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JONCKERS: The Leader in Technologies for Globalization


Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.” -Anthony Burgess

communication is critical in today’s business world. Major decisions involving product deals, mergers, acquisitions, marketing, etc. depend on effective and sound communication between companies, customers and other parties. The business of translation has always had a significant human element – humans will always be needed to craft the nuanced translation needed for communication between cultures. The key is to balance the human touch with technology that makes humans more efficient. Global Communication has evolved from translation and localization as companies started to understand the direct connection between global market enablement and the revenue it can generate in non-domestic markets. JONCKERS identified this shift well before the wider translation industry, and developed a technology nfrastructure that delivers high-efficiency in managing the process of translation, along with an analytics engine that turns the massive amount of data into actionable intelligence.

JONCKERS started out as a translation company in 1994, creating long-standing relationships with companies such as Microsoft, Cisco and Adobe. In 2014, Peter Smith and David Ashton joined the organization to implement a technology approach that drives information through analytics to help companies make better decisions on global content distribution. This forward-looking technology strategy became a game-changer in the Global Content Communications space.

The translation domain is filled with many small companies but innovative solutions are less prevalent. JONCKERS has developed a technology platform unlike any other, delivering actionable business information at the same time as empowering the translation process itself. No other company has the ability to do this.

Product & Service

JONCKERS’ technology platform and the services that sit on top manage the process of preparing content for global markets and ensure that the translation process happens with the maximum efficiency – i.e. the company’s clients can deliver more words to more languages for the same budget. The analytics part of the solution ensures that clients can make business decisions regarding global markets by looking at how they have performed in the past in terms of the costs incurred and revenue generated. The main services are highlighted below:

Translation- Translation of a broad range of content ranging from software and consumer electronics, marketing materials, websites and technical documentation. JONCKERS routinely translates between 150 different languages every year.

Globalization Information System- 37 products and services that create global communications solutions that meet the unique solutions of each client. Products range from process management of translation itself, through to strategic decision making tools.

Concierge- JONCKERS’award winning Concierge service ensures that every customer has simple and easy access to the localization offerings they need at the time they need it. Concierge combines a consultative approach to Global Communications with direct connection to the people who can help.

JONCKERS has a presence in all the major geographies. It has major hubs in Europe, Asia and the Americas with satellites throughout each region. The company has offices in three US locations, UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Argentina and Chile.

Any company which is seeking to maximize the revenue potential of non-domestic markets can benefit from JONCKERS’ technology and services. Microsoft, Oracle, Panasonic, Canon and Cisco are major clients of the company.

Client Testimonial
Nordeus, a client in the gaming industry recently issued a joint press release.

“Top Eleven has a truly global following of active gamers.They have high expectations when it comes to the look, feel and cultural adaptation of the game,” said Jasmin Jelaca, Player Experience Specialist at NORDEUS. “JONCKERS Localization Cloud platform and the services that it underpins allow us to deliver on those expectations around the world.”

 Future Focus Area
The company will continue to grow its technology platform capabilities to ever-increase its ability to deliver decision-empowering analytics.

The Key Executives of JONCKERS

Peter Smith, CEO
Peter has over 25 years of experience in technology solutions, 20 of which are in Global Communications. He has been CEO of JONCKERS for 2 years and has masterminded the approach of technology that drives information through analytics to help companies make better decisions on global content distribution. Peter has served on industry boards and received awards in the UK and USA, including Executive of the Year and Distinguished Honoree in the International Business Awards.

David Ashton, CRO
David has over 30 years of experience in content driven technology solutions. He has held leadership positions in localization since 2005 and prior to joining JONCKERS, David was VP of Consulting Services for SDL Plc. Before entering the localization industry he held leadership positions at a number of startup and enterprise software companies including Vignette, Surgient and OpenPages.

Geoffroy Janssens, COO
Geoffroy is an engineer by trade, rising through the ranks at JONCKERS to become COO in 2014. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of JONKERS including the orchestration of production, engineering and linguistic services. Based in Brussels, Geoffroy drives the relationship with customers through a consultative approach, competitive pricing and high quality services.

“JONCKERS platform of technology products and supporting services change the way our customers think about preparing content for global markets.”