Silicon 70 2018

Get your Digital Personality Finger Print: Dotin, Inc.


“Personality Insights, Compatibility Match, Buying Behaviour, Employment Affinity, and Engagement”

Dotin Inc consists of a team filled with passionate technologists from Silicon Valley who are dedicated to understanding the art of decisions made by the subconscious mind to yield powerful business outcomes. The firm uses the science of psychological, structured/unstructured social or enterprise data and machine learning to tap into the subconscious mind of humans. This enables Dotin Inc to capture the true digital personality fingerprint of every user. “After all, 95% decisions are made by the subconscious mind”, says Dotin.

The company was formed in 2014 with a mix of data scientist, mathematicians, and psychologist. The firm has been focusing on this vertical for over 5 years. Basically, the product designed by Dotin motivates users to make a decision based on the subconscious influences around the user that triggers the decision-making process. By doing so, it produces a digital fingerprint that is later used for various other purposes in the industry. Dotin takes pride in calling itself the personality DNA Company as it is the only player to have such immense knowledge and innovative thinking. Fascinated by its work, it has drawn many investors and customers alike. It is evident that the company is the next big thing in the future because of the pace at which it is moving.

The Initial Product of Dotin

The first project was very successful because the company had an opportunity to implement the solution in Fortune 500 Company to allow them to hire the best culturally fit talent without even asking a single question and also enabled a personalized talent engagement to allow enhanced talent retention. Dotin not only improved the hiring efficiency by 60 % but also improved the retention by at least 2x.

Initially, it was a B2C platform where the company enabled sales executive to get a nugget about their customers so that they can have informed and connected conversations. The product gained a lot of traction but it was more from the Enterprise and a few end users/consumers. When the company built the platform it used Natural Language Processing to understand the persona and later would connect the sales executive to its customers. But as time went on, Dotin realized that natural language processing which involves extracting personality is done through text Syntax and would only represent 10 to 15 % of cold motivation as it is driven by the need of the individual (conscious mind set data). When Dotin started focusing on the other 90 % of subconscious influences it could grasp the right decision-making process.

The company not only pivoted in enhancing the IP of a technology but also pivoted its approach to go to the market by changing from B2C to B2B platform as it saw a heavy traction and the need coming from various enterprises.

Dotin is fortunate to have customers who have not only given it the opportunity to prove its Technology but also have helped the company shape the products that would be the next gen disruptive in its respective areas. In other words the field of human resource and deep customer segmentation. The company’s progress and achievements are clearly shown through its customer base because the clients end up being the investors.

The Hurdles Dotin Had to Overcome on the Pathway to Success

The biggest challenge that Dotin faced was working on an area that was very new to the industry and that was how to identify the subconscious signatures around the user that motivates them as a user to make decisions. It took the company 4 years to build the base model with lots of training and machine learning through human testing. One thing that the peers can learn from its experience is patience and trust in the vision they have.

“TALENT - without it, it’s impossible for us to build a system that nobody else has developed yet”, says Dotin. The company’s persistence and trust in its vision has made Dotin known for its immense growth and innovation. The firm’s fundamental structure and intentions are to look for any sort of expansion in the untapped market where its technology can have a very disruptive impact. In the future, Dotin wants to be in a state where it can make a positive impact in somebody’s life by helping them understand the core motivation in them and align it to the right opportunities in order to see success.

The Man behind the Plan

Ganesh Iyer, Founder, and CEO: As a passionate entrepreneur, Ganesh is on a mission to put a positive dent in this world. Ganesh has a unique 15+ years background in leadership, strategic planning, product management- Software and Hardware, Sales and Marketing Operations, Business Architecture, Design, Manufacturing which allows him to view solutions from a holistic perspective. His laser focus execution has enabled more than double digits growth (multi-million dollar ROI) for all the ventures he served. Ganesh was also a Research Assistant in one of the most prestigious schools in Asia- Indian Institute of Technology (Mumbai). He holds Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Mumbai University and Dual Masters degree from the State University of New York/Cornell University-Mechanical Engineering & Masters degree from San Jose State University-Biomedical Devices. Ganesh also holds Business-Continued Studies from Stanford University. Not to mention a Cisco Gold Certified Business Architect and PMP certified. He is an active partner at & Advisor to nuRealtor LLC. Furthermore, he also has a passion for doodling with his comical strip tuuktukk intended to bring out the lighter side to any serious topics. This shows that the man is really on a mission to go ahead to the next level by creating a legacy of Dotin.

“The company till today remains the top player in the industry due to its uniqueness and its approach to successful business outcomes.”