10 Fastest Growing Software Testing Companies 2016

KiwiQA: Meet the experts in Automation Methodologies, offering one-stop QA shop to clients at large

silicon-review-niranjan-limbachiya“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker

Growing at a faster rate, the Software Testing industry is at hype. A major channel for improving overall efficiency of a product and software, the goal of testing is not to find the errors. Instead, the testing is being performed to understand the quality of offerings. The key challenge that enterprises are facing today is to keep pace with the new technologies and pressure to deliver faster with continuous changing business models. The expectations from software testing companies are to be curve ahead in delivering the designed business solutions and certify its working on new technologies at a faster rate. One such company, which has positioned itself as a one-stop QA solution for customers in testing domain is ‘KiwiQA’.

Embedded its foundation in 2009, KiwiQA delivers key services such as automation testing, load and performance testing, security testing, mobility testing and hand set certification, manual testing, white box testing and setting up QA processes. Customers, who need each of these services at different times during the life cycle of project and are assured to get them at KiwiQA. The company adheres to continuous deployment process enabling customers to develop the features faster and go to market quickly.

Factors that contribute to the triumph of the company and the key differentiators that sets them apart from other companies in this domain are: One Stop QA Shop, High ROI on QA Investments, Proven Expertise in Large Scale engagements, In-house Centre of Excellence and Flexible and Cost Effective Engagement Models.

Flawlessly delivering cost effective QA testing services
Aligned towards the latest development process & ensuring the quality assurance team adheres to it in systematic fashion, KiwiQA’s Project Management methodology is robust, nimble and focuses on automation making the delivery process faster. Their engagement models are flexible, which makes it easier for the customer to budget and predict QA costs. KiwiQA’s ‘One price, any Service’ model is something that their customers love as they can pick and choose any of their services at the same price depending upon the need of the project.

KiwiQA Services has a separate practice dealing with the Security aspect of the product. Their security testing for fool-proofing errors work as an ethical procedure for safeguarding software, right from hacking to VAPT Tests to security audit of the application is handled at the security practice. Their team consists of champions who have won international acclaim in resolving security issues.

KiwiQA’s Load and Performance testing ensures good quality and performance of software application – Load and Performance Testing is the key service that KiwiQA Services offer. This service primarily includes scalability tests helping customers to benchmark their solutions. Most of the products face severe performance problem in live environment either due to poor infrastructure planning or coding not take care during the design of the application. KiwiQA helps customers to identify the load that the application can bear at every stage with a very detailed performance report helping customers to pin point the problem along with the probable solutions. KiwiQA champions this practice by using an open source technology ‘JMETER’ along with other licensed tools like Load Runner.

A little about KiwiQA’s multi-proficient and extensive ‘Automation Methodology’
KiwiQA is a leader in open source automation framework. Their Automation Methodology plays a significant role in saving time as well as ensuring software efficiency. Since their inception, KiwiQA’s in-house R&D Team has spent couple of years to make their automation framework robust and making it effective for execution of projects. KiwiQA Selenium Framework is developed in C# and Java. They have also developed a framework allowing mobility testing automation using Selenium + Appium. Additionally, there are skill sets to do automation on licensed tool as well.

Mobility & IoT Testing is what KiwiQA is gazing on for future endeavors
For days ahead, people at KiwiQA services are closely working on Mobility and IoT testing. They certainly believe that, Mobility in the centre space and certification of mobile application on multiple handsets is key challenge faced in the industry. They have tied up with leading platform AWS Device Farm allowing customers to certify mobile application on more than 400+ handsets. KiwiQA Services leverages its automation framework on AWS Device Farm helping customers to certify mobile application on multiple handsets very quickly and hence reducing overall time taken for development.

Knowing the Management

Niranjan Limbachiya (CEO & Founder) – Niranjan heads KiwiQA as the CEO. He is responsible for the innovation, defining service lines, methodologies, customer delivery, human resource and overall operations. Niranjan is alumnus of Florida Atlantic University and has rich experience in companies like Info stretch Corporation, Future knowledge Services, Future Group and Saffrony Institute of Technology

Nirav Raval (Partner & Director) – Nirav Raval has 12+ years of professional and entrepreneurial experience in building operations, raising finance, joint venture alliance and a commercial acumen towards driving business. He is responsible for growth related initiatives at KiwiQA. He has worked in companies like Wells Fargo Bank, Oracle Corporation, Cap Gemini, Future Knowledge Services and associated with several startups as mentor and advisor.

Clients Speak
“KiwiQA did a phenomenal job for us. We used them for manual testing and test automation (selenium). They excelled at both because unlike other shops they just focus on QA – that’s their core! They are fun to work with and are comfortable working across timezones. I would recommend KiwiQA for big and small organizations alike.” – Tabrez, CTO,
ReelGenie, USA

“Thank you for the recent QA and Testing work that you have completed for us. We note that our companies have been working together since 2014. We appreciate you and your teams’s efforts to ensure a quick turnaround on our requests.”
– Creswell Casey – wilson Parking, Perth

“Our vision prompts us to be the most reliable service provider and be synonymous with versatility.”