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Kordia Solutions – Building connections you can trust and making digital world more secure, reliable, and resilient


Telecommunication is an important tool for businesses. It enables companies to communicate effectively with customers and deliver high standards of customer service. Telecommunication is also a key element in teamwork, allowing employees to collaborate easily from wherever they are located. Mobile telecommunication will enable companies to introduce more flexible working by allowing employees to work efficiently from home.

Kordia Solutions is an end to end telecommunications, communications, broadcast, and infrastructure service provider. Kordia's engineers, technicians, riggers, and project specialists must design, deploy, and maintain critical networks and infrastructure. The firm builds, operates, and manages broadcast and telecommunications networks. The company offers design, deployment, maintenance, and operation of telecommunications and transmission solutions. It caters to government, telecommunication, corporate, educational, and financial services sectors. The majority of what the firm delivers is expertise, and their resources are employed in the house. Their clients can move to different roles and have the expertise to mentor them along the way. The firm has countless examples of employees who joined as Graduates, Trainees, Project Coordinators, and Junior Technicians who, with some nurturing and development, have since transitioned across into commercial roles, engineering, or PMO roles.

Most resilient services and solutions provided by Kordia Solutions

Network Design and Engineering

Kordia is recognized as a leader in engineering design by the telecommunications services and contracting industry. The company's talented in-house design and engineering teams draw from experience gained from international equipment suppliers, ICT multinationals, overseas telcos, and Australian telecommunications mobile carriers. The firm understands the operational challenges faced by its customers, where network uptime is critical, and budgets are often locked in. Kordia Solutions main focus is to deliver the best technology solution to fit your project's quality, time, and budget challenges without any prejudice. Their engineers and consultants are skilled in writing telecommunications design specifications, developing high-level designs, detailed designs, and providing project governance, implementation, and integration services.

Radio Frequency Systems

Kordia's software tools are regularly updated with new technology releases and base planning data to ensure the accuracy and integrity of designs. Kordia also owns its propagation measurement systems for most of the significant wireless bands to provide the best possible prediction accuracy for all their wireless designs and help minimize potential prediction errors. Their design team creates thousands of designs every year across multiple technologies. These range from RF configuration for mobile bases stations to heavy-duty broadcast transmitter designs. The most significant design volumes are in MPLS, IP, and D-DWDM and have included design for major carrier long-haul links. Kordia engineers have the knowledge and experience to design RF solutions for even the most challenging sites while being considerate of any existing site facilities and tower infrastructure limitations.

SAED - Site Acquisition, Environment, and Design

At Kordia, they understand the site acquisition phase often holds the least certainty, yet influences all dependent activities and stakeholders. Successful site acquisition and effective design are crucial to project success and total costs of ownership, which is why it offers complete management of Greenfield, co-location, and upgrades across macro, small cells, and in-building solutions. Kordia's national SAED team comprises highly experienced property, town planning, and engineering design staff – all of these can provide either stand-alone specific SAED services or fully integrate the SAED function into more extensive projects. The programs offer complete end-to-end solutions for both wireless and fixed network deployments.

5G Technology

While the specifications of the fifth generation of mobile networks are still to be finalized, 5G is the next significant evolution in mobile technology. The introduction of 5G means that radical network re-engineering is required from all three of Australia's mobile networks. Kordia is a civil design contractor and approved structural design certifier to the Australasian mobile carrier industry. The firm has long been recognized as a leader in engineering design in the telecommunications services and contracting industry. Its experienced and skilled team of consultants, engineers, technicians, and project managers understand the demands in deploying complex mobile solutions to meet the ubiquitous coverage and capacity goals.

Global Network Operations Centre (GNOC)

Kordia's Global Network Operations Centre (GNOC) is monitored around the clock by a team with extensive experience in deploying and managing complex operating systems. They proactively monitor remote networks, with alarmed thresholds used to determine how the network is performing, and whether early intervention is required. The company also analyzes and plans the future growth of its customers' networks using several tools, including password-protected web portal access and daily network performance reports. Detailed network diagrams are also available as a convenient way of referencing network topology.

The formidable leader

Hamish Guild serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Kordia Solutions. Mr. Hamish has extensive experience running large scale national projects, service, and engineering organizations. A passionate leader, he loves driving people development, excellent customer service and shareholder value.

"It's our know-how, the sheer diversity of our customer base and a 60-year-plus legacy in providing business-critical solutions that sets us apart from the competition."