doing business with TagQuest ever since my first trial. Each time I do a marketing campaign they continue to get better. Our company is currently closing 10% of the leads that are coming in. This has most definitely been the best marketing tool our company has used. Our company production has increased dramatically with the results of these marketing tools offered by TagQuest. I have been truly impressed by TagQuest and will continue to do business with them because of their honesty and excellent results. TagQuest has truly been a blessing for my company in helping us grow.“

“I wanted to let you know our company’s experience with TagQuest Marketing was GREAT! As you know our original inquire was to get out a marketing email to our database of clients. You were able to work quickly to meet our deadline and get our marketing piece out fast. We had a very positive experience and originated 8 new loans from our email marketing campaign. We got so busy we did not have to spend additional marketing money as this was so beneficial. We are so excited to continue using your service. Thank you to the team at TagQuest!!” – Kristin B. Irvine, CA

“We are currently using TagQuest Marketing’s Trigger program and have found these leads to be of high quality. These Triggers leads can be targeted to the exact credit profile and geography that you are seeking. Also, Tag Quest Marketing has an excellent replacement policy that reflects their commitment to total customer satisfaction. An effective marketing partner is hard to find and so I want to pass along my endorsement of this company and recommend that you contact them.” – Ed (Principal Broker), Coral Springs, FL

                       “Customizing your customers is what we do!”