February Edition 2021

Immersive Labs – Delivering challenge-based skill experiences to businesses with evidence of human expertise and readiness


As we are in the midst of the digital transformation wave, many companies are embarking upon changing and digitizing their operation processes. With advanced technologies come new cyber-security threats where companies might not be aware of, without any approach or plan in place in case such threats and attacks happening. With that said many companies do have their cyber-security defense system but are ineffective in detecting threats and protecting organizations from advanced attacks. Even though some form of general cyber threats still exist and most businesses have already had a system in place to protect themselves from such common threats, new and more complicated threats are on the rise together with the introduction of new technologies, particularly mobile devices and IoT.

Immersive Labs is one such firm that continuously develops technology and content that helps businesses increase and evidence human capability in their cybersecurity. The firm contains hundreds of cyber skill experiences and content for red teams, penetration testers, and ethical hackers. And they are always adding more powered by the latest threat intelligence. Its hands-on labs and challenges can be instantly accessed from a browser. They are designed to move teams and individuals through a different phase process to power up your organization's human cyber readiness. The firm helps you fix cybersecurity problems by allowing organizations to test applicants against the specific skills required. This also eliminates subconscious hiring bias early on in the process.

Next-generation Human readiness cybersecurity solutions

Upskill Development: Organizations are building software faster than ever, so keeping the human elements of the SDLC updated with the latest security skills is crucial. They do this in a way that appeals to the creative mindset of these teams while staying relevant in the constant barrage of emerging technology and threats. Immersive Lab's platform teaches everything from basic underlying theory, such as authentication and authorization, to interactive challenges around the latest vulnerabilities. The labs are created by a team of threat researchers constantly monitoring some of the most well-regarded intelligence feeds for breaking threats. The upshot is that your development and engineering teams can dissect emerging vulnerabilities and understand associated threat actors within hours of them appearing.

Crisis Response: Exercising and analyzing human cyber readiness with Immersive Labs gives business leaders the confidence that their human assets will respond to cyber incidents with maximum effectiveness. The latest psychological theory informs the company's approach. By regularly throwing a range of decision-makers into emerging attack scenarios, you can build a more adaptable, agile human response. Immersive Labs enables you to reduce the organizational burden of exercising for cyber crises dramatically. Its cloud solution makes scenarios adaptable, quickly deployed, and fully customizable to align with your business's attack surface. One can track individual and team performance, including insight into the speed, effectiveness, and confidence of decisions and actions taken under pressure. This analysis can be used to define development pathways and future scenarios.

Cybersecurity solutions: Immersive Lab's unique approach to human cyber readiness moves your team beyond generic training courses and certifications to interactive skills content that's directly relevant to the risks you face. Its hands-on experiences empower individuals and groups across your business to build the most pertinent cybersecurity expertise and expand those skills in the face of new challenges. Its approach to skills development puts tools and techniques used by threat actors in the hands of those tasked with defending against them. The team of experts has extensive experience in training blue and red teams, law enforcement, and intelligence services.

Workforce Security Awareness: Immersive Lab's uniquely gamified approach to security awareness focuses on creating memorable experiences that help concepts stick with users. The company's bite-sized games, quizzes, and experiences are designed to bring the challenges preventing online threats to life most engagingly and interactively. You can use Immersive Labs' objectives to define areas for developing awareness and assign them to entire teams or individual users. Objectives can be easily updated with new, relevant content. This objective is designed for any user at any organization. It provides an overview of cybersecurity challenges, how threats work, and introduce fundamental cyber terminology and technology. This objective introduces remote workers to the basics of cybersecurity. Upon completion, users will have covered the essential basic knowledge in cybersecurity, helping them to work more securely and protect themselves and their organization while away from the office.

The pre-eminent leader

James Hadley serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Immersive Lab.

"Immersive Labs' unique approach to human cyber readiness moves you beyond generic training courses and certifications to interactive skills content."