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Here comes the Supply Chain Intelligence Company: Halo

Halo delivers supply chain intelligence solutions to hundreds of enterprise customers and service provider partners in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific. It specifically focuses on creating new profit opportunities through analysis of customer and supplier relationships. The company replaces the complexity of siloed data sources and disparate applications with a single-purpose platform that lets firms analyze, decide and plan faster than ever before.

In today’s world, companies are looking to supply chain performance to drive new growth as well as better revenue margins. A privately held U.S. company that specializes in supply chain intelligence software, Halo is one such company that is geared towards creating growth from improved supplier and customer relationships. Headquartered in San Diego,California, Halo has additional offices in Vienna- Europe, Melbourne- Australia and Auckland- New Zealand. With more than 400 customers and service provider partners, Halo is a truly global company.

Founded in the year 2008, Halo is led by Dr. Keith Peterson. A senior executive with sixteen plus years of experience, Keith drives the growth of innovative data and analytics businesses including two start-ups and holds senior executive roles at Nielsen and Mitchell. He has published multiple academic works in analytics and big data, focusing since 2014 on supply chain analytics and holds a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University.

Specifically focused on helping companies gain new insight into risk and opportunity through supplier, operations, and customer analytics, Halo is available as on-premise or cloud software.

Get acquainted with the Halo Approach
The technology world is evolving quickly and most companies do not have the time or resources to keep on the disruptive technologies. This is where Halo steps in to establish itself as a market educator about how to use these new capabilities to deliver real value.

“Our customers require cost-effective solutions that limit vendor “lock-in” around proprietary technologies and are easy to learn and use. No one wants to face “rip and replace” scenarios that require major change management and we address precisely these pain points of the industry”, added Peterson.

Halo serves the needs of clientele that include manufacturers, distributors and retailers dissatisfied with their current ability to easily and confidently aggregate all their data for reporting and analytics. Halo leverages Microsoft technologies and open source applications for big data structures and predictive analytics. This approach extends the life of existing legacy applications.

Enables fast, accurate, self-service analysis and decisioning for all business users across the supply chain Halo simplifies data integration and analytics eliminating report chaos. Halo’s data visualization and analytics make it easy to create action-oriented information based on pre-built templates honed over 100’s of customer projects, such as supplier development and cost-to-serve monitoring.

Having developed one of the world’s best data aggregation, integration and governance platforms to ensure data is delivered quickly for accurate insights, CEO – Dr. Peterson said, “We are dedicated to helping companies use data analytics to respond quickly to supply chain risks and opportunities to deliver better financial and customer results”.


Halo’s Territory of Clien:teleHalo operates in the U.S., Asia-Pacific and Europe. The company provides support for multiple currencies, time zones, and regulatory environments


  • Platform for self-service supply chain intelligence
  • Convenience – insights via any device any time – 100% mobile capable
  • Pre-built packages for customer analytics, supplier scorecarding, sales and operations planning
  • End-to-end supply visibility
  • Real Time Data, Predictive Analytics and Data Monetization

Halo’s list of esteemed clientele includes:

  • Qualcomm Incorporated
  • Merck & Co.
  • Aaron’s, Inc.
  • Tempur Sealy International, Inc.
  • Red Wing Shoes
  • The Patrón Spirits Company
  • Leatherman Tool Group
  • The Carlstar Group

Success Stories:
“We estimate $1.4 M in cost savings over six months using Halo for predictive analytics.” – Qualcomm Incorporated

“This is the depletion scorecard (our operations manager) has been looking for for two years.” – Lagunitas Brewing Company

“At Halo, we want you to be able to manage your whole supply chain more efficiently, not just pieces of it. We bring the power of data, innovative technology, and passionate people to help sales, operations, manufacturing and finance managers quickly and to easily gain accurate insight across multiple data sources – both inside and outside the organization – that increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction. Our scalable supply chain intelligence and data discovery platform includes easy-to-use pre-packaged self-service solutions with alerts, what-if modeling, dashboards and predictive analytics for faster and more accurate decisions that bring agility to end-to-end supply chain planning.”