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Greenlight Technologies: Governance AutomatedTM


Founded in 2004, Greenlight Technologies empowers businesses to proactively monitor enterprise risks and opportunities by simplifying and streamlining the way risk and performance are assessed and controlled. Its SaaS and on-premises solutions provide real-time user governance and analytics across all critical business applications. Businesses see risk exposure and opportunities across the enterprise as they happen, know their financial impact and can act quickly to control risks or improve performance.

Greenlight’s unique ability to integrate with and correlate data across multiple business applications, coupled with powerful analytics on user activities, delivers enterprise visibility of risk exposure and regulatory compliance from a single platform while providing the finance team with actionable information to boost the bottom line. The company is headquartered at Flemington, New Jersey and has offices in Pune, India and Walldorf, Germany.

Greenlight’s Risk and Compliance Monitoring and Management Solutions

Access Violation Management (AVM): A certain level of access risk is unavoidable, however, granting too much access increases the risk of fraud or loss of revenue and granting too little access prevents people from doing their jobs and slows business momentum. But for many companies, assessing and understanding their true access risk exposure is challenging. The controls they put in place are manually driven, time-consuming, and costly to enforce. Finding exceptions that are actual violations can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. AVM automates the identification and review of materialized access risks and enables exception-based monitoring of transactions across all critical business applications to identify actual Segregation-of-Duties (SoD) violations. With AVM, business owners get a single view of exceptions across the enterprise and see their financial exposure from unresolved access risk. They can then follow-up and communicate the financial risks to their organization so they protect their assets and drive business value.

Regulation Management: Staying current with regulatory changes and ensuring organizational compliance is anything but simple in today’s complex global economy. Regulation Management enables businesses to take a proactive approach to compliance by automatically monitoring, assessing, and responding to regulatory changes. The application centralizes regulatory change management processes, accelerates compliance with new mandates, and extends the automation of access and business controls across all critical systems enterprise-wide. Collaborative workflow and decision-making functionality allow clients to establish accountability among stakeholders and involve the right people at the right time when reviewing source documents and regulatory mandates. Regulation Management enables them to align regulatory requirements with internal control activities and operational execution to accelerate compliance with new and changing mandates.

Security Risk Analytics: As the intensity and complexity of the threat landscape increases, businesses must be able to rapidly discover when their assets are vulnerable or compromised. Cybersecurity and response teams are often inundated with noisy, low impact security alerts, and spend exhaustive efforts chasing down events which have nominal business impact. Greenlight’s Security Risk Analytics solution works with existing security solutions to correlate business risk to security events and enables real-time detection of unusual access and authorization changes, user role assignments, critical transaction executions, system configuration changes, and anomalous user behavior across enterprise business systems. The platform leverages data from multiple sources and analyzes asset, network, business function, and risk intelligence in conjunction with security, compliance, and incident data. Security risks are automatically identified and reviewed, enabling exception-based monitoring of transactions across all critical business applications to significantly reduce false positives. Security risk owners are notified only when actual security violations occur, providing streamlined, effective management of threats and improving cybersecurity strength. See risk exposures in context as they happen, know their financial impact and act quickly to control them, ensuring a defensible and resilient cyber posture.

Privileged Access Management: Sometimes employees or contractors need temporary privileged access to business applications to troubleshoot a problem or respond quickly to a business issue.

Greenlight’s Privileged Access Management solution for business applications such as SuccessFactors, PeopleSoft, Workday, Ariba, Coupa, and iProcurement assures access that is:

  • Automatically provisioned upon approval by someone responsible for the business function
  • Limited to the period necessary to resolve the business issue
  • Fully documented with a complete audit trail

Business users have complete control over the process, allowing IT resources to focus on technology rather than user administration. The solution also provides real-time monitoring of user sessions, events, activities, and master data changes so insider risk is proactively identified and mitigated.

Setting the Benchmark for Success

Today, the world’s most respected global companies rely on Greenlight to protect their assets from financial, operational, regulatory and security threats, ensure corporate compliance, and improve performance. Its customers have saved millions in labor costs, audit fees, and loss prevention. Greenlight’s continuous control monitoring platform tracks user activities and business events across over one hundred applications and provides the flexibility to work with many GRC solutions on the market. What can be a better testimony of Greenlight Technologies than the fact that SAP relies on the Greenlight platform to extend SAP GRC control monitoring capabilities to all business applications, including non-SAP applications? SAP being a Greenlight Technologies reseller speaks volumes about the company’s success. Not only SAP, but other Global 1000 companies also rely on Greenlight Technologies to efficiently enable sustainable access compliance and transaction-control monitoring across enterprise applications and business processes.

Meet the Founder and CEO

Anand Adya founded Greenlight Technologies in 2004 and has led the company from its inception into the market leading provider of governance, risk, and regulatory compliance solutions. Anand has more than 15 years of experience leading technology teams as well as having worked in the management consulting field and for the information technology advisory practice at PwC. As a serial entrepreneur, Anand has been a founding member of two successful technology start-up organizations prior to Greenlight Technologies. As CEO of Greenlight Technologies, Anand is responsible for driving the organization’s strategic agenda, technology vision, and business operations. He is considered to be an industry thought-leader on the topic of governance, risk and compliance management, and is a frequent speaker at major conferences on this domain. Anand received his MBA from The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and his undergraduate degree from Indian Institute of Management.

“As the only solution provider who can monitor 100% of transactions across all enterprise applications and show the financial impact of risk, we offer unique capabilities to control against insider threats.”