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FlexGen: A company on a mission to open the door for “energy storage” into new markets and “power products” for its customers.

thesiliconreview-josh-prueher-founder-ceo-flexgenWe love energy storage and work with the most innovative and promising battery and capacitor companies in the world, opening the door for their technologies to utility, consumer, and industrial power systems,” said Josh Prueher, CEO of FlexGen. Here is a company who is developing cutting-edge software and power electronics for energy storage products, reducing electricity costs and improving performance and reliability for power consumers worldwide 

Based on its military heritage, FlexGen stresses a “boots on the ground” understanding of end-users’ operations and their power and energy requirements. Company believes what is more important that its energy technologies are innovative, but the dependability of its hybrid power systems in the field is always its highest design priority in every sense.

The company has a team including industry veterans from the military, oil & gas, marine, and power generation who lead customer engagements, product development, manufacturing, commissioning, and field support. Its team has industry-leading experience in materials science, high power and high voltage engineering, and power product development. “This translates to our products and allows them superior performance, cost, and reliability,” adds CEO. 

FlexGen® has developed specific expertise and intellectual property in the application of linear control theory, advanced energy storage, and high-efficiency power conversion to island grid power systems. Let’s go for a ride in discovering the cornerstones of FlexGen technology: 

Adaptive control technology

The heart of FlexGen® Power Systems’ Solid State Generator is the proprietary Adaptive Control Technology (ACT). ACT monitors island grid AC or DC bus voltage, current, and frequency at 0.1 millisecond intervals and dynamically manages energy storage charge and discharge, improving island grid response time by 100x to deliver desired power quality across the full range of rated power settings. 

FlexGen® Power Systems developed its proprietary data mining and simulation software, called “Minerva” to offer statistical insights into drilling operations and to identify areas for improved energy and operational efficiencies. FlexGen® Power Systems’ Adaptive Control Technology provides a seamless set up for customers. 

  • No modifications to existing controls systems are required due to its wireless and/or sensor less setup along with not requiring direct communication with the existing distributed power generation control system.
  • Limits costs and greatly reduces integration time by being able to easily transfer the Adaptive Control Technology from one power system to another. 

Advanced Energy Storage

FlexGen® Power Systems’ team includes industry veterans with deep expertise in energy storage materials science and engineering. They evaluate energy storage chemistries based on 17 performance, cost, safety, and quality criteria before selecting candidate chemistries for product-level evaluation in our lab in Research Triangle Park, NC. “This dedication to research and development gives our products advanced energy storage capabilities for a wide variety of applications,” says CEO. 

Every application requires a specific type and size of energy storage to optimize performance and cost.FlexGen® SSG is a proprietary flexible and scalable software and hardware platform that allows the team to rapidly develop energy storage products for a diverse range of industrial and power generation applications. 

In FlexGen’s lab, they attempt to test potential energy storage cells in both currently fielded product line as well as its next-generation products in order to evaluate its potential for retrofit or new product integration. 

Based on the technology assessments to date, FlexGen® Power Systems has identified three primary chemistries that satisfy its evaluation criteria for current and projected product lines: ultracapacitors, lithium ion batteries, and nickel zinc batteries. 

Ultracapacitor power density enables very high peak power ratings with low losses and extremely long cycle lives. These characteristics are particularly valuable in high power hybrid generator applications where energy storage is used to mitigate large load transients and/or short duration high power pulses.

Lithium Ion battery, in general, chemistries exhibit high energy density and cycle life, particularly in duty cycles with shallow depths of discharge. As such, lithium ion is useful in hybrid applications requiring multiple cycles of short duration and lower power magnitudes. FlexGen® Power Systems’ team has developed novel methods to build large power and energy stacks of lithium ion batteries and has fielded multiple lithium ion-based products, including several of currently fielded product lines.

Power Conversion

Power conversion is one of the driving forces behind FlexGen’s revolutionary energy technology. Below is an in-depth look at the factors that make its power conversion technology the best on the market. 

FlexGen® Power Systems Solid State Generators incorporate customized, modular high efficiency DC/DC and/or DC/AC power conversion technology. This technology enables high power charge and discharge profiles for its products with low losses and provides tailorable frequency and voltage outputs to customer loads. 

FlexGen® Power Systems builds customized, modular high efficiency DC/DC and/or DC/AC power conversion products. They have developed unique rugged outdoor packaging of high efficiency power discharge profiles for products, with low losses and provide tailorable frequency and voltage outputs to customer loads. 

Through extensive development, FlexGen® Power systems has a unique rugged outdoor packaging of high efficiency power converters that enables the most reliable system level design at the 3.4kW, 10kW, 30kW, 60kW, 150kW, 250kW, 500kW, 750kW, 1000kW, 1750kW DC/DC power levels. All models are optimized for a wide range of the latest and greatest energy storage chemistries. 

FlexGen® Power Systems’ Nidecon inductor portfolio integrates liquid cooling significantly reducing size, mass, and cost compared to traditional power quality filters. Overall power density requires reduced inductance requirements in power quality filters (inductors) achieved through: System packaging density, Optimized component form factor, and higher switching frequency.

Indulging in introduction of the CEO

As the Founder and CEO of FlexGen Power Systems, Josh Prueher is honored to led one of the best teams in the industry to help truly revolutionize the way we think of power. 

Our industry-leading experience in the fundamental science underlying technologies as well as application-level engineering gives our products and partners superior performance, cost, and reliability.