Autumn Special Edition 2021

Improving Patient Adherence through Technology-Driven Insights: Frame Health


Failure to adhere to prescribed-medication regimens is one of the principal reasons patients don’t achieve the expected outcomes from their treatment. Solving this challenge has been a major goal for pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations for decades. Many long-standing biologics are facing biosimilar competition in at least one or more of their indications, resulting in significant the need to simplify access programs and differentiate based on patient support. As patient access and treatment choices expand, the importance and value of patient onboarding will continue to grow as a competitive differentiator and key driver of patient outcomes and effective disease management. Prescribing and patient onboarding are critical stages that shapes users perceptions and attitudes toward treatments. Technology offers the best hope of simplifying patient access, improving adherence rates, and improving healthcare outcomes.

Frame Health is a leader in technology-driven patient adherence solutions. Using proprietary machine learning algorithms and exclusive rights to the world’s largest psychographic database, Frame Health’s SaaS platform delivers risk-based patient segmentation analysis and generates tailored interventions to increase adherence. Its approach gives healthcare companies the visibility and guidance needed to support positive behavioral change in patients, and ultimately deliver better care while lowering costs. Frame Health is powered by a team of experts from across healthcare, technology, and behavioral sciences.

Wide-Range of Patient Adherence Solutions and Services Offered

Health Plans: Its validated psychographics, predictive consumer behavioral modeling, and AI/ML generate a 360º view of your target member’s motivations, behaviors, and preferences—key drivers of their purchase decisions, engagement, and retention. The company then pinpoints the specific segments with purchase intent, and creates hypertargeted campaigns that convert those prospects to members more effectively than conventional advertising. Frame Health holds exclusive rights to the world’s largest and most scientifically validated psychographic database for use in healthcare, based on over three decades of behavioral science originating out of Johns Hopkins University.

The Frame Patient Segmentation Solution: The company reduces your readmissions by improving post-discharge patient engagement while increasing loyalty. Its patient segmentation takes the guesswork out of identifying which patients pose the greatest risk for non-adherence and will be receptive to interventional communications. Its approach to patient engagement will drive better HCAHPS and increase patient loyalty. Whether you already have patient outreach mechanisms—such as case management or digital engagement tools—or no existing infrastructure, they can work with you to deliver tailored patient messaging proven to increase adherence. All you have to do is provide us with the patient file, and securely do the rest.

Retail Pharmacies: Frame Health accelerates patient recruitment by improving patient communications throughout the trial process, so your patients have a clear understanding of the protocol. Its tailored patient messaging addresses the most frequent barriers to meeting trial goals, from forgotten appointments and doses to providing adequate emotional support for patients. Its patient-customer segmentation reveals the unseen drivers of decision-making to help you increase prescription persistence. They then deliver targeted messaging that drives greater revenue from both the pharmacy and front of store while enhancing your patient-customer experience. This is the key to evolving your role beyond medication retailer to trusted provider of care.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Bruce Ettinger is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Frame Health. He has worked in the field of behavioral health for over six years, during which he has overseen the sale of more than $40M in behavioral health products. He served as Executive Vice President of the Midwest Center for Stress, which generated over $500M in top-line revenue from the #1 non-pharmaceutical product for the treatment of anxiety and depression disorders. Bruce’s experience with incentive systems began over a decade ago when he founded and served as CEO through exit of, which he grew to be the most popular internet couponing site in the world.

Bruce has also achieved notable recognition in the film and TV business. He co-produced ABC’s “Life Goes On,” the first-ever TV show to feature a disabled person (Downs Syndrome) as a regular character, which received multiple Emmy® nominations. He also wrote and edited “Traveling Hopefully,” which received an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary.

Mr. Ettinger is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and a frequent lecturer at academic institutions, including University Of Chicago Graduate School Of Business and USC Annenberg Center for Communication.

“By re-imagining the concept of personalized patient care, we’re transforming how healthcare companies understand and engage with their patients so they can save lives while saving money.”