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Highest Protection and Maximum Functionality Perfectly Balanced: Kaymera


The Smartphone revolution has led to a world of convenient and continuously connected enterprise and personal mobility. The key element of today’s corporate IT industry is employees’ personal devices. The business benefits of allowing employees to take their work out of the office have increased productivity, freedom, and flexibility. However this also causes concern for security, making privacy vulnerable. Providing organization uncompromised protection, at the same time offering its employees a seamless experience in usability and productivity is Kaymera.

Based in Herzliya, Israel, Kaymera was founded to help governments and enterprises ensure their mobile communication will stay safe.  Found in 2014, the company offers a robust, flexible and scalable mobile threat defense solution providing the most powerful protection against a wide range of threat vectors to government agencies, enterprises and SMEs worldwide.

Kaymera- Mobile Security Redefined

At the core of Kaymera’s mobile threat defense solution lays a multi-layered defense approach encompassing advanced encryption, protection, prevention and detection capabilities. Specifically designed to provide effective and adaptive protection across various employees segments which face various sensitivity and risk levels either under a BYOD mobility structure or using company issued mobile devices, Kaymera’s military grade mobile security solution enables enterprises to protect their employees and members from all sophisticated attack vectors.

The company offers personalized security: matching the risk level, employee context and organization policy to the level of security applied. Comprising of a team of security veterans, Kaymera strive to provide a superior customer experience and high standards of professionalism.

Let’s Start the Ball Rolling With Avi Rosen, CEO and Co-Founder

How successful was your first project? Can you brief about it?

Our first customer helped define and refine our solution and ended up being a highly successful roll out. First customer was a highly sensitive government agency that wished to use our solution as their main secured communication platform. Naturally, we were forced to meet highly stringent security and deployment requirements. This gave us a real-world opportunity to deploy and learn to support such complex, highly sensitive environments. This system today supports hundreds of end users in a highly sensitive operational environment, providing insights into military grade protection across a very large threat surface. This experience also crystallized the importance of finding the right balance between security and usability, and ensuring that end users receive the ultimate user experience.

In what way customer feedback has motivated you to grow the company?

Feedback from our customers has pushed us to find a new way to address mobile security. We understood that ‘one size fits all’ mobile security approach does not work across various employee’s segments with various levels of risk, and that security by restriction will just force employees to find a ‘way around’ the mobile security structure enforced. Therefore, our mission is to provide security that is based on real time risk assessment as well as on the end user’s context at any given time. Our security enforcement structure changes based on user location, corporate resources and type of information the user has access to or sensitivity of the user device. We apply this structure to ensure that protection is provided only when needed and restrictive policies are properly enforced, only when needed. The Kaymera Adaptive Mobile Threat Defense (AMTD) solution is a robust, enterprise-centric, risk-based, contextual, and privacy aware mobile security solution that aims to perfectly balance mobility and productivity. At its core is Kaymera’s Context Aware Risk Engine (CARE), which uses advanced machine learning algorithms, sifts through various indicators to assess the risk of any action in real-time. When a meaningful risk is identified – whether it is network or device related – the built-in elastic mitigation mechanism adjusts the level of security enforcement.

Sign of Things to Come

The company launched its Adaptive Mobile Threat Defense (AMTD) solution in February this year during RSA conference. Kaymera’s AMTD solution was designed to enable mobility across the entire employee base in a BYOD structure, while maintaining a high level of security with minimum impact on usability and productivity. Kaymera’s security strategies which are implemented using machine learning risk engine together with highly advanced threat detection capabilities can help identify risk in real-time and apply restrictive security policies either through the MDM for a managed device or via backend integration for an unmanaged device. With its comprehensive multi-purpose mobile defense systems, Kaymera will be considered a pioneer in mobile risk based protection and a leader in mobile security market, protecting many fortune 1000 companies in the world.

Panorama of the Persona

Avi Rosen, CEO and Co-founder: Kaymera Technologies’ has over 22 years of Cyber-security experience, building solutions and products to fight cyber-attacks and online fraud. Rosen headed the Anti-Fraud solutions group at RSA (EMC²) and was a founding member and VP R&D at Cyota Inc. - a world leader in fighting online fraud which was acquired by RSA in early 2006. In 2014, Rosen has founded Kaymera Technologies - a pioneer in providing robust cyber defense solutions for mobile devices. Rosen is an expert in online fraud and cyber-attack techniques as well as in designing and building effective and highly robust cyber defense solutions.

“Our rich portfolio ranges from hardened mobile devices serving the most sensitive personnel, to powerful mobile threat defense apps and secure landlines continuously protecting all other organizational assets.”