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Fuzion: Providing dedicated solutions to drive better outcomes through innovation, expert management and applied analytics

“The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation”– Bob Iger

Technology and innovation often move side by side. Innovation enhances the worth of technologies in many ways. Fuzion is one such company that realizes the worth of technology as well as innovation very well. A long-term care insurance management and analytics services provider, Fuzion is dedicated to transform the industry through proven strategies supported by innovative technology solutions. Fuzion’s seasoned team of experts help drive outcomes that reduce risk, enhance performance, and augment carrier financials.

People at Fuzion uses the designed solutions to improve business operations and achieve desired outcomes in blocks of long term care insurance. The management and analytics services offered by Fuzion supports their mission to transform the LTC industry through proven strategies supported by innovative technologies.

The solutions designed at Fuzion uses a collaborative approach to drive better decisions and more accurate analysis. Consequently, the needs of policy holders are better served when carriers can analyze progressions of care to improving existing care management practices and instituting proactive programs that help “at-risk” policyholders prevent foreseeable injuries and mitigate medical risks. This benefits insurers by preventing avoidable claims, but more importantly allows policy holders to reduce their risk of injury or developing a more severe medical issue, remain independent and better maintain their overall quality of life.

Exquisite Services Offered
Fuzion offers an array of services as listed below:

Managed Services- Fuzion’s Managed Services solutions are designed to optimally manage and improve the business results for clients; while providing enhanced services to LTC policyholders. The company claims mitigation strategies aim to better serve policy holders and insurance carriers through engagement strategies to improve quality of life and maintain maximum independence. Fuzion works proactively with policy holders to promote wellness and assure care and safety needs are met.

Risk Mitigation- Through their strategic partnership with Beechwood Reinsurance, Fuzion offers an array of opportunities to reduce or eliminate risk in LTC blocks and optimize capital structures. Fuzion is dedicated to both the success of the LTC industry as well as its clients through innovative, strategic solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client in order to drive improvements in their bottom line.

Analytics- With Fuzion, one can expedite business decisions while uncovering new information – information that works to improve the performance of the business and provide a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the business. Leveraging the latest in dashboarding and analytic capabilities, Fuzion’s technology is designed to help LTC insurers drive more successful outcomes. Fuzion’s development and implementation processes are collaborative with our clients, resulting in smarter analytics that lead to better business decisions.

Fuzion’s Security Offerings
Fuzion fundamentally believes that any information they maintain must be safeguarded at all times from illicit access and usage. The company has established advanced system infrastructure, network and data security environments to protect all client data by employing multiple levels of security and protections across the Fuzion network, tools, and database levels. These security controls include:

  • Designs that provide for physical, administrative and technical safeguards against illicit system access
  • Security structures require unique logins and passwords to authenticate all system users
  • Physical safeguards to prevent tampering
  • Audit controls and access logs over multiple levels to monitor any illicit activity or unusual access patterns
  • State-of-the-art software and hardware services architected specifically to prevent and detect unauthorized access to any part of the system, and
  • Strong data encryption standards to further protect your data from any theft, both at rest in the system and during transit.

In the production environment, Fuzion’s applications use distinct authentication procedures and permissions to control access rights to client data and isolate intermediate results from casual compromise. Data related to each client is housed in a dedicated and distinct database while firewalls and virtual network protocols are used to limit communication to and from the physical computer’s network interfaces.

They very well recognize that attacks on critical information assets and infrastructure can have serious implications on an organization’s ability to do business. The most effective risk mitigation requires a solution that combines multiple trusted security platforms working in concert.

Knowing the Key Executive

Brian Wegner, President and Chief Executive Officer
Carrying over 30 years of experience in the insurance and technology industries, Brian lead Fuzion, an affiliate of Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania (SHIP). Fuzion is an industry-leading Long Term Care analytics and management company. SHIP is one of the largest closed blocks of LTC business in the industry, paying over $400 million in annual claims.. As CEO of Fuzion, Brian is responsible for a financial and service turnaround that has been well-received by regulators across the country. Prior to Fuzion, Brian owned a consulting business focused on providing strategic planning services to the insurance industry. He also served as CIO of Fortis Healthcare and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Wisconsin, prior to the acquisition by Wellpoint. Brian has degrees in Business and Information Systems from the University of Wisconsin.

“We are committed to improving the long term care industry through proven innovation and expert management techniques.”

“Our Analytics helps carriers better utilize data with a fully integrated set of analytic tools and services that provide unprecedented insight into business processes”