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Kodiak: A Leading Provider of Innovation in the Telecommunication Industry

john-vice-president-&-ceo-kodiak“The economy is recovering just fine. The telecommunications business is still a growth sector.” – Keiji Tachikawa

Incorporated in 2003, Kodiak is a leading provider of innovative mobile enterprise productivity applications that serves a broad range of vertical markets. The Kodiak-powered platform is purpose-built for push-to-talk (PTT) and other advanced mobile solutions that focus on enabling instant and group-based communications. So far, the company has enabled enhanced PTT communications through its integrated and diverse solutions offerings to key industry verticals including hospitality, manufacturing, construction, transportation, utilities, and energy.

Kodiak has distinguished itself through a standards-based IP platform that offers superior speed and provides the highest voice quality across the largest number of wireless networks including 4G LTE, 4G HSPA+, 3G, and Wi-Fi. Working together with their strategic partners, Kodiak Networks is committed to help their customers successfully deploy innovative mobile applications that will differentiate them in the marketplace and add value to their brand. They strongly believe that building successful, long-term relationships with the customers and partners will increase the value of Kodiak Networks for their stockholders and employees.

Offering the World, the Best Solution through PTT (Push-to-talk)
The Kodiak powered-PTT platform delivers a rich ecosystem of PTT-enabled devices that are designed to work with leading mobile operating systems, can be integrated with third-party mobile applications, and can support compatible accessories to meet the diverse needs of enterprise customers. PTT solution adds broadband cellular and Wi-Fi to your LMR/PMR system, giving clients the freedom of ubiquitous network coverage and providing seamless communications between broadband PTT subscribers and LMR/PMR users. The Kodiak Broadband PTT Solution removes the limits of your communications. This solution integrates with the most secure and reliable carrier-deployed networks to provide the widest coverage area and highest voice quality. existing LMR communications. Kodiak Partners with the best carriers around the globe including Bell, Sasktel, VIVO, etc, to offer push-to-talk solutions that reinvent instant communication.

Knowing the Leaders
John Vice, President & CEO
Carrying more than 30 years of telecommunications experience to Kodiak Networks, John is an Industry veteran and former Nortel senior executive. His extensive background includes working in a variety of functional areas which make him particularly suited to leading the Kodiak team. John brings a unique, broad understanding of the mobile communications industry, as well as, extensive hands-on experience in the development and deployment of mobile solutions. He has served as CEO for Geyser Networks, Inc., and also holds19-year career at Nortel Networks prior joining Kodiak. John holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Western Ontario and a master’s degree in business administration with a marketing concentration from McMaster University.

Kris Patel, Chief Technology Officer, EVP Engineering & Co-Founder- Carrying more than 20 years of experience and thought leadership in wireless, VoIP, broadband and Voice networks, Kris has led the design, development and deployment of carrier class systems around the world. A proven organizational leader, team builder and project manager, Kris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electronics from B.V.M. in V.V. Nagar, India and a Masters degree in Computer Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Prior to Kodiak, Kris was Vice President of Engineering at XYBridge Technologies Inc. Kris has delivered systems to NTT DoCoMo and Verizon Wireless and is well-versed in leading teams across two continents.

Bruce Lawler, Chief Product Officer, EVP Marketing & Co-Founder- Carrying over 20 years of telecommunications experience in fixed wireless, satellite, and terrestrial local and wide area networks, Bruce was a founding partner of inOvate Communications Group. He has received his Bachelors of Science in Engineering degree from Purdue University and holds Masters Degrees in Engineering and Business from the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“We do what we say we will do and work with a sense of urgency to meet our commitments. Our philosophy is to work openly and honestly with each other, our customers and our partners. -Kodiak ”

“Kodiak is the largest deployed standards based PTT and subscriber base in the world”