July Edition 2021

Foursquare – Leveraging business solutions and consumer products through independent location data and technology platform


The use of location data in business enterprises is going through a strong development cycle. Location Intelligence is increasingly being used to provide integrated and personalized products and services to customers. Location Intelligence helps optimize business decisions — from determining the best area to open a new store for improving the supply chain to creating engaging marketing campaigns. Insurance and financial services use location analytics to assess risk and verify claims. Businesses also use location technology to manage customers by integrating their enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and social networking platforms with the Geographic Information System (GIS). With renewed interest from enterprises, location ecosystem is now steadily expanding. An industry previously known for its mapping and navigation capacity is now maturing into analytics and intelligence, leveraged by both enterprises and consumers alike.

Foursquare is a technology platform that powers leading business solutions and consumer products through a deep understanding of location. Location is at the center of everything the company does: they understand location, how people move through the world, and how those patterns change over time. The company uses its knowledge and proprietary technology to help brands, developers, marketers, and analysts understand consumers and engage with them. Its technology has been validated and licensed by some of the biggest, most innovative companies in the world, including Apple, Samsung, Tencent, Microsoft, Snapchat, and more to help them tap into the power of location and invent the future.

Next-Generation Location Technology Platform Offered

Foursquare Attribution: Your advertising goal is to increase visits to your location by customers. Before the campaign flight is over, the company already knows which visits were caused by ad exposure, and you can start optimizing towards increasing that incremental visit lift. Its always-on panel of devices is the largest in the industry. Foursquare persistently follow your customer’s journey with millions of updates from trusted app SDK partners and user community. The world’s largest community-driven hospitality company relies on Places to excite users about their upcoming plans. Its API surfaces curated photos and other place-related content directly in users’ guidebooks, giving them a fuller depiction of what is surrounding where they are staying.

Movement is an indication of intent. Take your marketing investment further by using location data to better understand your customers and target them on their journey towards your brand. Its self-service Audience Designer gives you the control to build the targeting of your campaign dreams. In a few simple clicks, create customized audiences that will exceed campaign goals, all without compromising scale. Foursquare’s team of in-house location experts will create your audiences and push them out to your preferred platform.

Pilgrim SDK: Use location intelligence to create timely, context-driven app experiences that drive engagement and revenue. Send personalized, timely notifications or serve dynamic content to users based on where they are or where they like to go. Deliver proximity alerts when customers enter or exit a venue, and drive engagement at the highest point of impact. Understand user preferences by knowing the categories and chains your customers visit. Access pre-built customer profiles like business travelers, luxury shoppers, and fast-food diners, strengthened by descriptive attributes such as venue category, ratings, and price, for more precise targeting. Access Foursquare developer documentation and sample code to quickly get going. Get Pilgrim data where you need it by taking advantage of its integrations with leading mobile marketing automation, customer data, and cloud storage platforms.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Gary Little is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Foursquare. He is responsible for driving the company mission and vision as the world’s most trusted and independent location technology platform.

“Our mission is to build the most trusted, independent platform for understanding how people move through the real world.”