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Leveraging Next-Gen Technologies to Deliver the Best Digital Experiences: Verbat Technologies

thesiliconreview-dev-hariharan-ceo-verbat-technologies-2018“If opportunities aren’t knocking, we can build you a door”

With a firm belief in the idea of transmuting disruption to fuel business growth, on a fateful day in 1999, Verbat started its journey. Verbat is a Digital Technology Services company delivering Internet and Mobile Solutions to Enterprises, through Agile Development and Application Management methodologies. The company’s primary expertise is in Microsoft, Open Source, Mobile and Cloud Technologies.

It has been more than a decade and Verbat is still passionate about serving businesses. Engineering digital success, Verbat’s close-knit team is spearheaded by Technology leaders and subject matter experts enabling the company to deliver sharp Internet and Mobile solutions. The home-brewed agile development methodology continues to ensure that its solutions trigger seamless business transformation and consistent business growth.

The Technology Solutions for the Digital Age

Business Technology Advisory Services

Verbat Technologies’ business technology advisory services can be of help. Its veteran business specialists and technology experts can help its clients expand their business by leveraging innovative technologies while developing existing systems to yield maximum output.

After noticing how quickly many successful businesses lost their competitive advantage to disruptors, Verbat started providing advisory services that combine insights and the potential of new technology to design creative business models that can give a significant boost to business operations.

Distributed Agile Software Development Services

At a time when the fast pace of change is bucking the global marketplace, so adapting to change is key to transforming businesses.

Verbat’s nimble and creative approach to product definition and development is integrated organically with product design based on priorities expressed by the client. This helps the company guarantee a better engagement between business and IT teams, a fast-paced programme of phased, measurable delivery, greater productivity and fewer defects. Business and IT team can continuously keep an eye on how effectively their concepts have been taken to execution and implementation.

Application Management Services

The Information Technology landscape is much more complex today than ever before. The cost, resource, and infrastructure to maintain it often become barriers to effectiveness and enhancement in line with changing business priorities. Verbat Technologies can help businesses overcome these challenges to improve application performance, achieve better business results, reduce operational costs and release the key internal resources from mundane support activities to more productive tasks.

Enterprise Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is considered to be a highly challenging venture by many organizations, owing to multiple platforms and contending technologies.

Verbat Technologies offer enterprises with simple and scalable solutions for mobile and tablet devices, which can adapt to a dynamic networked world, for maximum competitive advantage with minimal ongoing effort. The company is constantly engaged in raising the bar and setting higher standards for mobile applications by using the three key characteristics, i.e. anytime access, personalization and contextual use, offered by mobile platforms.

Enterprise Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing offers enterprises a great opportunity to keep upfront capital investments in hardware and software at a bare minimum, yet provide scalable and flexible applications.

Verbat help evaluates leading cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Apps for Business. Having selected the technology and validated the business case against it, the company architects the best-fit cloud solution for the enterprise.

Enterprise Application Services

Enterprise applications are very much essential to large size and mid-size business IT systems, that can increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and ultimately deliver cost reductions. All of these factors are crucial in ensuring organizations stay one step ahead in a fiercely competitive business environment.

Verbat’s Enterprise Application Services addresses myriad IT challenges and help users maximize their IT investments across the enterprise leveraging its expertise. The major challenge modern organizations are facing is providing their workers with transparent and real-time access to information.

Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions

Verbat’s Business Consultants and strategists understand Digital transformation and successfully guide companies by helping them manage state-of-the-art technology with a clear vision of the future by:

  • Review the existing digital customer journey of the brand.
  • Helping to develop an overall strategy using the broad analytical, technical and business expertise
  • Helping to manage, analyze and secure available digital data
  • Developing short-term tactical and longer-term strategic recommendations
  • Providing a roadmap and supporting business case including the target cost-benefit of the various digital solutions.
  • Optimizing media spend management effectiveness.

Happy Clients

Whether it’s big or small, Verbat’s digital technology services are triggering the business transformation across several verticals. Its innovative solutions forge not just business growth but also lasting relationships with its clients. Verbat’s name spreads far and wide amongst businesses and its client base stands testimony to the excellence and dedication of the company.

“We are having a great experience working with Verbat for 8 years now. It’s your excellent support, consistent professionalism, attention to customer service and timely response that made us stay with you for so long.”

- Priya C P Nambiar, Channel Manager- IT Infrastructure, Al Reyami Technologies LLC

“We consider Verbat as our extended I.T. team and completely trust their team with dedicated efforts on our requirements. I am pleased to mention that we are fully & continually satisfied with their services.”

- Joseph Ponnou, Chief Executive Officer, Prosum FZC

Meet the Chief

Dev Hariharan, CEO:  Dev has a plethora of successful global operations expertise with top-tier IT companies in India, USA, and the Middle East prior to joining Verbat. As CEO for Verbat, he is instrumental in implementing disruptive business models to support Verbat's aggressive growth plans. He was also a key member of UST Global's growth story, playing crucial roles in establishing cost-effective delivery centers and building its financial services business.

“We are your technology partner for digital projects providing internet and mobile solutions through continuous delivery and agile development.”