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With its niche focus and deep understanding of Insurance IT system, iNube helps insurance companies to embrace digital transformation in multiple ways to mitigate challenges


Digital services offer convenience, choice and comparison. The financial services industry, including insurance, is also making efforts to tap this space. Life insurance, traditionally sold by agents, is available for online purchase, often at lower prices. Many services, and sale processes are now technology-based. For instance, paying premiums, making a claim, and tablet-based sales processes in which the agent keys in relevant information in the tablet and the system recommends suitable plans. iNube’s customer- centric digital insurance solutions address the major concerns of every member of the insurance ecosystem, across every facet of the insurance value chain, enriching customer engagement across various channels with quick and easy touch points, along with technological streamlining of core processes and preventing fraud. iNube is a leading provider of innovative Digital Insurance Solutions and a trusted & preferred technology partner for the global insurance industry.

 Equipped with unparalleled insurance domain expertise, iNube has conceived, developed and implemented cutting-edge insurance software solutions for insurance companies, reinsurers, third party administrators (TPAs), insurance brokers, and claims surveyors. In addition, these insurance technology solutions are exclusively designed to address the requirements of the Property & Casualty (P&C), Life Insurance & Annuities and Accident & Health Insurance segments. Established in 2010, iNube operates in India, U.A.E. and Sri Lanka. With a customer footprint across ASEAN, India, Sri Lanka, Middle East & Africa, we strive for excellence by building collaborative relationships with our entire spectrum of global clientele with -‘We are One’ team based approach. iNube offers unmatched business value to clients through deep-industry know-how’s, process excellence and technology innovations. iNube provides apt, need-of-the-hour technologies for desired business outcomes that are critical to your business success. iNube’s wide range of cloud-based digital insurance solutions across the insurance value chain, are designed to optimize productivity and reduce enterprise IT costs for clients. Predominantly hosted on MS Azure Cloud and offered on a SaaS model, iNube’s scalable IT solutions provide an array of business benefits to help you maximize customer satisfaction. With a niche focus and deep understanding of Insurance IT system, iNube’s portfolio of digital insurance solutions helps you to embrace digital transformation to mitigate challenges, across the insurance value chain. iNube has proactively conceived, developed and implemented these cutting-edge technology solutions for property & casualty insurance, life insurance and health insurance segments.

Small Ticket Insurance Core Platform

Protect your customers against all odds with an End-to-End solution to automate the management of small ticket insurance products. Explore distribution through unconventional channels/partners and leverage faster go-to-market using MICA, a state-of-the-art technology platform. Small ticket insurance products are sold as an attachment product to a different partner specific core offering. MICA is an end-to-end solution that automates the management of small ticket insurance products right from configuration – to distribution – to claims management – to accounting and reinsurance. The end-to-end solution automates the management of small ticket benefit-based insurance products. It enables insurance companies to develop new distribution channels with swift on-boarding of partners to fulfill the needs of customers who are looking for adequate and affordable financial protection during the ongoing pandemic. The cloud-based solution, with plug and play technologies and exclusive API integrations helps insurance companies to uninterruptedly focus on their core business operations and provide consistent health insurance protection for their customers.

Distribution Management

‘Distribution Management’ solution, powered by SellWell, a mobile point of sale software for insurance intermediaries, helps to introduce efficiencies in the sales process. SellWell comes up intuitive tools for salesforce to manage their daily activities efficiently, at the same time, providing sales managers a holistic view of the performance of their teams. Extend the reach of your insurance intermediaries and reduce the time taken from the first interaction to policy issuance with Mobile Point of Sale (POS) Software.

Meet the leader behind the success of iNube Software Solutions

Vinodkumar Iyer is the CEO of iNube Software Solutions. Vinod has been an entrepreneur and advisor for enterprises in designing technology roadmap aligning to business and organizational strategy. He is part of several engagements in the area of Cloud, Digital Business and Mobility, which are key futuristic areas of high growth potentials in the marketplace across the globe. Vinod comes with more than 20 years of industry experience including more than 10 years in the Insurance industry as business leader. He brings deep technology expertise around Insurance domain and in the Banking and Financial Services industry. In his prior role at HP, he was worldwide strategy consultant to global HP customers. Prior to HP, he played leadership roles at various technology companies like Oracle, AT&T Bell Labs. As a thought leader he has contributed to several white papers and points of view on technology adoptions by enterprises and has been fostering innovations. He is a qualified engineer academically and possesses certification on strategy by Harvard Business School. Vinod is married and lives in Bengaluru with his wife and daughter.

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