Bi-Monthly Special Edition 2021

GuestRevu – Leveraging Award-Winning Guest Feedback Technology for Busy Hospitality Professionals


The hotel industry is all about pleasing your customers and making their requirements a priority. For top-notch service, it is important to gauge what your customers perceive about your hotel. Guests no longer engage with brands and make booking decisions as they did before. Armed with more access to online information and reviews about destinations and accommodations, guests expect more than a bed to rest their heads on or a basic meal – they expect great guest experiences.  Collecting their feedback gives perspective in the direction that needs improvement. It also helps in maintaining the appreciative qualities of your hotel. Guest feedback helps to innovate and improve your hotel services to better align with the requirements of the customers. Guest Feedback Apps are developed to collect surveys from clients and gather their evaluation.

GuestRevu is one such company that offers best-in-class guest feedback platform for hospitality sector. The company is on a mission to help hospitality professionals worldwide to listen to, learn from and earn from their guests. Since the company’s start, its ability to understand the needs of clients, and the out-of-the-box thinking have made GuestRevu what it is today – an easy-to-use and intuitive tool for guest feedback and online reputation management. In 2019, the prestigious HotelTechReport awarded GuestRevu the world number one spot for both GuestFeedback and Online Reputation Management technology.

Pioneers in Providing Best Guest Feedback Services

Group Reporting: It helps to maintain high standards across your group with feedback and reputation data. Track overall performance for each of your individual properties, or see how they perform against one another. Monitor guest scores for different performance areas at each property so you can optimize your operations. Create service tickets to ensure issues are brought to the attention of the right people, and track their resolution. Make more relevant changes or upgrades based on guests’ wants and needs, and track the results of changes over time. Ensure your property managers, marketing managers and other staff have access to the information they need, and no more. Make use of weekly and monthly reports in your departmental meetings to assist with decisions and strategy. Designed to reflect to your business's brand and identity, all surveys look like they come directly from your property.

Online Reputation Management: Save time and know what your guests are saying about you publicly by having all your online reviews collected and analysed in your GuestRevu dashboard. Get notified whenever you get a new online review. View all guest feedback and reviews in one dashboard and track your performance over time. Compare your online reputation to that of your chosen competitors. Easily translate comments and respond in different languages. See at a glance how many of your guests left positive, negative or neutral reviews online. Respond quickly and easily to reviews with links straight from your dashboard. Benchmark your property’s performance against that of your competitors. Easily monitor your latest feedback and reviews and keep track of important performance indicators from your dashboard. Reduce your workload by sending surveys automatically after checkout with Property Management System (PMS) integration.

Guest Feedback Surveys: Connect and communicate with your guests directly and gain better insights. Customizable surveys reflect your brand's look and feel, while asking the questions your business needs answers to. Dynamic smart surveys ask relevant questions to drill down to the heart of your guests' experiences. Multiple surveys help you analyze different aspects of your offering, different party sizes, or room types – collect guest feedback about what matters most. Allocate tickets to the right person; designate someone to oversee completion, and rest assured knowing that you will be notified if the issue isn't resolved by the deadline you set.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Chris Alexandre is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of GuestRevu. He is a passionate and experienced entrepreneur and business leader. Chris has been creating and nurturing technology companies for over 25 years, with a strong focus on delivering value. He loves empowering people to succeed through technology.

“At GuestRevu, we help hotels, tour operators and activities across the world get a better understanding of their guests through the data gained from their guest feedback and online reviews, improve guest satisfaction and drive direct bookings.”