April Special 2021

FiscalNote – Future Proofing Business by leveraging technology that empowers clients with the information and tools they need to navigate the policy landscape


Business policies are an important tool to ensure that the business operates at maximum efficiency. Written in these policies is the blueprint for the whole organization’s expected behavior, role, and reporting. Properly defined and explained business policies can result in smoother operations, because everyone understands their own responsibilities and how to deal with the many problems and issues that occur in a workday.

FiscalNote is a global technology and media company focused on delivering timely and relevant policy information in a complex and evolving world. More than 4,000 clients worldwide rely on FiscalNote for policy news & analysis, tracking, stakeholder management, collaboration, and advocacy tools. As the premier hub of domestic and global government information, FiscalNote’s comprehensive suite of software solutions offers customers and readers policy data, news, analysis and award-winning journalism. FiscalNote’s media division, CQ Roll Call, serve as an integral part of its mission to connect people around the world to their government.

Cutting-Edge Policy Information Services Offered by FiscalNote

FiscalNote Executive Institute (FNEI): Rooted in a spirit of innovation and relevance, FiscalNote launched the FiscalNote Executive Institute, a program that brings together leading global companies to discuss, examine, define and promote best practices across thought leadership; and helps to advance collaboration through sharing of ideas, guidance and experiences. This community is designed to connect leaders from across industries and continents to network and collaborate with their peers, maximize their effectiveness as leaders, and tackle the world’s most pressing issues as they apply to business and government.  In combining creativity, innovation, learning and inclusion best practices into FiscalNote’s everyday business structure, the organization has cultivated a culture that makes FiscalNote more than a job.

CQ Federal: Things change fast, and CQ Federal is updated just as fast. Through email and the app, you get immediate updates on the issues that matter, across bills, transcripts, reports, votes, and more. CQ Federal has the most comprehensive set of data around federal legislation available. You can rely on it to give you every piece of information you need to analyze the impact of government actions on your organization.

FiscalNote State: It allows organizations to monitor state legislation and regulations. With FiscalNote State, you won’t have to search through multiple online state registers to stay on top of developments that impact your organization. The tool, that leverages patented technology that houses 10-20 years of legislative and regulatory data and 1.4 million bills, to be proactively alerted to legislation and regulation that impacts you from all 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico including bills, research reports, committees, hearings, voting records, and state executive orders.

CQ News: It brings you trusted, comprehensive news and insights on US federal policy. Their teams of experts have decades of experience covering Congress and the White House. You can trust them to bring you the insightful, nonpartisan analysis you need to make better decisions. You need to know the moment something changes, and CQ’s advanced alerting system ensures you get an automatic alert—both in your inbox and via their mobile app.

VoterVoice: It is a comprehensive digital advocacy solution to help you mobilize your supporters and amplify your message. The firm’s best-in-class address matching capabilities connect your advocates with their local, state, and federal lawmakers, ensuring your message is heard by those with the power to enact change. You can reach supporters via email, text, or push notification to drive them to your Action Center. Pre-filled supporter information means that they can take action with one click when they are ready to be heard. Also, users can send newsletters, polls, and updates year-round so that your base is ready to act the next time legislation is on the table. The mobile action center is everything you need to run a successful campaign, and everything advocates need to stay connected on the go.

The Driving Force at the Helm of FiscalNote

Tim Hwang is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FiscalNote. In his time at FiscalNote, Tim has raised more than $230 million in venture capital and acquisition financing from the likes of The Economist, S&P Global, Mark Cuban, Jerry Yang, Steve Case, NEA, and others.

Prior to founding FiscalNote, Tim began his career in politics on the Obama ’08 campaign. He was elected to the Montgomery County Board of Education a year later, overseeing a budget of over $4 Billion for 22,000 public employees. As a high school student, Tim also served as the President of the National Youth Association and the founder of Operation Fly. Inc., - a national 501(c)(3) organization that served inner-city children in underprivileged areas around the country.

A graduate of Princeton University, Tim was profiled in Forbes 30 Under 30, Inc. 30 Under 30, Washingtonian’s Tech Titans, Goldman Sachs 2020 Builders and Innovators, CNN’s Top 10 Startups, and Business Insider’s Top 25 Hottest Startups. He is currently a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, a trustee on the Board of the Greater Washington Community Foundation (the largest funder of non-profit and philanthropic initiatives in the DC region), a Board member of The After School Alliance, and a member of the Council of Korean Americans (CKA).

 “Our mission is to build the world’s most powerful platform for analyzing government risk and opportunity.”