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Helping Business with Migration from Traditional On-Premise to Cloud Services: Inviso

thesiliconreview-martin-wolfram-ceo-inviso-18Founded in 2004 by Martin Wolfram and Ken Lippe, Inviso began as a specialized business consulting firm. Today, Inviso has grown to offer award-winning services around Cloud Migration and Implementation, Application Development, Business Intelligence, Marketing, Business Consulting, and Software Asset Management and employs hundreds of seasoned professionals worldwide.

Its unique capabilities integrate to deliver meaningful results to its clients. Not only can Inviso draw insight from your business data, it can also deliver unique, behavior-changing marketing coupled with business consulting services.

Inviso Service Offerings

Application Development

Modern business needs require modern applications tailored for today’s devices and workplaces. Inviso offers custom application development for Windows 10/8.1, Android, and iOS that will bring your data to life on the web or in a touch-first, on-the-glass experience ideal for a mobile world. A recognized leader in enterprise application development, Inviso works directly with you – from conceptualization through launch – to design and deploy fully customized solutions based on Microsoft’s Apportal concept and the leading mobile and web technologies. Whether your audience is comprised of customers, employees, executives or partners, Inviso can unite your business intelligence (BI) & line of business (LOB) assets with the fast, fluid and interactive experience users expect.

Services and solutions:

  • Team Hubs
  • Apportals
  • Windows 10 Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Applications

Business Intelligence

Since its founding in 2004, Inviso has focused on delivering decision-ready data to its enterprise customers by becoming experts in Microsoft data platform products, including Power BI. As a front-runner in the adoption of the latest release of Power BI and a trusted partner to Microsoft, Inviso specialize in end-to-end Power BI implementation. We analyze your data and environment, determine compelling use cases, and light up immersive, high-value Power BI reports & dashboards in weeks, not months. Inviso embraces the self-service approach, providing expansive training for in-house analytics teams to maximize returns on their Power BI investment. Inviso have been working with Power BI since the beginning, including beta testing new versions and building production solutions. Tap into that experience and efficiency with a Power BI solution from Inviso.

 Marketing Services

Successful marketing takes experience and understanding. At Inviso, these are its strengths. Drawing from its collective marketing expertise, its team works tirelessly to understand your audience’s mindset, create a message that resonates, and deliver it in a way that will be heard. Inviso employ both innovative, push-the-envelope strategies, as well as tried-and-true approaches. Either way, Inviso test vigorously and fine-tune its strategy so that you can be sure you’re reaching your audience, making an impression, and getting the results you intended.

Services Inviso offers:

  • Marketing Campaign Strategy & Execution
  • User Experience Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing & Interactive Demos
  • Marketing Metrics & Analysis
  • Internal Corporate Education & Awareness


Inviso offer experienced, professional individual consultants to work as part of your team. Its skilled recruiting and engagement managers work closely with your hiring manager to understand the position, create the job description, outline deliverables, and define the profile of the perfect consultant. If it doesn’t have that person on staff, Inviso screen, and interview applicants, provide a profile of appropriate consultants to your hiring manager for review, and then schedule the consultant for a face-to-face meeting. You tell us what you need; Inviso take care of the rest.

Outsourced Services

Inviso has been successfully providing Outsource Services for many years, and it offers a wide range of service areas from BI to marketing to software asset management and more. Inviso’s experienced team members know how to get things done. Harness the combined strengths of well-qualified experts who work together seamlessly to deliver top results.

Use Inviso’s experience to your advantage:

  • Save time and money: With Inviso’s outsource services– you’ll get exactly what you need, without the overhead. Inviso will clearly define the outcomes you are after and develop the processes to achieve the final deliverables.
  • Let us manage the staff: Inviso take care of the human side of your resource needs so you don’t have to. From interviewing to hiring, training to managing, Inviso is on top of it all.
  • Add Predictability: You are Inviso’s priority. Enjoy service you can count on - it proactively manage against service level agreement targets and key performance indicators, so you’ll always know what to expect.
  • Free Yourself Up: There’s only so much time in a day. Let us take on the projects that are outside of the heart of your business, so you can concentrate on what matters most.


“Honestly, the best vendor I have ever worked with and I will continue to invest and trust in Inviso to be a mission-critical extension of our efforts.”

  • Nate Findley, Sr. Program Manager, Strategy & Operations, Microsoft

“I sincerely appreciate all of the thought, diligence and hours put into this project. I‘ve been very impressed by the level of professionalism and collaboration all around. Immense. Thanks, Inviso!”

  • Jeremy Storey, Group Manager, WW Retail Services Online, and Demo, Microsoft

Words from the Chief:

“At Inviso our culture is a little...different. Our success is evident in the quality of people retained and the wins we put on the board for our clients. We focus on outputs ahead of inputs and on growing peoples’ careers for the long term. Exploiting new technology is how we deliver for our clients; stay challenged professionally and still has enough time left over to have some fun. Crikey!”

Martin Wolfram is the Co-founder and CEO of Inviso.