10 Best Retail Solution Providers

Ginesys: Helping retail marketers handle modern day business transactions

thesiliconreview-prashant-lohia-ceo-ginesys-2018Nowadays, retailers are faced with constantly changing business processes, increasing data complexity and evolving requirements. This makes it quite tough for the existing legacy solutions to be flexible enough to meet these changing needs in the current business scenario. A system that is inflexible and expensive to maintain holds the business back from achieving optimum customer experience and increased productivity. Therefore, retailers are aiming to change the existing legacy systems with more cost effective infrastructures that can provide more accurate analysis of market patterns, act as platforms for future growth initiatives and are capable of accommodating shifting business priorities. Retail ERP software is considered as the best operation handling application for all types of retail profession, and Ginesys’ software efficiently upgrades the retail business by automating the process of sales and consumption.

Ginesys is a leading solution provider for retail ERP software, from production to point-of-sale. It delivers a complete suite of services under its solution that includes procurement, production, inventory, sales & distribution, retail management, point of sale, data analytics, email notification, finance and accounts, and ecommerce integration. Its core mission is to continue building world-class internal service capabilities, in a bid to deliver outstanding external service value to its customer.

The leader in retail ERP segment

Ginesys started its journey in 2006, when organised retail was starting with custom solutions. With time, the company developed a generic retail ERP solution keeping in mind the business and operational challenges of Indian retailers and brands. “This philosophy has allowed us to incorporate the best practices of retail industry into the solution we have. We have grown from a customer base of single retailer, four people and one small office to 500+ big retailers, 125+ people and 5 offices including 10K sq ft centre of excellence in Kolkata and corporate office in Gurgaon”, the company said.

Ginesys is the only solution provider to have a retail specific ERP system having its own product, own implementation and after sales support. This has coupled with its expertise in the fashion & lifestyle retailing and in the supermarket segment to give it an edge over its competitors. Ginesys’ in-house after sales support kept its customer retention rate to more than 99% over the years. The company has always evolved its product according to the Industry needs. Recently, it has fine-tuned its product according to the GST tax regime.

End to end retail ERP solution

Ginesys’ solution automates all the business operations in the retail value chain, right from manufacturing to wholesale and to the retailing of the product. Retail operations right from sourcing, distribution, replenishment, promotions, loyalty programs to POS & billing are the integrated parts of the system. Its ERP not only caters to all the business operations that retailers and brands are involved in, but it is also flexible enough to take care of the different formats that retailers and brands are doing their business in like MBOs, EBOs, Franchisee stores, SIS and online retailing. This gives them the freedom of doing business, irrespective of the sales channel.

Its solution supports businesses right through their journey from a single location single store to a fully fledged retail business with multiple sales channels. Apart from that, since it’s an industry specific solution, all best practices are inherited into the system and subsequently into the business operations of the retailers.

Keeping its commitment to its clients

The company mainly caters to Apparel & Lifestyle and Supermarket verticals, majorly the retail chains all across India. Its clientele include large volume businesses looking for an ERP solution above a simple inventory management or billing solution. Its clients focus on excellence in business operations and robust KPI based reporting for effective and on time decision making. Ginesys retail ERP provides them both along with other benefits as well.

It has clients from various verticals within retail itself. In the apparel and lifestyle brands, its biggest clients comprise of Manyavar, Global Desi, Being Human, BIBA, Turtle, Mufti and Soch. In the supermarket and convenience stores vertical, it provides its solution to brands like Big Mart, SRS Value Bazar, Arambagh Foodmart, etc. In the Apparel and Lifestyle Retailers vertical, its clients comprise of V-Mart, R.S. Brothers, Neerus, JaiHind, and plenty of other retailers. Ginesys also has clients outside of India, which includes Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Zambia as well.


After the implementation of GST, Ginesys understood that the initial GST era would be a difficult one, as no one had an idea about its compliance and return filling. So to help its customers and their ecosystem, it came up with a GST return filing solution, EaseMyGST, which is fully integrated with Ginesys and will help to sort out all their queries and dilemmas about this new GST regime.

Now, Ginesys is rapidly embracing the web, and its plan is to make the entire solution work in browser. It would also be working on mobile integrations, ecommerce integrations and deeper CRM integrations. It is also in the process of rolling out cloud POS.

Testimonials of success

“It is a good Retail ERP solution because it facilitates the whole process of our business right from manufacturing to retail. They’ve really helped us solve a number of operational challenges.”

- Mr. Harbir Sidhu, CEO, Mufti.

“GINESYS fulfills the entire business requirements at my fingertips: right from sourcing requirements, making payments to vendors, understanding of the requirements in supply chain, maintaining the customer database, and last but not the least managing the accounts by using the complete ERP Solution.”

- Mr. Lalit Agarwal, CMD, VMart.

Meet the visionary behind Ginesys

Mr. Prashant Lohia is the CEO of Ginesys. Prashant is passionate about designing flexible systems that not only solve business problems, but also infuse the best practices of industry in day to day operations of businesses. His love for technology driven business efficiency has motivated him to start Ginesys and develop a world class retail ERP system. He loves badminton and games of strategy. He is a CA, CFA and MBA (ICFAI).

“Here at Ginesys, we strive for excellence in everything we do and ensure that our clients receive the best of what we have to offer.”