Super 30 Companies Of The Year 2018

Imagine. Think. Plan.Act. Deliver. Improve: Mindfire Solutions


In its heart and soul, Mindfire is a software service provider, with an unrelenting focus on small-team offshore software development using Agile methods for distributed teams, all amid a unique Mindfire culture.Mindfire Solutions is led by an experienced and competent management team. This premier team gets together decades of technology and outsourcing experience, and more than a decade of working together!

The firm’s vision is "to be a globally respected, professional and innovative software services and technology company". During the past 17 years, it has successfully delivered 2000+ engagements with 500+ clients.

The Inception of the Company

Mindfire Solutions started in October of 1999, with the purpose of providing expert software services globally, and has steadily grown to its 1000-seat facilities at 2 engineering centers. Soon after the company started in 1999, there was the huge hullabaloo of Y2K which fizzled out. Mindfire got a few projects and worked diligently, taking each day as it came while keeping an eye on the future. Then the dot-com bust and 9/11 happened. The IT/software industry in India saw a massive slowdown, and a number of companies shut down. Mindfire trudged on.

Mindfire stabilized and started growing in the mid-2000s again. Having survived the early-2000 downturn, it was determined to not let future events affect them. When the 2009 recession hit, Mindfire came through unscathed.

Mindfire changed course in 2013. It took a strong stand that the firm would engage only with quality clients, do quality work, and hire quality people.

Services Offered By Mindfire

Mindfire offers core software development services to deliver your projects on time, below cost and above quality expectations. These services are packaged in different models and are delivered through its Agile software development process.  The company’s delivery model focuses on off-shore or remote model and incorporates on-site presence on an as-needed basis. 

Custom Application Development Services

Mindfire's primary offer is creative software development services on various platforms and technologies.

Known by many names - bespoke software development, custom programming, application development, contract programming, out-sourced development, off-shore programming - software development out-sourcing is an established trend and is growing further.

Mindfire's development services incorporate a wide range of technologies and follow industry-standard software engineering practices. Its continuous focus on software fundamentals and computer science strengths has resulted in a delivery team that is tough to break.

Full-Cycle Project Development

Mindfire Solutions offers full-cycle project execution and Out-sourced Product Development (OPD) services.Full-cycle software product development is suited for situations where its client wants a long-term reliable partner for software and app development, while they focus on their core strength and market understanding.

In full-cycle projects, Mindfire's team works as your complete solutions provider: from ideas to design, development, implementation,and support.

Custom Application Migration Services

Mindfire offers comprehensive porting, migration and re-engineering services for your software to gain broader access across platforms.

Porting services typically port code from a source to target platforms. Multiple project experiences focused teams,and a clear porting methodology ensures that ports are sharply delivered.

Porting across different platforms (e.g. Server to Cloud, Windows to Azure, iOS to Android) usually requires a strategy to be drawn up, and platform differences to be resolved before starting. Porting across versions (ASP.NET 2 to ASP.NET 4) is more focused on solving programming issues. Additional technical changes may be done to replace old technologies with newer ones - such as replacing LINQ with EF, or ASP.NET AJAX with jQuery.

Its migration services include migrating data across databases (e.g. migrating SQLServer to MySQL), or applications across development platforms (e.g. C++ Builder to VC++, PyDev or NetBeans to PyCharm).

Refactoring services are useful to take a long hard relook at old code. Starting from technology changes to faster performance requirements to getting rid of code that is unmaintainable (where "technical debt" is too high) - refactoring may have many birds to kill with its one stone.

Application modernization and re-engineering might involve fundamental technology shifts (client/server to web-enabled) where existing source code is marginally useful. Modernization may be complete or focus on only invisible improvement (the plumbing and back-end server aspects) or only visible changes - a modern UI and User Experience (UX).

Mindfire Solutions is a rare organization that recognizes that migrating systems is an exciting act in itself, and deserves separate recognition from first-time development! Each situation in migration has tricks that can cause it to be 10x more reliable.

Software Testing Services

Mindfire’s Testing Practice has a unique combination of skilled software engineering & testing teams with proven expertise in testing tools and methodologies for a wide range of solutions.This includes new application/ product testing, support,and integration.

The team has experience and focus on testing, both as part of the development team and as an external authority. Expertise covers test-plan development, test-case development, regression testing, bug maintenance, debug management and certification. Automated test scripts are developed where appropriate. Mindfire’s Software Testing Team has been handling Manual Testing and Automation Testing tasks with equal ease. The Automation Testing Team has been handling customer requirements using QTP, Selenium and new age iOS and Android App Testing Automation Tools like Robotium and Appium.

Founder’s Desk

Chinmoy Panda, Founder, and CEO: Chinmoy has had couple decades of experience in the global software industry, working with companies like Adobe Systems Inc, InterraInc, James Martin & Co,and Cadence Design Systems. He has an approved United States Patent #6,904,560  in the areas of document analysis, document understanding and Internet search techniques - USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office).

Chinmoy had earned his BE in Computer Science from BITS Pilani and his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, both leading educational institutions of India. An avid photographer, he faces today his life's most daunting challenge - a teenage daughter.

“We are clear in our vision of building a software engineering powerhouse, and we do not spend time and energy in activities which are not our core competence.”